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The real pig of

you Know how one of the Celtic names of paradise is literally translated?“ The place where there is a lot of fried pork“. There always one pig live, and another is already fried. As it is easy to guess, in paradise tasteless will not begin to feed...

Having given itself to cultivate, the pig presented to mankind one of chances to survive. The dog tamed to it, except Koreans, gave the gastronomic secrets to nobody. The reindeer for lack of a reindeer lichen refuses to get divorced and where the reindeer lichen grows well, the person grows badly. The pig flourishes in a temperate climate, pleasant for the person, eats everything that will chew, from acorns to slops, at all does not demand special spaces for a pasture and contents. And its meat by means of which at first were somehow interrupted if there was no good luck on hunting, as a result was more preferable than a rigid, sinewy and fast game.

If the religion to you pork does not forbid

From ears to a tail to

(as it is known, the Judaism and Islam categorically declare: “To beastliness - fight!“ ), before you almost vast culinary prospects open. This meat can cook, fry, bake, extinguish, to be smoked, salted, used for soups, main courses, cold and hot appetizers, dishes from the test … Here unless compotes from it do not cook, but who knows what the science will reach. The pig is processed almost entirely - the pork bristle, for example, was important export goods, even the state monopoly bringing to Russia 5-6 million gold rubles annually in due time.

Already a platitude: “We use everything, except piggy squeal“. And Italians expressed this thought even more capaciously:“ Verdi`s operas - as a pig: nothing can be thrown out“. As said in fairy tales “Thousands and One Night“, what assimilate to, is more worthy than what is assimilated …

Is valid how to throw out, say, pork ears - a delicacy and exotic? Or the tail unless can be rejected? In the homeland of great Rossini, in the Italian region Mark, do such delicacy of it! And what parts of a male pig were considered as delicacies by ancient Romans …



  • Brisket with sesame, turnip and artichokes
  • Winter pork soup
  • Pork fillet in honey glaze
  • Medallions from pork with tangerines
  • the National symbol

    to expose cold appetizers which the one and only mumps can provide us will lack