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Facts of life or my communication with doctors. Part 2. Maternity hospital. Caesarian

(Part 1)
Already and 37 weeks were executed by

to my little girl. Ahead we have an operation - Cesarean section. As I did not want it and I do not want. But most to give rise already not on the cards.

Having read the Moscow websites that after Caesarian it is possible to give rise most, I forgot that Chelyabinsk - not Moscow. In ZhK I was told that only Caesarian. It is possible to think that they could offer something else. On the communications I found out that at us some experimental department on ChTZ is engaged in such childbirth. But nobody is responsible for anything. All responsibility for the health and health of the child lays down completely on mother`s shoulders. It very guarded me.

of Conditions much: it is necessary that the hem on a uterus was a certain width that there were no chronic and any other diseases, and still something. And the main thing for me a condition was that the estimated weight of the child by the birth has to be no more than 3500 g. Well, it is already complicated. My firstborn weighed at the birth of 4350 g. And the second children, speak, is larger than the first. But I will try. To go to agree made sense only after 34 weeks.

of ultrasonography in 32 weeks: 2900, 45 cm. Wow! Some with such weight are born, and to me 2 more months to go. Here also gave rise. It is clear, that by the birth the daughter will not weigh less than 3500 g. There is no choice left. Operation unambiguously. Ultrasonography before childbirth on the 38th week: the child`s weight by the birth - 4150 g

In 37 weeks from ZhK me begin to boot off in maternity hospital. And I do not want, early still, I speak. But they need to throw off me from hands, problems less. Continue to insist, intimidate by any muck. On the way home I come into maternity hospital and I ask existence of places. There are no places. Here and all right, means holidays (May) I quietly will spend at home. What to do to me 3 weeks in maternity hospital? Though, say that the second Caesarian is done earlier, on the 38th week, from - for a seam. My confidence was a little shaken by the fact that in maternity hospital waiting list for operation. And emergency Caesarian there was no wish at all.

on May 6, Friday, I lay down in maternity hospital on the term of nearly 38 weeks.“ The silly woman, why before days off? During week-end there all the same there is nobody“ - it is told by me to myself now, and then, “I agreed with the manager already, she me wrote down“. Everything is already familiar, almost native office of OPB, familiar nurses, and in general, everything is much simpler. Dv of week on preservation in vain did not pass. All rules, laws and roundabout ways are known long ago. Therefore it is possible just to have a rest so far.

my doctor This time. Very polite and attentive. I hope, it such will remain further. The only minus - her patients were always on the last place. Date of my operation was postponed several times. Said to me that the operating room is processed today, actually, other pregnant women, other doctors were operated. As a result, operation was performed only on May 17 (on term 39 weeks and 4 days). And I have a birthday on May 16, I at first wanted one DR for two. But when it did not turn out, I not especially was upset. There is nothing to save on gifts. And all - the daughter has to have the birthday, but not mother`s. It turns out that from May 6 to May 17 I “stood in a queue for bebiky“! :)

A now about doctors. In the previous childbirth I did not face it though then the maternity hospital was another. This maternity hospital is considered nearly the best in the city. Infinitely enraged me that almost each doctor in maternity hospital is engaged in distribution (and, in fact, in imposing) any production. Since bifiduma and finishing with preparations and cosmetics on the basis of bee sting (or something like that). The therapist pushed production for improvement of work of heart, vitamins and still something. Even the lift attendant offered the caps connected by her (though on her I not in offense).

Doctors forced

(words, of course) to buy expensive drugs (droppers on 450 rub/piece, a course 3 - 4 pieces) to the “keeping“ mummies, according to their nominal recipe, in a drugstore of an accident ward. Words: “If you do not dig through this medicine, then you will begin premature birth. And it is necessary to you?“ On the answer that there is no money now, it was easily offered to borrow money at relatives. Existence of money - the main subject in this maternity hospital. If you have money, then you are a queen. Doctors, and, above all, the manager, before you on tiptoe jump. Paid chambers (700 rub/days) including. If there is no money - sorry, a billeting aside, hands also will reach you, sometime. It strongly touched me because I was not ready to it. Responses of acquaintances were only positive. Probably, I am strongly lucky.

on May 17 . Morning of operation came. For today two are planned: I and one more girl of “other“ doctor. The first operation has to begin in 9. The 00, second on 1. 30 later. I want the first, otherwise I will not sustain. With I stick to medical personnel with a question yesterday:“ What I will go?“ . You know less - better you sleep!!! Very right saying. My knowledge of what will occur strongly strains me. Thanks to the TV central channels for “interesting“ transfers concerning medical errors, especially about roddoma. I understand that the I will longer wait, the more I will think of about what it is not necessary.

