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From school of the childhood in school of mothers …

the school Somehow was quickly graduated, having flashed bright fires of a graduation party, having left in memory the stolen secrets of memoirs of the school childhood, pathos speeches for graduates, “entering new life“, and mysterious sensation of fear and curiosity before the future. Two years ago the question of the choice of institute was one of the most difficult and serious in my life, there was a wish to be in time everywhere - and to take a walk under warm rays of the summer sun, having dared to depart to clouds and to live in any world, mysterious and to nobody clear and to adequately pass examinations. Then I did not even guess that the most important examination - examination in the subject “courage“ waits for me ahead … And soon fall, the beginning of study, big changes in life...

there Passed year. Already behind a half of summer session, freight of memoirs decently increased, at the same time absolutely slightly - the curtain on a future scene was slightly slightly opened, and the tormenting doubts became for some reason twice more, and the burden increased. Frankly admitting to itself, I understood that I stand still, and there are no achievements though long ago it is time. “Not to use potential“, “to bury the talent“, “to go down stream“... Perhaps so it is possible to call it? Each normal person in life has moments when it seems that he such good, talented, hardworking etc., and he is underestimated and stir him progress. There was no wish to lie to himself, justifying oneself the phrase “best is oftentimes the enemy of the good“.

It seems only 18... Or already 18? There would be a desire and those for the sake of whom to live and aspire to something. “Life is worth it to live, and the love is worth it to wait...“ - the famous phrase from V. Tsoi`s song turned in the head.

I, realizing all this, at that moment I understood the most important. In my tummy peacefully slept sluggishly and immoderately, it was pushed and something was done by the little man of whom I so dreamed, new life which I am obliged to protect and grow up, without looking on any difficulties. In the head there was a mass of questions. Whether I am ready to it? Whether I will be able to become good mother? Whether I will be in time all? And I found the answer to these questions. Time the Highest forces lodged the kid in my tummy which served it as the first and main lodge, and presented me his love, and to it mine, so there is nothing to be afraid, the main thing that we together.

the fall Came, and together with it the long-awaited meeting with the little son came. Most important day. Since the morning I wandered about the house, reflecting when my Kid decides to get out of the cozy dwelling - my tummy. Of course, I did not suspect at all that this event waits for me so soon. From time to time I grabbed a tummy, guessing, the patch or a lokotok. So there passed day. In my next plans it was sweet to fall asleep.

But it me was necessary to

not soon … My mother, the uneasy and careful little man, since the morning suspected that the hitrenky grandson plans to please all with the emergence unexpectedly. By the evening when I began to catch for puziko with accurate frequency and with the decreasing time, it was decided to call the doctor and to go to maternity hospital. On the road I very much worried. I was overflowed by emotions - fear of the unknown and pleasure of a meeting with the Kid.

I here - maternity hospital, a reception, the doctor, a mask with nitrogen, all efforts which only are in me - and here It - the Small Lovely Loud Miracle! On a stomach put the lukewarm lump sniffing and puffing, absolutely still nothing understanding. All the rest, in comparison with it, is not important any more.

I will Never forget

how the Little son the first time looked at me. It was in maternity hospital in the first days. The kid was brought to feed, and he did not sleep, was active and awake. The serious small face took a broad view of me big open gray eyes. The interested muzzle studying the main thing - mother. I cried with happiness. It cannot be described because it is not enough any words in any languages - they are absent just.

Now I am young mother. There was a revaluation of values, life is washed I was filled with new sense, and - positive emotions, aspirations and creative ideas. Of course, the dearest, close and favourite little man is near now!

of Angelin Golovin,