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Birthday of the fifth-grader

A month before birthday of the son I thought that if to treat his preparation more seriously, then it is possible, something will turn out unforgettably - grandiose. For a start decided to think up the scenario - nothing was impossible. Then decided to choose a concrete subject, but even I did not manage it.

For a week of thoughts I finally understood that I am not a screenwriter, not the director and not the animator - the inventor. I am just a mother, and the next birthday of the child in the whole three weeks - even if I will think up something now, then in three weeks I can quite forget the most part and if I write down the scenario - I will spend the last day before a holiday in painful searches of this notebook (and not the fact that I will find!) .

Everything went as usual, however, I found forces to learn whom the son is going to invite, and we with it decided when we celebrate his eleven-anniversary.

it is (absolutely unexpected) Once, having woken up in the morning, I understood that birthday already tomorrow. First of all the general colors on cleaning of the apartment were called. I do not love this business therefore I went to shop behind products and attributes by a holiday. My brains at this time though slowly, but began to work and by the evening offered couple of quite valuable ideas. Closer by midnight I managed to reach the Internet and to give to my thoughts quite concrete type of balls with notes inside.


Ya that a nail of a holiday will become production of cake. In spheres riddles lay. In the first ball about a cake layer, in the second about honey, in the third about a zephyr, then about cream, again about a cake layer, about a lemon and again, about a cake layer, the last riddle about jelly which should fill in top. Balls were respectively numbered and hung up on sport center. Children with pleasure pierced them with sticks for a canape, together guessed a product and received it from me - such here cake - the designer.

Now one after another about riddles:

  1. the Top layer of a tree, but only a basis + the Bug, but only hisses = only one syllable.
    Answer : cake layer (bark, bug).
  2. In Ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was declared “the master...“ They are mentioned by
    in laws of Hammurapi.
    is familiar to Them language of sounds, gestures and smells. whether
    House they? No, they are only cultivated. We are afraid of them.
    you will need what they make right now; and products from what they make right at the end, but about it in the last ball.
    Answer : Bees. Medical. Wax. Candles.
  3. God of the western wind in the Greek mythology.
    Answer : zephyr.
  4. They only in plural.
    From poetry of shumer:
    “Milk, oil of a cow sacred.
    ....., oil of a cow white“.
    is liquid Now, and you need the mixer.
    Answer : cream.
  5. This person likes to bathe in the winter, but the beginning another is a name of the minister of magic. If there are difficulties, to call a surname - Fadzh. My erudites remembered at once that he is Cornelius.
    Answer : cake layer.
  6. It is the word is in acid, there is such color bright, and still - in Italy there is not really good book hero.
    Answer : lemon.
  7. In this soup should replace a bull with a cow, and a sorrel a yolk.
    Answer : borsch passes into a cake layer.
  8. Do to
  9. everything that you want with those fruit which are in this house. Children quickly decorated cake.
  10. French drozhalka.
    Often happens from red currant.
    it should be poured out until it stiffened.
    Answer : jelly.
  11. How many products from wax will be required to take you?
    Answer : 11.

Thus, we quickly and cheerfully made here such cake which was also quickly eaten then, of course, at first, as usual, all in turn blew out the candles.

was played in “Nonsense“ - laughed with all the heart, did sandwiches - mobile phones (I borrowed this idea in April issue of the Collection of Ideas magazine for 2004). Outdoor games this time were not (except for searches of the necessary ball on sport center). More than two hours past absolutely quickly, and I endured that that I will not manage to interest the grown-up children. There was it absolutely easily, with preschool children and pupils of elementary grades to me it was heavier.

Children very much wanted to start the presented disk, and I released them to the computer, and itself began to prepare for arrival of the second change of guests (relatives). To it there was slightly more than an hour.

A the full recipe of our Designer cake is in the recipe-book.