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House electrogrill of

the Fresh air, the cheerful company and appetizing stakes fried on naked flame - all this barbecue. It is not necessary to wait for summer any more to give itself pleasure.

Thanks to modern house electrogrills can invite friends to a barbecue at all seasons of the year now. Prepared on them meat, fish or vegetables turn out ideally fried thoroughly, juicy and soft. Besides such grill will easily be located on your kitchen table, and then the usual lunch or a dinner will become festive.

the First models of house grills which appeared about thirty years ago consumers were met by

watchfully. Juice from the fried meat got on a heating spiral, everything smoked, and pallets were washed then with great difficulty. Fortunately, all these problems remained in the past. The modern equipment is thought most over, convenient and simple in application.

several types of surfaces on which, actually, and dishes - a grill prepare Exist. It can be removable lattices from a high-quality antiprigarny covering or pig-iron, steady against influence of high temperatures. One more option - antiprigarny (metal) surfaces. The choice depends only on your preferences, and not only gastronomic. The design also matters.

Experts consider that products, especially meat, fried on pig-iron lattices, develop a special taste and aroma. Such grill as though is specially created for fans of stakes with blood. However, keep in mind that all models are equipped with the adjustable thermostat. Therefore to choose extent of pro-frying will never make problems.

in general at grills with a lattice note one clear advantage: meat on them is well steamed and as a result it turns out more juicy and soft. And it is possible not to worry about the juice which is emitted when frying - it gathers in the special removable pallet or flows down in the container filled with stones of a volcanic lava which absorb it, interfering with formation of a smoke.


As a rule, in all electrogrills established one heating element. However is also such which are equipped by two, and independent, heaters. And while on one site of a surface of a grill products are quickly fried, on another - the dish is carried to readiness already at lower temperature. By the way, important addition for judges of various technical innovations.

I at last: pallets for a grill - removable, as a rule, with an antiprigarny covering, are also cleared they by any detergents. They can be washed in the dishwasher. Therefore you are always waited by pure pleasure!