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The anti-dairy rivers or fight against a lactation of

When I became pregnant the first child, with happiness did not think of that as well as what I will feed the kid after the birth with. Read books both about pregnancy, and about care of the child, but about breastfeeding of literature any did not meet, and the Internet then of house was not yet. Lack of information immediately led to sad consequences: I was not ready to breastfeeding at all.

the Benefit that the kid took a breast in the first feeding and vigorously sucked, touching and pleasing young mother. But when the doctor came to survey a bit later, it became clear that I have neither milk, nor even colostrum but only pathetic droplets of blood. The doctor to me forbade to feed the child, told to decant this blood more often. Two days I was selflessly decanted, and for the third day the children`s nurse learned that I do not feed the child and as children lay separately from mothers, to me ceased to carry it, told: it is not necessary. it is difficult for p to imagine

what humiliated and defective I felt when the daughter of the neigbour in chamber greedy gave smacking kiss, having nestled on a mother`s breast, and the neigbour did not know how to decant the arriving milk. Visit by mothers of children was allowed only once a day within half an hour, it, probably, more effectively to stimulate a lactation. And here I was above the sleeping kid, not quite realizing that in general occurs. Suddenly he began to hiccup and began to cry. I, naturally, took it on hands. The nurse entered this moment and told that it is not necessary to take children on hands, and took away it from me. Here already I began to cry. How so? Unless somebody can forbid me to take on hands of my child?!

So there passed two more days. I have nobody was to address as because of days off our doctors were absent, and to ask persons on duty about something it is useless. At last, there came Monday, and my doctor found in me milk. Contrary to all efforts of medical staff it all - appeared! I was told to feed the child, than I with pleasure was going to be engaged. But the majority of feedings wash a synulk overslept as in intervals he woke up and at once received a small bottle with mix. I had to decant the milk at this time. Whether well madhouse?

Fortunately, for the sixth day us was written out, and in life there was less absurdity. But instantly there were cracks on nipples which did not pass in any way. Any ointment, slips, nothing did not help. The son demanded a breast each hour, and I howled from pain and dreamed that it ended somewhat quicker. By a month the son began to exhaust already blood, and me, of course, it was necessary to decant milk and to feed him from a small bottle, and also to finish feeding mix as milk became less.

It is good that there was enough mind to call the paid specialist in breastfeeding which gave a lot of valuable advice on increase in amount of milk and the organization of feeding. For these councils I a floor - the yard of mummies thanks was told then. In a week my cracks began to live, milk became more, passions settled, but I did not hurry to give to the son a breast as morbidity still remained and he already ate from a bottle more willingly. So I was also decanted till 9,5 months until my kid began to spit out a bottle with milk.

When I became pregnant the second child, decided that I by all means will adjust breastfeeding without any decantations and dokorm. The benefit, experience is saved up and collected information on the Internet much. Decided to give birth to the second son under the contract to lie after the delivery together with it, and nobody could take away it from me. But also for money not everything turned out as there was a wish.

Right after the son`s birth I asked doctors to apply it to a breast. I was told: “Yes, yes, of course, now“, - but so nobody made it. I decided that, all right, at them there are a lot of women in labor, midwifes everything were avoided, I will suffer to chamber. In chamber me put in a bed, ordered not to rise, carried away the child to the nursery as there was a night. I told the children`s sister that I can take the child already now that I want to apply already, at last, him to a breast that at me is full of colostrum. But the sister began to persuade me to wait till the morning, to have a rest, and I for some reason agreed though I all night long did not sleep.


At last, at 6 o`clock in the morning me brought the son who is serenely sleeping and solemnly reported that at night he ate a full small bottle of mix. I even more began to abuse myself for the shown weakness. Well could ask that brought me the child at night when he begins to cry! Hour through two of my kid woke up, srygnut alien swill, and greedy stuck into the breast offered by me. There now, at last, all as has to be as it is given by the nature.

fed with

Ya the child as often as he wanted, and it is so much time how many he wanted. It is sure that in the first months babies suck not only for hunger, but also to be closer to mother. But unless I can deprive of the kid of such pleasure? Yes, cracks, pain, stagnation and even mastitis appeared again, and at night I cried and hated the husband for the fact that he serenely sleeps, and I suffer from pain almost continuously as the child almost constantly “hangs on a breast“. But goodness knows, why we do it? Just because so has to be, and all. Life is not always pleasant too, but we live.

Now to the kid four months. He quickly gorges on if it is necessary, falls asleep if he does not want to sleep, laughs loudly directly with a breast in a mouth. And at these moments I love it even stronger for the fact that I could give it the best …

the Epilogue

Everything could develop much less painfully for me and my children if promotion of breastfeeding in our country was not limited to slogans on packings of baby food with an appeal to feed children with breast milk. If in maternity hospitals the medical staff had knowledge, experience and desire to help young mothers to adjust this hard process. If doctors in children`s policlinics did not shout that the child adds a little that he undereats, and urgently it is necessary to finish feeding him mix. If the useful information was more available (not only on the Internet, but also in female consultations, children`s policlinics), and not only for money. And then we would feed our children with breast milk “thanking“, but not “contrary to“.

of Barykin Olga,