7. 00 - woke, told to wash and undergo on “pleasant“ procedures: shaving and enema. I hate an enema!!! To me morally it is not comfortable at all. It is good that who has a hem, to them the enema is done only in the morning before operation. All the rest at first in the evening, then in the morning.

8. 00 - the enema is passed successfully, so I already almost gave rise :). I am already ready. I wait for the decision of doctors concerning sequence. Hurrah!!! I am the first!!!

9. 15 - no, I am not the first. :(. I sit in chamber, I try to read, time goes very slowly.

9. 30 - take away my competitor on operation.

10. 30 - things are packed, the linen is handed over, I sit in a corridor. Will come for me soon. My place in chamber is already taken.

11. 30 - well why nobody follows me?! I cannot wait more!!! The nurse calls to recognize by my request. Unplanned Caesarian, operation just began. Went “on a visit“ to the chamber.

12. 30 - I am taken away at last on operation.

About the operating room I sit on a couch, I put on boot covers and a kerchief. It turns out not from the first, largely shakes me from cold though actually very much hot. Opposite to me there is a restroom of doctors. There the TV works, the sofa costs, a table, a teapot. To and fro people in unclear clothes go. Probably, it is surgeons. I already filled in the list brought with itself on operation, is already ready long ago as suddenly... surgeons decided to drink a tea. What tea?! I now here already itself will give rise from fear!!! But they probably were tired already. I them can understand, probably, better tea now, than a mistake during operation. So there pass 20 minutes. They drink a tea, tell jokes, stir about a miscellaneous, and I sit opposite, almost merged with a situation.

13. 00 - tea is drunk, the mood was lightened, it is possible also for work. I am seen off to the operating table, begins to be prepared, not especially hurrying. Gently bind hands, enter a catheter into a vein, enter a catheter in can. the channel (it is the second thing after an enema which I hate!!!) . Doctors quietly dress the clothes and masks. And here I understand that to me it becomes bad...

Small retreat. During this pregnancy of weeks with 20 I could not sleep on a back. Well is not present, it is not necessary. I did not pay attention to it. It was few times not really comfortable on ultrasonography. Probably, it was worth telling about it to the doctor. But I did not attach it great value. About a syndrome of a hollow vein overheard. And on operation everything was shown fully.

to me it becomes bad

. Begins to feel sick, before eyes black points flash and it becomes difficult to breathe. I ask to turn me sideways. Surgeons ask to suffer still slightly - slightly, they are already almost ready. I cannot suffer. The vile catheter below makes cry, the lump in a throat from attempts not to start howling got stuck. Some sensor began to squeak. There is no wish to breathe at all... Any more there is a wish for nothing... Stretch me a mask, and I take convulsively two fast breaths if only quicker everything ended... I am disconnected...

13. 12 - in the 3 or 4 minute of operation my baby weighing only 3800 g, 53 cm in height was born. Across Apgar got only 6 / 7 points. As I found out then, from - for my state since the baby was healthy.

Woke up few times during operation. Once with a tube in a mouth, feeling not from pleasant, at times during mending. It was terrible from misunderstanding of a situation. I, probably, right there was “cut down“ again, but nevertheless I remembered it.

I Absolutely regained consciousness in the operating room. Doctors already finished everything and were going to transport me in postnatal office.

Postnatal office

PITAS Chamber. All the time tried to have a sleep, but something disturbed. In 1,5 hours after operation brought my child on feeding. At me still ice lay on a stomach, and children`s sisters put the daughter and left. I which - as it was developed sideways (pancake, painfully, all-) to try to feed her. There was nothing to feed especially therefore we just lay and communicated. In half an hour the nurse with PITA came, and carried away my baby in children`s office. Now the daughter to me was brought on each feeding. I want to thank sisters from PITA. These are the best people in maternity hospital. It is a pity that to PITA you are related only 3 days.

