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We multiply love by three

Speak, the parental love does not share with the birth of the second child, and is multiplied. This miracle, and is the truth. It happened to experience and more than once. Yes, we large family. Acquired this status only 7 months ago therefore to impart experience of education, etc. still rather early, and here to remember pregnancy and childbirth, to tell about the unforgettable and happiest moments of our life - it is possible.

Ya grew in a usual, average Soviet family: the father, mother, two children (I have elder sister). Always dreamed of the younger brother, envied girlfriends, asked parents, but it is vain. So there were circumstances that to me two months at my teacher on music were necessary to live, besides the mother`s girlfriend and to help it with 8 - mi the monthly adoptive daughter Natuskaya.

At first I did not know

even how to take the baby on hands, and very much was afraid to make something not so (forgot to tell that at that time I was only 14 years old), but quickly accustomed and already in couple of days dexterously fed, changed clothes and even washed the girl. Since morning before the lunch we remained with it together, played, walked (there was a summer). I became little and very careful mother, came to love Natuska very much. Even she took the first steps in 9,5 months from my hands, it was just a miracle!

As it was heavy to me to leave it. Our family moved to other city. I very much grieved for the baby, often cried. Still surprised me how the real parents refused such angel. And mother told me that she in that family of Natusya would be the third girl, and parents wanted the son. There are such harsh realities of life...

was Sent by years, I met the prince on a white horse: also married. First did not even think of children: study, work, friends, well, stormy young life. Shortly before our wedding the aunt of my husband, lonely 40 - the summer lady, gave rise to twins: boy Dimulka and girl Katyushka. In the evenings I often dragged the darling to them on a visit (he not really - that divided my delights), there I pottered with malyshny, sometimes we took carriages and to huge pleasure of their mother went for walk.

So there passed several years. We began to be hinted already that it would be time to bring also the, but we continued to help the Serezhiny aunt to raise twins, bought by it clothes, gave toys, took to ourselves etc. Frankly speaking, I think that I just was afraid to give birth, was afraid of pain, did not represent how it is possible to sustain it. Here such I am a coward.

But, as they say, and the misfortune helped. There was at me a delay (and it happened sometimes), we also did not attach significance, several years were protected regularly. On the eve of Christmas of 1994. monthly began, to me it became somehow bad, temperature rose, bleeding amplified. And felt the real fights at night, it was tormented till the morning, pain awful. Went to a shower, and there: there was me something. I hold in hand a red lump - a clot and I roar, just a hysterics with me. Long could not depart, endured the real grief, mourned the not born baby of whom did not think. Sergey worried too.

I such fear attacked me: and suddenly I am not capable to take out the child, and suddenly pregnancy in general will not come any more? Knew what after an abortion needs to be waited with new attempts that the organism was restored, but... We did not begin to wait. Tried, tried. Monthly, tears, prayers, expectation and again disappointment. For May holidays went to the dacha, suddenly zatoshnit. I understood at once that everything turned out. Hurrah!!!

Parents were delighted to

. Mother began to saw every day: go to consultation, it is necessary to be observed. And I have heard plenty as there “observe“. Quietly raised in a tummy of the masik, ate all gradually, walked, had a rest. However, made necessary for maternity hospital at least of tests (everything ideally), on ultrasonography descended on 30 - y weeks. Learned that we wait for the girl that is with her everything is all right. It is necessary to tell that in our family everything is a little strange: the father loves and waits for girls, and mother just dreams boys. Therefore, having learned who there at me hid, I (to the shame now) very much was upset, so there was a wish the little son. Here silly was!

By all calculations I should give birth on February 3 - 7. The last month I limited myself in food, being afraid to fatten the kid. Always very much was afraid that I will not be able to be delivered. We with the sister were born at mother less than 3 kg, and that to her was very heavy. So, time approached, childbirth is inevitable, there is no place to recede. I was strengthened and encouraged by some councils of the family and acquaintances: still nobody died of this pain, at the heaviest moments it is necessary to think that here - here everything will end, and you will hold the rebyatenk and to admire him. Well, someone gave birth to each person on the earth, and I will be able. The main thing not to panic!

on February 7 early in the morning I felt fights. There were they regularly from the very beginning. Intervals at first 15, then 12, 10 minutes. Pain was stable and quite intensive from the beginning and almost before the end of childbirth too. I did not begin to speak to mother, did not want to concern ahead of time. With the husband as guerrillas, hid in the room (lived then with parents and the sister), on each fight I seized Sergey and bit lips. So hour went after an hour, we watched TV, talked. To the surprise, I was very patient and hardy, capable to get it together and very strong. Then I did not know that this patrimonial marathon will be the long and exhausting.

should open a small secret Here: my husband dreamed to arrive in medical, since the childhood re-read a heap of medical literature, besides grew up in a family where the granny is a doctor, we were prepared for childbirth too thoroughly, having studied everything that is only possible. So in maternity hospital I did not hurry, knew: yet not time. There was no strong wish to lie in state cold walls and under rough comments of medical staff to give birth to the firstborn. (That quite so also happens, I was convinced later.) Mother gave birth to us for three days, and I suspected that this bowl does not pass also me. At night for several minutes I failed in a dream, then ruthless pain pulled out me from drowsiness. In the morning the stopper departed. Fights became stronger not.

