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And you as such cold, or we Choose the refrigerator

Purchase of the new refrigerator - business, one may say, the most crucial: hardly anyone - that will challenge the fact that on the importance in kitchen this piece of household appliances will not be compared to anything. So, for example, a plate the microwave (as, however, and vice versa) can temporarily replace, the broken electric kettle (certainly, it is temporary) - a pan, etc. And here absence or breakage of the refrigerator at all seasons of the year (and, by the way, frosts of this winter - not an exception!) for the majority it is equivalent to cataclysm. Having turned from the simple device for storage of products into an interior element, the refrigerator became, perhaps, central “character“ of kitchen.

history has some

the First household refrigerators of compression type which were produced in the USA by General Electric firm in the first quarter 20 in lots - go centuries, had the form of a chest and were revetted with a tree. Cost about 1000 dollars (for those times - almost like the car). In parallel with refrigerators of compression type also others were issued, with the alternative principle of work, - absorbing. In 30 - e years on the conveyor the first two-chamber refrigerator was put. As well as in modern units, one chamber at it was intended for the frozen products, and another - for storage at above-zero temperature. The following break which happened in the same years consisted in supply with shelves of doors of the refrigerator …

mass production of refrigerators was arranged by

In the USSR only after the Great Patriotic War. Puzatenky “ZILY“ which, probably, many of us remember since the childhood began to be made in March, 1951 in shops of automobile works of ZIS (nowadays ZIL).

What they are

Modern household refrigerators are single-chamber , two-chamber and three-chambered .

the Most demanded in the market of household appliances are two-chamber refrigerators which happen two types:“ Side - by - side“ - configuration at which freezing and refrigerating chambers settle down side by side (usually freezing - at the left, refrigerating - on the right) and refrigerators in which the freezer is located over or under refrigerating office. The last can be one - or two-door. In one-door refrigerators the deep freeze has no independent door for “autonomous“ access. In other words: to get into freezing office, it is necessary to open the refrigerator, and then - a door of freezing office. As a rule, such refrigerators differ in the small size of the freezer which reaches no more than 20 - 25% of the total net volume.

Two-door two-chamber refrigerators (them Combi also call) have the freezer which is located under refrigerating office and which volume can make up to 50% of total amount of the refrigerator.

of B three-chambered refrigerators the autonomous compartment with a so-called zero zone is. In a number of models it if necessary can be modified in freezing or refrigerating office.

the Largest British network of the Tesco supermarkets developed special “two-sided refrigerators“ into which products are loaded directly from the street. Such type of service as the order of products for the house is extremely popular with British. The only inconvenience - owners should stay at home and wait for delivery of the order. This problem is solved by “two-sided refrigerators“: on their doors coded locks are put. The code is reported in an advance orders section and after delivery at once changes. About delivery of products to the customer it is reported by e-mail or the SMS on the mobile phone is sent.

of the Characteristic of the refrigerator

For marking of freezers or as it is accepted to call them on official terminology, low-temperature offices use badges - asterisks:

Temperature in the freezer, °C Storage period of the frozen products
* is not higher than
- 6 of 1 - 2 day
* * not higher - 12 From several days to several weeks
* * * not higher - 18 From several days to one year
* * * * not higher - 24, freezing of fresh products From several days to one year

Each of snowflakes is possible
means additional - °C, and the last line an additional snowflake at the left - existence of function of fast freezing of fresh products. For freezing temperature can go down to - 24 °C, and, passing into the stationary mode of storage of products, is supported at the level - 18 °C. The vast majority of modern refrigerators are “four-stars“.

the Most important characteristic of the refrigerator - its a climatic class , i.e. ability to work in various ambient temperatures.

the Climatic class Designation of Value of temperature
of environment at
of operation
Subnormal SN from 10 to 32 °C
Normal N from 16 to 32 °C
Subtropical ST from 18 to 38 °C
Tropical T from 18 to 43 °C

As well as all household appliances, the refrigerator has a sticker in which its power characteristics are displayed. In a sticker the following data are entered:

One more important characteristic of the freezer is its productivity on freezing of products which is measured in kg/days. According to the Russian standards, this size has to make about 1 kg of products a day on each 10 l of net volume of the freezer.


“The crying wall“ or “frost“ - no!

Any refrigerator needs cleaning and a sink. Fortunately, the device of modern refrigerators relieves its owner of periodic thawing: manual defrosting of the refrigerator gave way automatic (“the crying wall“ or the No system - Frost).

Manual defrosting the freezer meets in many modern models of refrigerators and has to be carried out with an interval of half a year about one year (it is considered that time for a defrosting came if the frost deposit on walls of the freezer reached 1,5 - 2 cm).

Semi-automatic defrosting is a manual shutdown of the compressor which turns on automatically thanks to the sensor - the relay when the hoarfrost formed on freezer walls thaws, and temperature in it will rise to 5 - 8 °C.

the system of automatic defrosting of the refrigerator - the so-called “the crying wall“ or “Frost Free“ was widely adopted Today. In a contour on which coolant circulates there are two heat exchangers: the condenser via which heat goes to the room, and the evaporator by means of which coolant takes away heat from a chamber. The section of the evaporator is behind a plastic back wall of the refrigerator. When the compressor works, on this wall moisture from air which freezes in the form of a thin frost deposit is condensed. In pauses of operation of the compressor hoarfrost begins to thaw - thawed snow flows down on a wall and on a special fillet comes to a combined tray which is strengthened on a cover of the compressor and from which water gradually evaporates.

the Frequency and duration of cycles of thawing depend on temperature which is installed in the refrigerator, its loadings by products and from air temperature indoors. Do not forget to clean periodically the opening for a water drain located on a back wall of the refrigerator.

the Zero chamber

“Zero chamber“ or as it is called still by producers, “A freshness zone“, “Zone BioFresh“, “Fresh Box“, “Flex Cool“, “0 - the zone“, etc., is a zone in the refrigerator in which temperature about 0 °C in which ideal or almost ideal conditions for storage of crude fish and meat and other perishable goods are created is maintained. As a rule, it is a drawer which is separated from the main part of the refrigerator by the plastic or glass shelf. As these boxes are untight, it is impossible to speak about presence in it of strictly zero temperature, certainly. The real “zero zone“ guaranteeing constancy of zero temperature is realized in three-chambered refrigerators where it is the isolated compartment in which temperature is regulated separately.

