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Happiness No. 2 or O how the sonny of

Thanks to the Internet was born! I want to begin the narration with these words. What I would do without that huge mass of information which I dug, wandering in a world wide web throughout almost all pregnancy.

How many stories about childbirth I re-read how many author`s articles and forums I visited. And the materials found me in the Internet on breastfeeding, in general steel for me revelation also served kind service not only me, but also my cousin Natasha with whom we together went pregnant women. These knowledge to me yes 7 years ago how many mistakes could be avoided both in labor, and in the course of feeding of the baby!


to me very much liked occupations for pregnant women at our TsZhK which are conducted Long by Irina Anatolyevna. Having visited on only 2 - x from them, I gathered so much useful how to behave in labor that it is more and it was not necessary.

So, month stood January. At last I received on hands blessing of the doctor from my TsZhK. Having looked at me last time, it declared that the child, most likely, large and that I will give rise probably before PDR (on February 17). In advance to lay down in maternity hospital she did not advise me: “What for? You are a healthy woman! Wait for the put house term“.

The day before I already agreed about childbirth with the doctor, the same Feoktistov Yury Ivanovich. I did not know other doctors, and heard only good comments about him. It worked so far in the Perinatal center as the maternity hospital on st. was closed on March 8 on reconstruction. Lovely with me having had a talk, Yu. I. gave me the cell and home telephone number and ordered to call “as soon as then“.

the Last weeks rushed quickly. In cares of the husband and the senior child not especially you go in cycles in yourself and the pregnancy. Relatives began to get me at the end of January, but I told:“ My term - on February 17, here since 17 - go also wait“. But in soul - that I knew that everything will occur a little earlier.

the First false alarm happened 5 - go February. The stomach began to strain quite painfully, I even called Yu. I. He ordered to see still a couple of hours to a regularity of fights if regular, then it “it“, and to call still. But through a couple of hours already was late, I went to bed and serenely overslept all night long. That is, everything “resolved“. Knowing that if it were the real fights, they did not allow to fall asleep, I understood that it is necessary to have patience again and to wait.

Then everything repeated 10 - go February. At 11 in the morning I was woken by painful reduction of a uterus. Even without having understood whether in reality it or dreamed, I sat in a bed and waited - any more than nothing. The following fight was about 12 - ti, then approximately at 12:40.


Ya that all - some regularity is, and Yu. I decided to call. At 2 o`clock I phoned to it. He was at home at this time and ordered to see to me an hour more 2 to fights, then to call back. I began to watch. Fights went in 20 minutes for 10 seconds. Told the husband who came for a lunch that, probably, we will go to maternity hospital today. I still was not sure that it is childbirth. I remember, Pavel looked at me such joyfully - uneasy eyes and told: “What do you frighten me?“

was Called even in the morning by mother and told that we should drive up in the evening to them about privatization. It was hours in 12. I promised mother that we will arrive to them, and told nothing about fights, there were a strong wish to keep everything in secret so far.

B 4 I called Yu. I. and reported that regular contractions, in 20 minutes for 15 seconds, but, maybe, it yet not that. He ordered to go to me to maternity hospital. There, speaks, and we will look - that or not.

the Bag with things for maternity hospital at me was already collected by

. In it tiny socks and a hat for the kid were carefully laid. It besides all the rest.

Together with Pavlushka went outside, I ran for Nastya in a garden, on the road greeted familiar people and thought: “It is interesting what they would tell, having learned that at me fights with might and main go, and I rush down the street here moreover and in a hole in a fence I climb that to reduce a way?“

At Nastya in group, as always, it is stuffy. I adjusted it quicker to put on, during the next fight leaning against children`s lockers and lovely talking at the same time to the nurse. Then we with the daughter left a garden and I, without wishing to concern her, told that we with the father will deliver it to the granny with the old man now, and we will go which - where on affairs. What Nastyushka answered: “In maternity hospital, huh?“ Well, unless I could tell lies to it? Children very much feel when they are deceived. I took from it the promise that she will tell nothing to the granny with the old man, and we went.

Delivered Nastya - and in maternity hospital. Agreed with Yu. I. at 17:00, but were late a little. In an accident ward the young pleasant girl inquired: “You to Yury Ivanovich? He already waits for you“.

Ya called it on cellular, and he ordered to be made out to me.

was surprised to

Ya: “How to be made out? Perhaps at first look at me, and suddenly it yet not that?“.

It, laughing, answered:“ Well, I know that this that, give, be made out“.

the Girl undertook to fill in with

documents, periodically asking questions, and I changed clothes in the shirt, quite new given me, not torn so far, but all entirely in hospital stamps. Some people constantly came into a reception from the street, asked someone, about something inquired, the girl treated it absolutely quietly, and here my spouse did not sustain and noticed it:“ You have directly double-exit some courtyard here. It is simply impossible to change clothes quietly“.

