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Our big family holidays

Yes, our family holidays banal you will not call in any way! In a family us two - I and my elder brother. My mother has four more her brothers and sisters, and the grandmother has their eight. And so also imagine how many at me relatives. If to celebrate even the elementary birthday, less than thirty guests are not taken. Apartments at us usual, metric area too so tightly it is necessary, but very much and very cheerfully.

In our big family almost always it is every holiday not similar to previous. The subject of evening is chosen. For example, a disco 80 - x years. Suitable music is selected, all come in the appropriate suits, and each family shows the music turn or at least reads a verse.

the Last holiday violently celebrated by us is decided to be designated as “Heroes of all animated films, unite!“ To delight of younger guests there was no limit. Usually kids sit at a separate table with any delicacies and only occasionally show the numbers. And here such pleasure, all evening and even the beginning of night to carry out in an adult circle, to drink children`s champagne.

And adults for the evening returned to the childhood - even the uncle Slava (the fat healthy fellow) dressed up in Carlson`s suit. The aunt Tanya put on a cap, a green dress and bound the enameled basin on a back - well than to you not an old and kind turtle of Tortill?! And her husband - the uncle Sasha - played a role of the Little Red Riding Hood. He, more precisely already it, till midnight conjured to us, pulling out all new and new bottles with cheerful drinks from the wonderful basket.


Still to me remembered dance of white swans performed by three men of various weight category. White kapron stockings suited them obviously or to something to another!

In a word, with my family you will not miss. Therefore all just want to tell: children, let`s live and celebrate holidays more cheerfully!

Ya I wish to all participants and myself a victory in it and other competitions! And, above all - do not forget the family, who as not they, will help you and will support you in everything!!!