the younger brother of the husband Sasha Came to visit us. Day of its birth - came on February 10. We told it that process already goes, and he began to joke: suffer and give rise 10 - go. Nearly killed him! But there passed one more day, forces did not leave. Only to evening of the next day I understood that I was very tired, and it will be heavy to worry one more night.

the Husband looked with

at disclosure - 6 fingers, solved: time. Called an Ambulance. They very much were surprised that there is no prenatal record, but, having seen a pack of analyses and results of ultrasonography, took pity. On February 9 about 11 o`clock in the evening I appeared in the Central maternity hospital which the first day was open after a planned sink.

I will a little recede Here to tell that from the very beginning we very much wanted to give birth with the husband together. But then it was even impossible to dream of it. It did not practice in one maternity hospital of our city. Sergey even went to reception to the chief physician of TsRD, tried to talk where there!!! To the man on childbirth not the place. Yes, I agree, joint childbirth not for each married couple. But why we are deprived by options? So doors of maternity hospital were closed, and there were I one - an odineshenka at the most responsible and difficult moment of my life.

Me was issued, made all necessary procedures, gave a shirt, usual for such affairs, in shtampushka with an erotic section to a navel and sent to prenatal chamber. Because of nerves, as it often happens, fights stopped. To calm down, I began to go along a corridor, but was right there cursed: “Che to walk here arrived? To lay down sideways and to give birth!“ There is such heartiest welcome. The doctor on duty came, without any explanations stuck into me with an ominous hook, opened a fetal bubble and left. I lay (as it is told) on a cold and wet bed and tried to collect all the courage not to burst into tears for offense.

finally understood

Ya that I am almost in jails when through some time in chamber one more “fairy godmother“ in a white dressing gown flew, without excess ceremonies threw off from me a shabby bed-sheet and just shouted: “The woman, turn quickly!“ I slowly (all - a stomach) tried to lay down on a back. “Quicker!“ To serve it in Gestapo. I hate roughness. Though in my situation to stand up for the rights ridiculously, but... I just asked it not to shout and behave with me more polite. I never suit hysterics, but I can speak in a correct form. It sniffed and ran out from chamber, having told that as if I did not suffer, it will not approach me any more. Then I learned that it is the manager. office... no comments.

All this time I suffered fights, without having made a sound. The midwife Lena approached, asked: it I patient such or are no fights? I speak: I suffer so far. Praised. The girl good very much appeared, approached constantly, quietly watched disclosure, spoke: as well as what to do. I did not panic though before attempts such fights began!!! Postonala I and even shouted a little at the end. I hear, Lena speaks to someone:“ Well everything, is time, time to shout such patient began“. Approached and told how to make an effort. I tried and... I cannot keep, pain left, and unknown force forces to push out the child very much.

I Remember

, dreamily, we go in rodzat, prepare a chair, tools, some people came running. I behaved quite adequately though what happened to me, seemed unreal. Said to me what to do, and I tried accurately to carry out everything. There was what I awfully was afraid of: scissors flashed, me made cuts on one of attempts. Right there the baby jumped out and at once gently began to squeak. My god, what improbable sense of relief I felt. Well, that`s all, I could, here it is my happiness!

Is not present

, all - I far realized not at once that this bittock - washing that I am worthy to be her mother. I lay and could not have eyes glued on the daughter, smiled weepingly... Again this rough voice:“ Though would tell thanks! What hatched, eyes shameless?“ That “fairy godmother“. My God, how such the earth carries?! Only God will judge her. On it everything did not end, appeared, I have a deep gap though the daughter only 3,300. Sewed under the general anesthesia. Everything passed safely.

A then - classics of maternity hospitals of that time: close chamber on 5 people, lack of a shower, one toilet on the floor, podkladny diapers in the form of plywood, disgusting food, relatives under windows, etc. But everything is all the same remembered as a big holiday. Never I will forget how I was called to a window (1 - y the floor), I take the baby, I plow up curtains, and on the street newly made grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and everything, in a uniform rush, faces in happy smiles were thrown to a window!!!

Mobile then was not trace, but how many it is stored touching notes. Yes, gave rise - that I really 10 - go. So my brother-in-law was most happy. Gift to it. The daughter and was called - Daryyushka, Darenk. So we became parents.

When to Dashenke was 2,5 years old, bought the one-room apartment. Healed, at last, independently. The second child included in the plans, but somehow there was a wish that the prospect of expansion of housing appeared at least. It if to think logically, but that of it in our mad world common sense? It is so possible to put pads, and life will pass by. So under New 1999 we solved: God will give, we will give birth. And occurred. To Dasha it was only executed 3 as we pleased her that it will play with the brother or the little sister soon...