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Mother`s happiness of

At last it happened! At the father Seryozha and mother Olesya long-awaited Manyasha was born! It seemed that happy parents could provide everything. Here only after childbirth, the midwife, having put the baby to a breast of mother to suck a breast, told:“ Yes she at you the idler or just did not get hungry yet“.

In chamber well rested mummy once again tried to apply the child to a breast, but the girl frowned, schuffled and turned away. Later little Masha let know the shrill shout that she got hungry. And again there was an unsuccessful attempt to feed the child with valuable droplets of colostrum. Nurses who in a minute brought mix in a small brown bubble with a pacifier came to the rescue. The baby with pleasure ate and strong fell asleep. To an extract everything remained still - mother offered a breast, the daughter refused, and a situation, as always the brown vial of mix helped out.

In 3 days Olesya with newborn Maria was met already at home. After the first greetings debate on breastfeeding took place. Grandmothers spoke, time milk is, would be silly to stuff the child with various mixes, let Mashulka will shout a little, then will get hungry properly and will take a breast. One of grandfathers offered the method which was more sparing for the whimsical child - it is possible to decant mamochkino milk and to give it through a small bottle what difference, a breast or a pacifier, the main contents! Especially as for a long time nipples for small bottles the breasts which are ideally repeating a form are thought up!

Hurrah! the Solution is found by

! Now it was necessary only to choose a small bottle with such correct pacifier. Chose much and painfully. In a drugstore such abundance of children`s small bottles. What to choose for the favourite kid? Approached careful parents the selling assistant, told about all advantages and shortcomings of small bottles. As a result it was decided to stop on a small bottle from AVENT. The small dochulka estimated the choice of the parents and began to smack the lips appetizingly a pacifier, slowly sipping a mother`s milk from a brand new small bottle.

But Olesya did not begin to be satisfied with what has already been achieved because now, often happening at female forums, she understood that it is important to nurse the baby: it is very convenient, and connection between mummy and the child is so established. But what to do if Masha still did not want to suck a mother`s breast?

the catalog of goods of AVENT firm just caught sight to

. Olesya distinguished protective silicone overlays for nipples from all variety. In the description it was told:“ The form of new, advanced protective slips reminding a form of a butterfly considerably improves tactile contact of the child with mother. The kid can still feel heat and a smell of your skin, and will still stimulate with the sucking production of milk. When pacifiers begin to live, it will be able easily to be switched to feeding by a breast without protective slips“.

I the thought flashed here and that if the baby just likes to suck a pacifier, but not a mother`s nipple? Mummy went for small deception - imposed an overlay for a nipple and applied Mashenka to a breast. What was pleasure when the daughter, indifferently, began to stick greedy into a mother`s nipple and to smack the lips small sponges.

shortly of the child managed to accustom to be eaten with

To general pleasure and without silicone slips without the aid of which Olesya, perhaps, would not feel the real pleasure of motherhood - to nurse the child and to feel that with each feeding they become closer and closer to each other.

P. S.: All mummies and daddies want to write in the conclusion that never you should despair and, having tried to make something once, to be satisfied right there with what has already been achieved. Remember that the future of your child in many respects depends on your patience and your inquisitiveness!

by my Maria`s

will execute on April 3 2 years, and the first meeting with it is remembered as now! Not for nothing people speak: “Children - life flowers!“ My floret grows too, and I care for it and I cherish. Thanks to your website for valuable information and possibility of communication with other mummies!