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The log hut corners is not red, and is red... pancakes

Soon, soon end of winter. Already the sun as in spring burns, there are first pools and early March cats. But it is necessary to winter on old custom pancakes. Maslenitsa. Such tasty word. And what Maslenitsa without pancakes!

any hostess has the recipe of pancakes. The set them can be found in books and on pages of the Internet, and the website 7ya. ru it is not deprived of recipes. But than one recipe is better than another? In what a difference? Why each hostess praises the? Let`s try to understand.

the Recipe of pancakes is simple

: liquid (milk, kefir, curdled milk), flour, eggs, sugar, salt, soda or yeast. That`s all. If you mix all ingredients in the proportion which was pleasant to you, then pancakes surely will turn out. Only they will turn out at all different though by all means tasty. What products define different properties of pancakes?

Rule first . On 2 glasses of liquid add 1 glass of flour. It not always precisely and definitely. Flour happens different, and only in the course of pastries you can learn how many what is not enough. Various size there are eggs. Sugar plays the role - than its more, especially liquid dough. The rule is such: we add 1 glass of flour to 1 glass of liquid, carefully we mix that there were no lumps, then we add salt, sugar, eggs, sodas / yeast and again we mix. We leave dough to approach (if it is yeast) or just to stand for some time that flour bulked up. It is very important since when swelling flour gives necessary glutinosity, and pancakes will not collapse. After that it is gradually added the remained liquid and we mix dough.

It is possible, liquids will go a little less or more. It is possible to bake the first pancake and to look whether its consistence is pleasant to you. If dough badly spreads, then it is possible to add a little more liquid. And here if dough too liquid, then is difficult to make something. It is simple to add flour it will not turn out - there will be unappetizing lumps. It is necessary to cast a little test, to pour flour, to carefully stir and pour out everything in bulk. Some recommend to shake up dough the mixer. It will rescue from lumps, but will hammer additional air into dough why in pancakes undesirable holes and bubbles can appear.

the Rule second - eggs. On 1 glass of flour - 1 egg. It is quite enough for usual pancakes. But! If you want to bake pancakes with a stuffing, put 2 - 3 eggs better. What properties define eggs? First of all, elasticity. Pancakes will easier be removed from a frying pan, it is simpler to make them thin, at a stuffing zavertyvaniye they will not be torn. However at the same time pancakes will be to the land more rigidly, will lose splendor. For a stuffing it is good, but if you want to eat them just with sour cream, oil, jam, then it is better to refuse a large number of eggs. And next day such pancakes will be less tasty.

However, the “Guryev“ pancakes exist. In dough put 6 yolks, and beat whites separately, add to ready dough and accurately mix. It is better to eat such pancakes at once, next day they rigid and taste like an omelet.

the Rule third - sugar. On the mentioned quantity put 1 - 2 tablespoons of sugar. A large amount of sugar is pernicious for pancakes. They will collapse, they will be difficult to be removed even from a teflon frying pan. But absolutely I do not recommend to do without sugar even in case of a meat or fish stuffing. Let there will be a sugar teaspoon, but it will impact the correct relish to pancakes though you at the same time will not feel sweet.

Salt - any special rules. 1 / 3 teaspoons even in sweet pancakes.

Rule fourth : soda or yeast? As always - to solve to you. My experience prompts the following. If you want to do thin pancakes with a stuffing, choose milk, and it is possible not to put neither soda, nor yeast. Or nevertheless add a little soda (1/2 teaspoon). Acidic environment is necessary for soda - mix it with a kefir / curdled milk tablespoon / sour sour cream and add to dough.

Pancakes for a stuffing

thin and elastic. It is better that it was less holes, otherwise rather thin stuffing through them will follow / get out. One secret - pancakes can be baked only on the one hand. The stuffing is put on the fried thoroughly party and wrapped. And just before giving on a table pancakes are fried from the light party. It is possible to store such pancakes several days in the refrigerator or to freeze.

Pancakes on kefir or curdled milk turn out magnificent. It is necessary to add soda, it is possible even the whole teaspoon without hill. Dough becomes quickly and simply. One shortcoming - next day such pancakes rigid, and even warming up on a frying pan or in the microwave oven does not rescue them.

If you want to receive the real tasty pancakes - take yeast. Better dry, to them there are no efforts. All know that there are two ways of preparation of yeast dough - basic and bezoparny . In what a difference? For a support take 1/3 torments, 1/3 liquids and sugar. Knead and give to approach. Then add other ingredients and allow to approach once again. The Bezoparny way - is mixed by all at once and 2 times allow to approach.

If the second way is simpler than

why the first is necessary? In my opinion, differences in taste any. And here remember old yeast - will earn or not? If is not present, then why to exhaust all products at once? Today dry yeast works practically without failures. Safely choose a bezoparny way of preparation of the test.

