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When it is impossible to work?

Are natural that each family resolves an issue of work during pregnancy, proceeding from the plans, a financial situation and a set of other reasons. However there are absolutely unambiguous recommendations when to future mother if she wants to keep pregnancy, work is contraindicated. What it is situations and what violation of medical bans can be fraught with?

pregnancy interruption Threat

the Most frequent complication of a course of pregnancy is threat of its interruption. Treat the main reasons for threat of interruption of pregnancy: infectious diseases of mother; diseases of endocrine glands; the complications connected with pregnancy; traumatic damages; anomalies of development of a female genital; various noninfectious diseases of mother; chromosomal anomalies.


At pregnancy interruption threat to the woman needs hospitalization in specialized office and a bed rest. In a sluchayenevozmozhnost of hospitalization the hospital at home“ can be organized “.

the Bed rest in this case will allow to avoid tension of muscles of a forward belly wall and, respectively, increase of intra belly pressure and a tone of muscles of a uterus that is fraught with an otsloyka of fetal egg from a wall of a uterus and the premature beginning of patrimonial activity.

Habitual not incubation

According to definition, is considered to be as habitual not incubation presence at the woman of two and more spontaneous interruptions of pregnancy in a row on terms till 22 weeks. The most different factors can be the reasons: genetic, anatomic, infectious, endocrine and immunological.

allocate to

From the endocrine reasons of not incubation hypofunction of ovaries (misoperation of female gonads), a giperandrogeniya (increase of amount of male sex hormones), dysfunction of a thyroid gland. Among the reasons of not incubation of pregnancy infectious diseases of mother are high on the list. These are first of all infections, sexually transmitted.

Among the reasons of not incubation of pregnancy infectious diseases of mother are high on the list.

When conducting pregnancy with habitual not incubation already on early terms appoints a bed rest and medicamentous therapy. At timely successful treatment at such women the birth of the full-term viable children occurs in 98% of cases. Violation of medical recommendations can lead to the next abortion therefore for the sake of future child it is better to refuse work and to observe a bed rest which, unfortunately, is absolutely incompatible with work.

Separately wants to tell about those kinds of activity in which it is possible to be engaged, being in a bed, for example about work on the personal computer. This work can be performed, but it is not long. It is necessary to try that at the same time there was no feeling of fatigue, an emotional pressure.

At habitual not incubation restriction of work has changeable character and concerns the critical periods of pregnancy - to a large extent those terms on which during the previous pregnancies there were abortions.

Predlezhany placentae

Other obstetric diagnosis incompatible with work, is prelying of a placenta. Quite often at ultrasonic research in the first half of pregnancy it is found out that the placenta settles down in the lower departments of a uterus, reaching area of an internal pharynx of a neck of a uterus or even blocking it.

further, in process of pregnancy development, the placenta is most often displaced from the lower departments of a uterus up. However, if after term 32 weeks the placenta still blocks area of an internal pharynx, such state is called prelying of a placenta. It is fraught with the emergence of bleeding beginning suddenly, usually during a dream or rest; bleeding is not followed by pain and often happens very plentiful that threatens life and mother, and a fruit.

Observance of a high bed rest in this case can prevent premature birth. Therefore gravity of this diagnosis does not allow violation of medical recommendations.


To gestoza of pregnant women are carried by a number of pathological states which arise at pregnancy, complicating its current, being most often shown by increase arterial pressure, emergence of hypostases, protein in urine. Insolvency of mechanisms of adaptation to the arisen pregnancy is the reason of emergence of gestoz. The bed rest in this case helps to reduce arterial pressure, to improve blood circulation in kidneys. This diagnosis is also incompatible with work.

the Varicosity

From the widespread complications which are quite often accompanying pregnancy can mention also a varicosity of legs. This disease more than 50% of aged people of 30 - 50 years, and 65% from them - women have.

the varicosity In itself is not contraindication for work. At varicosity it is enough to observe the following recommendations.

horizontal position whenever possible several times a day for 10 - 15 minutes Is recommended to accept

- it allows blood easier to flow on veins, avoiding stagnation (at work it is possible just to put legs on a chair). If a situation with veins serious to avoid its further aggravation, it is necessary to have an opportunity to lie down several times a day, having a little raised legs over body level. It is necessary to exclude work in cases of complication of a varicosity - thrombophlebitis. At the same time on the course of a vein there is a morbidity, temperature increases. This complication demands the emergency address to the doctor.

Be vigilant


If do not have

of serious contraindications and it is possible to go to work, it is necessary to know dangerous symptoms which demonstrate that it is necessary to leave urgently all affairs and to go to the doctor:

Besides, be ready that you can feel far not ideally: in the first trimester the female organism only gets used to the new state, are possible nausea in the mornings, an acute reaction on smells, various indispositions. But the sick-list is given only in that case when a condition of the woman critical that is confirmed by results of analyses. In the second trimester the organism adapts and the health improves. In the third trimester the increased body weight and the growing stomach in literal and figurative sense do life heavier. However interesting and favourite work in many respects will be able to distract future mother from unpleasant feelings and will allow it to remain in the thick of life.