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The children`s holiday for adults of

in principle, knows most of people, than the children`s holiday differs from the adult. The children`s holiday is an amusing elegant table, riddles and fantastic competitions, and the adult is a traditional feast, a karaoke or the TV and at best several okoloerotichesky games. I do not suggest to make on the contrary - hardly children will estimate the TV and a sensuality, but here serious uncles and aunts can quite sink into dotage.

the Very first time

For the first time the idea to make a children`s holiday for adults visited me when to Stella Elizaveta year was executed. We already understood what should be celebrated in two stages - for the child and for guests whom, by the way, the child at that time very badly transferred. Guests were taken much - in - the first, relatives (beginning from the grandmother and finishing with the three times removed aunt), in - the second, friends (beginning with messmates) and their spouses, and in - the third, friends with whom got acquainted on the website about kids during pregnancy. And, frankly speaking, they accepted my strange drizzle somehow without special delight - well that I consulted not on all, and that would not decide.

was Supported by the husband, the person cheerful and the child in soul, thanks to it big.

First of all we read to

on the Internet all possible scenarios of children`s holidays and understood that it is necessary to begin with decoration of the room and a table. With the room we did not begin to suffer long - in the middle of December it is possible to decorate already safely a Christmas tree (and them at us was 5 - from the biggest under a ceiling to tiny desktop with illumination), to hang out garlands and traditional newspapers on walls.


the Idea of a table was suggested by numerous American movies - a bright cloth and napkins with bears, disposable elegant tableware with butterflies and hearts (boys and girls have different plateaus), multi-colored cocktail straws, and the most important - caps, masks, tubules, pishchalka and horns near each plate!

Most of all I endured

about guests - and suddenly they will not apprehend at all all this motley table (on dishes it was quite traditional), but everything went surprisingly smoothly. Guests quickly got on masks of doggies, kitties and hares, with laughter sorted pishchalka and horns and rushed with enthusiasm to try their opportunities.

Here - that also became clear that, appears, it was interesting to much earlier how all these thingummies work, and one mummy even gradually tidied up excess pishchalka after birthday of the sons and tried at a leisure.

Of course, the adult holiday is a champagne, wine and traditional toasts. I and itself, perhaps, took offense, do not give friends a toast to health of my daughter and my maternal patience. But within a children`s holiday this moment managed to be beaten a wig therefore excess pathos was not - difficult to be pathos when on you a clownish attire. The wig quickly went on hands, and for the first time it was succeeded to avoid confusion, a crush under a table and a certain vague tension when people understand that it is advisable “to tell the speech“, but or hesitate, or just do not know what else can be told new under the moon.

Fun quickly reached a stage when all wanted to dress up still something. At first guests amicably undertook fir-trees, the benefit they gave broad lands for creativity, then passed to cats. One of cats was cleverer, and hid in advance, another was caught and with common efforts decorated.

Unfortunately, for the first time much it is not possible to provide. For example, did not come to my mind to buy children`s gifts for all guests - and big balls in a bird species and animals were handed only that leaving for whom houses kids waited. The next year I already guessed to buy brelochok, statuetochek and plush toys to give a gift to everyone.

of Game and competitions

By the way, traditional children`s competitions go off among adults with a bang. It appears, after 20 years people forget even the elementary riddles and fairy tales, I do not speak about proverbs - sayings therefore the most banal game “guess something“ will be crowned with success. From outdoor games at us the most elementary best of all passed - “repeat after me“, similar to charging on the TV when players repeat the movements of the leader, gradually accelerating and … “hide-and-seek“.

By the way, ask somebody not to participate, and to run for players with the camera or the camera, receive unforgettable impressions. You sometime saw how solid mother of family tries to get into the washing machine? Or how the adult man masks in a case children`s tights, squeezing into space, several times already his shoulders? If did not see - that such chance will be given you by hide-and-seek. At me, however, several guests very much hesitated to play, but after a big bowl of mulled wine decided.

Great artists Those traditional house wall newspapers it is better than


, it appears, to draw all together. Several sheets of a Whatman paper, gouache, a set of brushes and steam of old sheets - and within an hour your guests who are rolled up in togas on ancient Roman manners with enthusiasm create a masterpiece. Last year I suggested to do it in the form of a competition - command for team. And as there were 2 nominations - “the art value“ and “warmly souls“, we have a draw, and prizes were won by all. The main thing to watch that creators did not squabble as art vision at all a miscellaneous.

my friend went in a question of drawing further away - on her holiday, having ornamented the newspaper, guests were received the friend for the friend. But it has before me a big advantage - two bathrooms in the apartment, that is two bathrooms that significantly accelerates washing process. And still it has a lot of place therefore it could leave the ornamented friends for the night and wash gradually.

Even about entertainments

  1. If you think that foolish game in a mummy (that is a zamatyvaniye each other on speed toilet paper) is pleasant only to preschool children - you just never tried to do it with adults.
  2. They say that most of men is indifferent to sweet. Perhaps, and so - but it in a case when candies are put in a vase. Try to hang up candies and small chocolates garlands under a ceiling and to hang up the poster “Break Sweet Only Teeth“ on a wall. You will be entertained very much by your serious men who everything for some reason surely are required to get at least to about one candy. But God forbid, they on something will argue as was at us on the past on March 8 - they posryvat and will devour everything hanged out, and some will become covered then by red spots for what wives will state bo - about - olshy claims.
  3. do not give to guests balloons!!! Or in advance think up, than their can be distracted then … You do not even represent (if itself did not see - did not believe), what is the time your friends are capable to invent various pieces with balloons how many things in the room they are capable to drop and break during this time and, the main thing how many to noise at the same time will be.
  4. Puppet theater - entertainment not only for small children. Literally for an hour your guests are capable to cut out with enthusiasm a scene from a shoe box, to attach to it a curtain from the remains of an old sheet, ponatseplyat on fingers and on threads the children`s toys which are available in the house and to create the fairy tale.
  5. Everything that fights and breaks, but is expensive to you, clean in advance. Very far. There, where guests even to hide will not invent. Take out on a balcony better.
my dreams Already the second year I dream to organize to


from the birthday the improvised performance. That is to dress up guests in the suits which are partially in advance made, partially made on the place, masks and wigs, to ornament each other a make-up and to compose on the run and right there to play the fairy tale. Something such, modern, but on a basis all of the known material - for example, teremok where the mouse will be a call girl, a frog - business - the lady, a wolf the bandit and so on. There is not enough so far only place in the apartment … Friends it is already aware and too began to dream together with me.

Wish us good luck, we surely will make it … let our apartment will remain whole and safe … well at least almost whole …