Barmy pancakes magnificent, tasty, and, above all next day they remain same, as after pastries if to warm up them a little. (Allow to make small retreat in this place. The Bezoparny way of preparation of batter is good, but in case of pies my arguments are not absolutely correct. For pies dough is required “abrupt“, it long approaches and the support in this case is very useful. It approaches much quicker, and on preparation of the test less time will leave).

the Rule fifth - pastries. Not important, on what frying pan you bake, before the first pancake add a little vegetable oil. Pancake will easier be removed. Not to grease every time a frying pan, add oil to dough. Carefully stir dough before pouring out it on a frying pan. Flour has a tendency to settle on a bottom, and at oil - to rise.


Much simply likes process of greasing of a frying pan before each pancake. In it there is something mystical. For example, it is possible to pin a piece of unsalted lard on a fork. Or to take a half of a potato, to pin on a fork, to lower in a cup with vegetable oil and to grease with a potato a frying pan.

If you want to serve to

pancakes to a table whole, without wrapping in them a stuffing, do not aspire that they were thin. Magnificent pancakes more appetizing and will leave time for their pastries less. Pour the test more, to 3 - 4 mm in thickness. The main thing - do not bake pancakes on strong fire. One party of pancake will burn slightly, and the second will remain liquid. Such pancake cannot practically be turned. You do not hurry, make fire average or below an average. Take two frying pans better and bake slowly. While the pancake bottom is fried, the top layer has to “grab“, practically propechsya, and after a turning the second party has to just be roasted.

Usually pancakes put

a pile on a flat plate. That pancakes not really stuck together - grease everyone with a butter piece. And that did not cool down - cover with a high and wide pan.

That`s all secrets of preparation of pancakes. What else needs to be learned? Stuffings! About caviar and red fish all know. It is possible to give such stuffings differently - simply to put on a table, and everyone will understand, or to turn in pancake a tubule, or to cut pancake in half or on 4 parts (depending on the size) and to turn also a tubule. It is also possible to arrive with paste or soft cheese, chocolate paste, ham, etc. Sour cream, jam, condensed milk are served to a table in separate ware.

If you prefer to prepare

for the future, then to pancakes it is possible to make a set of stuffings. Forcemeat from meat, birds, fishes, a liver, heart, mushrooms, potato with fried onions, boiled eggs, rice. Various combinations of these products are possible. It is all about your taste. The main thing that the stuffing was not crude, it has to be completely ready to the use.

pancakes with cottage cheese are Very tasty

- here only do not use soft cottage cheese. At sugar addition it becomes even more liquid and can flow out from holes. Take ordinary cottage cheese a krupochka, on 250 g add 1 egg and sugar to taste, a vanillin pinch, a little cinnamon, an orange or lemon dried peel, etc. is possible. Carefully stir everything. Here sugar can be put with all the heart. At a browning of pancakes together with a stuffing sugar will be kindled, and taste of a stuffing will change in comparison with cold a little.

In days of Maslenitsa should not be forgotten also about of fritter . Than not pancakes? Warm, soft, solar. And work and time for their preparation will leave slightly less. Cook fritters as well as pancakes, only the liquid ratio to flour has to be one to one on volume. The following is important: ingredients add to dough in other sequence.

At first mix all desirable in the described proportion, and then gradually add flour before formation of a necessary consistence. If there will be too much flour, fritters will turn out “abrupt“ and if it is not enough - not magnificent. But it is better to add at first flour less and to observe baking of the first portion: if on a frying pan of fritter rise and become magnificent, and in a cold plate fall down, become flat - it is necessary to add flour.

of Fritter is usually baked small, on several pieces on a frying pan. Dough has to turn out quite dense. It is put a spoon, not poured, namely spread.

Some additional secrets: add 1 - 2 tablespoons of vodka to dough, and oil will not be absorbed so strongly in fritters (if you do not love a lot of fat in pastries); every time add oil on a frying pan, but not in dough, - fritters will be more beautiful, with a typical crisp crust; dough for fritters, even barmy, it is possible to store 1 - 2 day in the refrigerator, baking a fresh portion as required.

of the Stuffing . Do not think that for fritters it is impossible to think up a stuffing. Just it is added in advance, to pastries. Traditionally add polished apples, carrots, pumpkin, vegetable marrows, and also raisin and other dried fruits, cinnamon, a dried peel of a citrus, candied fruits, etc. to fritters. It is possible not only to grate apples, but also to cut in cubes. It is possible to make even more interestingly - to accurately cut out core from apple, to cut circles, to dunk these apple circles into dough and to bake on weak fire that apple propeklos. It is possible to pour out dough on a frying pan, then to put an apple circle, from above to add still the test.

Economical hostesses add to fritters the remains of porridges (it is possible not only dairy, but also buckwheat, pearl-barley, etc.), macaroni, cottage cheese, what remained from a yesterday`s breakfast. In that case it is necessary to remember that such “tasteless“ addition should not exceed half of volume of the test.

I in conclusion, the simplest and fast recipe of fritters: 0. 5 l of kefir, 2 glasses of flour, 0. The 5th teaspoon of soda, 1/3 teaspoon of salt, one egg, sugar to taste (2 - 3 tablespoons on my taste). Dough is ready to mix everything-.