I any to you procedures - neither shaving, nor an enema, nor a hairstyle of nails, nor a mazyukanye brilliant green. Yu. I. said to me that now it is done nothing. You want, speaks, at home itself do all these procedures. I, of course, shaved a little, but I am not able to do an enema and therefore did not become. With themselves allowed to take phone, a still water bottle, slippers and a notebook with the handle, and also socks and a hat to the kid. It was possible still a mug, a spoon, soap, toothpaste and a brush. But I nothing with myself took it, decided that for the next day the family will bring to me (and in vain!) .

Gently said goodbye to Pavlushka, and I was led on 5 - y the floor we rather went to delivery room on the elevator. Yu. I. was in a staffroom and asked the midwife to take away me in rodzat No. 1. I was surprised - why at once in rodzat? It turned out that it is separate such box. There you lie with fights, in the same place and deliver. I personally very much liked the room - is pure and modern, European-quality repair, windows plastic. In the room a bed, under it the vessel, on a wall in a headboard hours, right there a little table (in other corner) for measurement and weighing of the child, a sink. Then still a locker with some medical supplies and in a corner at a window a maternity chair.

Yu. I. Came, looked at me and told that opening already of 7 cm, but the bubble is whole and it should be punctured. I already knew that it is not sick, and was not afraid. It made survey and all procedures while I lay on a bed. It is good that it is not necessary as earlier to climb on a chair.

So, at 18:00 the bubble is punctured. Yu. I. moved in me a little a hand (merged waters) and told that now fights will go stronger. I was glad that the neck already almost opened, remained only 3 cm! Yu. I. left, having told that it will be nearby, in a staffroom to process documents. Finally he ordered to consider to me fights. The first that I made - opened a window, in boxing it was hot heated and it is stuffy. On the street already got dark, winter, but weather was good, silent.

of Maternity boxes in a row was pieces 10. Walls between them were glass and it was possible to see what occurs in next. But there anything did not occur, all boxes were empty. And in general, the silence stood just death. I leaned out in a corridor - not a soul.“ Well, it is fine“, - I solved, and called Pavel, reported about the course of affairs. He encouraged me and told that parents already know everything, Nastya let out and now all look forward, worry.

Ya began to walk circles on boxing, acquiring fights, and noticed that they on duration and intensity remained almost the same, and once I lay down - at all stop. I right there reported about this Yu. I. which around 19:00 came to check me. He asked me on first labor and slightly frowned, having learned that did me stimulation. He told that it is called “weakness of patrimonial activity“, and left. I was frightened that again will deliver me a dropper, as in first labor. But the doctor returned with a quarter of some tablet, and ordered to put to me it under language.

Then we still chatted. He told me how to use a rug and a big gymnastic ball for pain relief. All these personal belongings were brought by the medical sister, bright and silent. I asked - why nobody except me gives birth any more? He laughed and told that childbirth usually begins in bad weather. When a blizzard or a frost, maternity hospital it is crowded. And today weather quiet.

He asked

- to stay with me or to leave? I told that one as noticed that talk disseminates me want to be and fights become weaker. Yu. I. left, having promised to come each 30 minutes. “And generally, - says, - in principle you have to give rise already somewhere at 20:00, at most, at 21:00“.

Ya once again was glad that already soon, and began to rush on a rodzala again. I did not test absolutely any fear and tension. On the contrary, owned me some joyfully - the excited state. To each fight I rejoiced madly, and between fights ironed puziko and slowly spoke:“ Well, the kid, give still try, I will help you, pretty“. During fight I approached a bed, undertook a back and rose for some reason on tiptoe. So it was easier for me. Still I tried to relax and to breathe deeply, really very much helped.

In the neighboring box some movement began

, brought the pregnant woman, the doctor came then, watched it, wrote something, then gave it some injection and all left again. There was once again Yu. I. and began to watch me. Having waited for fights, it a hand helped a neck to stretch. It, perhaps, was the most unpleasant moment, quite painfully, but accelerated process.

When Yu. I. visited me once again (at 20:00) I already begged him not to leave me one. During fights I got up on all fours on a rug and, leaning on a ball, loudly breathed and groaned. And the doctor did me the anesthetizing massage of a sacrum at this time. Periodically he asked me to lay down on a bed sideways and listened a stethoscope to heartbeat of the child.

B 20:30 I felt that me grieves what reported Yu. I about. He told: “Well, lay down on a bed, potuzhsya“. By the way, forgot to write that else at the beginning of childbirth the doctor asked me: “You decided in what pose you will give birth?“. The question so discouraged me that I was not what to answer, and silly stared at the maternity chair standing in a corner. And what on it can be a pose, except “char-grilled chicken“? - “There do not even look, we will give birth on a bed“ - Yu. I.