If in the refrigerator of a zone of “freshness“ are equipped with adjustable humidity, that is an opportunity to establish two kinds of a “zero“ zone: dry and damp. Long not to keep fresh meat, fish, seafood in the damp environment. Humidity at which meat and fish well remain should not exceed 50%. And here vegetables and fruit prefer a humid climate. The optimum mode of storage of vegetables, fruit and greens - zero temperature and 90 - percentage humidity.


ideally fit Into the most widespread Russian cuisines about 6 square meters refrigerators which width and depth corresponds to the unified size for the majority of the range of the kitchen equipment - 60õ60 cm. For more wide kitchens are acceptable the refrigerators having the bigger dimensions.

can find

models of refrigerators from 130 to 150 cm In two-chamber execution . Their volume - 200 to 260 liters that it is quite enough for a family of 2 - 3 people.

Refrigerators the size about t 150 to 185 cm - most often two-chamber models with a volume from 260 to 350 liters. Such engine capacity is suitable for a family of 3 - 4 people. The freezing office in such refrigerators can be located from below or from above and to have volume from 50 to 140 liters.

Refrigerators from 350 to 800 liters with a standard width (about 60 cm) with rather big height - from 195 cm to 210 cm will be inconvenient

for low people at operation.

have some

- about internal “furniture“

of the Shelf in refrigerators happen continuous (the tempered glass or plastic) or trellised. Certainly, it is easier to wash glass regiments and in case in the refrigerator some liquid spreads, it will not spread on all refrigerator, and will remain on the shelf.

Pay attention to whether there is in refrigerator walls enough grooves for shift of shelves - it will allow you to organize internal space most conveniently.

Many producers complete the refrigerators with additional capacities and containers: as a rule, it is forms for eggs, capacity for meat and fish, a slippery jack, etc. In Ariston refrigerators there is, for example, a special bucket for cooling of champagne.

the question Price

Inexpensive are refrigerators of domestic producers - “Biryusa“, “Saratov“, “Stinol“ and “Indesit“, Minsk “Atlanta“. The lower threshold of this price category makes $150, top - $500. Models of some foreign producers belong to this price category (to LG, Daewoo, Ariston, Samsung, Ardo, etc.) .

Refrigerators of average price category (from $500 to $1000) are at most of the producers presented at our market.

Expensive refrigerators worth from $1100 to $15000 differ from the less dear fellows in the sizes, volumes, design, and also existence of various pleasant “excesses“: the built-in dispenser for drinks and ice, the cold accumulator, etc. So, for example, the LG GR refrigerator - G267B is equipped with the built-in LCD TV with remote control and a possibility of connection of DVD and VHS.

Any whim for your money

Fortunately, thanks to inventors and designers, the refrigerator from just ascetic “generator of cold“ turned into the independent subject of an interior often setting the tone to all kitchen today.

If to trust experts, to people with different temperaments certain color preferences are peculiar to

: to melancholiacs - calming and weakening blue, to sanguine persons - cheerful yellow, to phlegmatic persons - stable green, to choleric persons - red which stimulates their creative activity. So, following these recommendations, for example, the RK 6285 OR model from Gorenje will be to the taste to the choleric person who is feeling nostalgic for the sixtieth. And here the Brandt PEEKA model will give to your kitchen really “alien“ surroundings and, judging by color, it will be pleasant to sanguine persons.

you Love fairy tales and animated films? Probably, you will like the “toy“ Brandt BAMBOO or Brandt PINGO refrigerators equipped with digital displays with the choice of music.

Dios Refrigerators from LG with incrustation from the 4900th a paste from Swarovski will please with

fans of a glamour.

Music lovers and “telemana“ will appreciate refrigerators from LG - GR - G267B (with digital 13 - the inch liquid crystal display and the DVD/VHS function) and from Siemens - KG 39MT90 (with 15 - inch ZhK - the screen rotating by 45 degrees thanks to what you will enjoy favourite series or a football match practically from any corner of kitchen).


the Angular refrigerator from NORCOOL at the minimum occupied space in kitchen - about 1 m 2 - is equivalent on volume to four big refrigerators (1200 liters).

Indesit Graffiti Refrigerators, certainly, will be pleasant to children: on outer side of their door there is a special covering on which it is possible to write and draw. The set of felt-tip pens and the special support attached to a door on a magnet is included in the package to the refrigerator.

In the SJ model - HV46J from SHARP in the middle of the case, near a box for ice cubes, is the peculiar oven allowing to store products at a temperature to plus 55 degrees: in it, for example, it is possible to warm a dinner.

It is important!

So, you buy the new refrigerator...

First of all to you should decide by

on refrigerator dimensions on height, width and depth, then decide what volume of freezing office is necessary for you.

Having stopped on several trademarks, take an interest about them in thematic the Internet - conferences.

If decide to buy by

the refrigerator in the Internet - shop, be surely convinced personally of usual shop of household appliances that this model completely corresponds to your inquiries and … Successful purchases!:-)