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What to be engaged in fitness in - center?

of Many young successful residents of the large cities worry keeping fit today. Regular visits of gyms became fashionable. It is no wonder that the number fitness - clubs in which the full range of services and programs - from aerobics before bodybuilding is offered day by day grows.

Improving fitness - clubs have at the order spacious rooms, the most modern equipment and various exercise machines - power, rowing and ski, exercise bikes, racetracks and steppers. Standard equipment of clubs also includes a jacuzzi, saunas, sweating rooms and special chambers for suntan, and in some there are also swimming pools. Clubs have skilled instructors and offer visitors a wide set is sports - the improving programs including occupations by aerobics in styles a step, funk and hip - hop, and also occupations by bodybuilding and yoga. A variety of training programs and the sports equipment allows clients to choose to itself class in taste.

Nevertheless from those who begin to be engaged in the improving centers about a half give up occupations. The discouraging statistics if to consider how it is convincing and as the benefit brought by physical occupations is widely advertized.

of the Consequence of a hypodynamia so painfully, and advantages of physical activity are so obvious that two opinions cannot be - the way to health lies only through physical culture! But what type of physical activity to prefer? Run? Aerobics? Raising of weights or swimming, bicycle or sports?

It is unimportant what look to be engaged, the main thing - that were movements and in enough. It is necessary to consider at the same time tendencies of people, features of the physical constitution, it is impossible to dismiss even a character warehouse. Dancing exercises under music seem to one insufferably boring and inaccessible, run is represented to others tiresome and monotonous, pulls the third to water, the fourth emotionality of aerobics, tennis or volleyball etc.


Besides, different types of sport differently affect a human body. It is possible to choose consciously one of them if the object to strengthen some weak link in the organism is set: force, endurance, speed of reaction or flexibility and mobility, and it is possible and to correct small physical defect.

What exercises

happen there are several types of exercises which apply in various cases.

Isometric exercises are such physical exercises at which muscles strain, but the movement in joints does not happen. For example, you stand in front of the mirror and strain bicepses within 10 - 20 seconds, and then relax - typical isometric exercise. If you rest against a motionless subject, for example against a door jamb, these are classical examples of an isometry too.

of Research was shown that isometric exercises promote increase in the sizes and forces of muscles. But such exercises exert absolutely small positive impact on warmly - vascular system if at all it is rendered. On the contrary, isometric reduction of muscles of a brush, we will tell tightening of a subject within several seconds, leads to short-term increase of arterial pressure that is potentially dangerous to the person with a hypertension.

Isometric exercises are not recommended by

to people with diseases warmly - vascular system as this type of physical activity can provoke violation of warm activity or even a heart attack. Lifting something heavy or replacing a wheel in the car, you carry out the loadings getting to category isometric, dangerous to people with heart diseases of different weight.

Isotonic exercises are such physical activities at which there is a reduction of muscles and the movement in joints is made. Classical examples - weightlifting and the all-strengthening gymnastics.

These exercises help to build up muscle bulk and to increase its force, but, as well as isometric, they very slightly influence on warmly - vascular system: do not promote endurance development, do not increase the volume of blood and vital capacity of lungs, do not reduce the arterial pressure and heart rate at rest.

Besides, it is revealed that it is possible to develop the improbable muscle bulk and force and at the same time to receive violations of a state warmly - vascular system. Therefore in all textbooks and grants on bodybuilding of the last years along with exercises which develop muscular system, the aerobic exercises strengthening heart and vascular system are recommended. Isometric and isotonic exercises belong to anaerobic, i.e.“ oxygen-free“.

the Basis of health is defined warmly - vascular and respiratory systems which it is possible to train by means of aerobic exercises. The exercises demanding a large amount of oxygen for an appreciable length of time and forcing an organism to improve the systems transporting oxygen belong to aerobic exercises. These exercises are carried out without interruption not less than 20 minutes, at the same time big groups of muscles work.

All these exercises do not exclude each other. In any aerobic training there is an anaerobic component, for example, for development of force.

What to choose?


to benefit for health and pleasure from trainings, it is necessary to choose type of physical activity. It is necessary to choose such exercises which would carry away you, having become just one more type of leisure. If you are mobile, like to dance, you have a quite good coordination, you want to lose extra kilos and to support the organism in good sportswear - any kinds of aerobics (classical, And - boxing, a step - aerobics, dancing, interval trainings) will help to strengthen yours warmly - vascular system, to reduce the number of fatty deposits and to raise a muscular tone. And performance of exercises with burdenings in power part of a lesson will be strengthened by muscles and will modify a figure.

the step - trainings is Distinctive feature the fact that in the main part of a lesson of aerobics the special platform - a step is used. A step - aerobics - the most effective method of combustion of fat.

Shaping - one of kinds of an aerobic type of trainings. The name comes from the English word “sheyp“ that “form“ literally means. The main difference of shaping from aerobics - coordination simplicity as it assumes a large number of repetitions of each new movement in time. Occupations by shaping will appreciate those who in everything love the accuracy and scrupulousness.

If to you have more than

to liking static loadings, without dances and fast movements - look for a class of a kallanetika, Pilates or yoga.

If you watch

at physical exercises under music as on a toothache, then you will suit occupations on exercise machines more. Athletic occupations in a gym on power simulators strengthen and develop all groups of muscles. If you are aimed at combustion of fat, then in addition 2 - 3 times a week have to be engaged in aerobic exercises. Rowing and ski exercise machines, exercise bikes, racetracks and steppers develop endurance, train heart and lungs and promote combustion of fat.

of Occupation by hydroaerobics (Akwa - aerobics) will be suited not only to fans of water elements, but also aged people, and will in passing render invaluable improving effect at problems with a backbone, joints and varicosity.

of occupations Pleasant to you!