Well and so, I laid down sideways, attracted the top leg to a stomach and began to make an effort. But it became very sick, I right there complained to Yu. I. what he unperturbably answered:“ Here and well, and you tuzhsya on this pain“. I, having collected will in a fist, and having ceased to feel sorry for himself, “it was extinguished on pain“. At once it became easier, though it is sick, but somehow in a different way. Yu. I. looked at me and told that the head went very well and quickly, and the bed is not ready. Which - as having lifted me from a bed, he ordered to squat and make an effort to me over the vessel, and itself ran to call the midwife and the nurse. All right there came tearing along, began to fuss, and I squat and I howl, feeling of a raspiraniye awful, apparently, that now will break off me in half.

the Nurse in a hurry lays the sterile set brought by me and wants to change clothes to me of a shirt, but I am not given and I hobble to a bed. Yu. I. waved to the nurse a hand - all right, a pier. I fall on a bed as a bag, the attempt rises again. Yu. I. speaks:“ Give, I to you will help to rise, semi-sitting it will be easier“, - but I do not want. He all the same takes me for shoulders and arranges in situation semi-sitting. And I want at this moment of only one - that all lagged behind and allowed me to be extinguished.

That I also do. With 2 - x attempts the head was born. The midwife joyfully reports: “The head was born and blinks“. I, of course, do not see it as the kid facedown. Choking, I mutter to the sonny: “My gold!“ Then I make an effort 2 more times, but shoulders do not want to be born in any way. I was even frightened a little. But the midwife speaks: “Broad-shouldered baby. Yury Ivanovich, help“. Yu. I. pressed on my stomach, and a synulka slipped out on hands to the midwife.

Time 20:45. They right there put it about my legs on a bed an attractive face down and together with the nurse quickly cleaned to it a nose and a mouth. The kid right there began to squeak. As it was joyful to hear this lovely to heart golosishko. The nurse quietly asked the midwife: “What it at it?“ also showed on a back. I right there took alarm: “What there?“. Yes nothing, greasing, they answered. The umbilical cord was otchikat fast, dressed synulyu in a cap and socks and put to me on a stomach, having covered from above with a diaper. Feelings are just indescribable. The child seemed to me madly beautiful and so touchingly similar to the husband. Besides, it smelled unexpectedly very delicious.

Meanwhile I safely gave rise to an afterbirth and was absolutely sure that all tore as insufferably burned down a crotch and pinched. But the midwife, having looked at me, told that everything is all right. Then took away the kid from me to measure and weigh. I observed how the midwife dexterously measures it and weighs, commenting: “3700, 54 cm“. 8 / 8 across Apgar.

So far the son lay at me on a stomach, I managed to please the happy husband, having called it by the mobile phone. In about 10 minutes the nurse entered and told:“ What parameters at the child tell, and there your relatives all phone tore off that already“. I told. The kid was returned to me already wrapped up to a state diaper again and the midwife helped me to attach him to a breast. The son as if only also waited for that, stuck greedy.

Ya lay in the rodzal still long enough, the midwife approached, and rumpled to me a stomach that clots of blood left. Then I together with the kid was thrown on a wheelchair and taken out to a corridor. The sonny dozed off, and I lay in a corridor still long enough. Then the kid woke up and began to shout, then I was driven in chamber. It was quite inconvenient to go, the wheelchair seemed to me narrow and high, I was afraid to fall down from it together with the kid. All road the son cried quite loudly.

Placed us on 1 - m the floor in 2 - x local chamber. All night long the son hung on a breast, whined and did not sleep. I, respectively, too did not sleep, cut circles on chamber with it on hands, swung it. The elderly children`s sister who came to noise told that my kid is hurt by a head because it “krupnoves“, so in labor was necessary to it hard. She persuaded synulyu:“ Have a sleep, the kid, have a sleep, and it will become easier for a head“. But the son disdained all councils and peeped with might and main. Or perhaps to it it was indeed bad?

So I also did not sleep almost to the extract. Even glitches began. The kid behaved very uneasily, calmed down only at a breast and cracked to me all nipples at all. On 2 - y us our father visited day, came directly to chamber, I will never forget his face and eyes as happily and gently he looked at us with the kid as he for the first time took the son on hands. Also other relatives visited, jumped under windows from a frost as hares, frosts began strashenny. But we in chamber of it did not feel - heated greatly.

By the way, conditions were quite tolerable, fed only biliously. Yes I almost did not go to the dining room - ate that the family transferred. Yes, it was not pleasant yet that the linen and diapers nurseries brought constantly crude. On my question why, a tetechka - the razdatchitsa of linen took offense and told:“ They are not crude, but damp“. Just peachy! Diapers finally dried on the battery in chamber. And so, everything arranged, cleaned up at us often, even too, the linen was changed every day.

Wrote out us on February 14, on St. Valentine`s Day. Weather stood frosty and windy.

Well, here and all history of light and fine childbirth. All - to all womenI bark same. Yu. I. told me, laughing: “Well, time so it was pleasant to you, come to us still!“. Well, we will think over it!