I Sat down in 5 hours after operation, got up and started walking in 6 hours. I got up very first of those whom operated with me in one day. In the evening the manager of postnatal office came. Very much it was not pleasant. Answered questions reluctantly. But with huge admiration told that today wrote out some madam, and her husband brought “so many flowers, it is so much flowers that they had to be put in a bucket. Here what people remarkable!!!“ What is it? Hint? Videla I as took away this madam on 4 - x huge jeeps. And a few days ago this a papashka ran at 12 o`clock drunk in a board on maternity hospital and shouted: “Darling! I want you!!!“ . And below, under windows stood the person 15 and too something shouted. And it besides that in maternity hospital nobody is let. Money opens many doors.

in the Morning 18 I transferred

to the general chamber, there are not enough places in PITA.

now I will tell

A for those who consider that Caesarian it is healthy, fell asleep - woke up with lyalky, and everything is good. Well - it is only in the first days after operation because the anesthetizing pricks prick every 3 - 4 hour. For their next days remains only 2, and the most interesting begins here. Present that you never played sports and suddenly in one day carried out very much - very intensive occupation on all groups of muscles. What your state next day? Here just the same state after operation. All muscles hurt. It is impossible to raise a hand or a leg, the place where there has to be a press hurts, muscles of a back and a neck hurt. And all this from - for a preparation which is necessary in order that it was possible to enter a respiratory tube into a throat (at the general anesthesia). I found out then it from doctors.

to me behind all these “pleasant“ feelings even pain in the field of a seam was not really noticeable

(of course if at this time did not press on a uterus). On second day in the afternoon I “gave up“, went to ask to put the anesthetizing prick while I rather patient in respect of pain. Refused to me. Told that only before going to bed. So at them it is written. The general state at me disgusting. Sil (neither moral, nor physical) to fight for a prick was not. I just dokolupat to chamber, climbed on a bed and started howling. As to me plo - about - about - ho - about - about!

In half an hour under windows parents came. I collected to rise and wave with it in a window, to smile and tell the last forces that “I`m fine, do not worry“. I never say to parents that to me it is bad, worry very much. But mother is mother. Something was not pleasant to it in my “swelled-up“ person and the “hunched“ figure. In half an hour the manager came, and asked: “What it your person was not pleasant to your mother?“ And I from where I know? My mother got phone of the manager and “ran“ over her apropos that I look bad. In half an hour the nurse came running and asked: “Who asked to make an ukolchik here?“ Two more (except me) from my chamber took advantage of the offer. More I did not ask additional pricks.

After a lunch. It something with something. The manager, after traditional questions on health, suddenly speaks:“ Show a plug“.

- What, forgive?
- show the Plug that unclear?
- In sense laying?
- Ugu.

Me such “slang“ just nonplused

. How the doctor, the expert of the business, can tell it? And as it processes seams!!! About! Ou! And - about - at!!! I was lucky to visit at it this procedure of all of times, but impressions lasted for a long time. Having gritted teeth and having seized fingers regions of a couch, just you suffer, knowing that it will come to an end soon. (Girls are nurses from PITA what all of you - angels!!!) .

Me was lucky

once again! To me the manager removed seams! Beauty - and - and - and - and! The manager said in clear that she needs “as a gift“ a big can of coffee to “Neskafa Gold“. For what, forgive? For once the processed seam, and an unforgettable high from its removal? I, of course, could not buy, and then solved and figs with it, let will choke. I believe that justice exists. But I have a daughter now.

does not want to be written that in maternity hospital there were not enough diapers for kids, laying - diapers for mothers already. About what the children`s doctor “forgot“ to tell me that the daughter has an umbilical hernia. (Not terribly, but it was possible to inform.) How somehow on Saturday evening swayed children`s sisters and from them for some reason smelled of alcohol. How the daughter shivered (I do not exaggerate) in crude (not in described, and in badly dried) to a diaper because dry was not, and I tried to warm it. How kids slept almost each feeding and it was impossible to wake them, and the medical personnel went on unanimously: “No, we finish feeding nobody, only on doctor`s orders“.

We survived. We took out everything. We were written out.

I does not want to remember now all negative that was accompanied by this miracle - the birth of my baby. There is a wish to remember only that instant when looked at her small eyes to me in eyes for the first time, and an invisible thread of love strongly us connected forever.