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All life in a form 25, 35 and 45 of years

If you aimed to say goodbye forever to fatty deposits, then take heart - fight will be heavy. Most of women gain from 10 to 15 kilograms between 20 and 55 years, from 5 to 10 kilograms are inevitably gained with age, however there is a set of ways to avoid it and to keep an excellent form for many years. The main thing - the nobility at what age, to what it is worth paying attention.

From 25 to 35

your purpose : to replace fatty weight muscular.

your state : At this age you have more muscular tissue, than fatty. It means that a metabolism still good.

your actions:

Add muscle bulk to dump kilograms. Power exercises promote increase in muscle bulk, and also help an organism to burn more calories. With each gained kilogram of muscles our organism daily begins to burn 35 - 45 calories more. On exercises not enough time will leave: for example, women, three times a week giving for five minutes to power exercises and for fifteen minutes to cardiovascular machines, achieved considerable results. In eight weeks their physical activity increased more than by 20 percent, and force of muscles - more than on 25.

Let the movement will become important part of your life Aim to practise for 30 - 45 minutes three - four times a week. If you prefer quiet occupations, for example walks, then try to walk an active step at least on an hour a day. The more you practise, the your metabolism is more active, so it is more, quicker, and the most important, calories are longer burned. It is easy to check it: check the temperature. If through any time after exercises to you still hot, so your organism continues to burn calories.

do not ignore exercise if you are thin to Grow lazy very easily, especially if it seems that you burn all calories which you consume with food, without any efforts. But while scales show the same weight, your physical passivity leads to loss of muscle and bone bulk that worsens a metabolism. Thin idlers will hardly be noticed that fat all the same accumulates, but not in such habitual places as hips or a stomach, and around internals and under skin.

do not miss meals time to develop a habit to regular meals and to adhere to a certain schedule Came. Regular food allows a metabolism to be long at the same level.

Try to consume 2400 calories a day Nutritionists advise to adhere to the following scheme: eat 25 - 30% of calories during a breakfast, about 40% - during the lunchtime and 25 - 30% - during a dinner.

do not torment yourself with diets Often, adhering to diets, women lose not that weight that is necessary. They lose the muscle and bone bulk and water, but fat at them remains as much.

Pregnancy - not a reason for relaxation of Fitness class during pregnancy increase chance that future mothers will quicker find the maiden weight after the delivery.

From 35 to 45

your purpose : To practise intelligently and without excessive tension.

your state : Possibly, now you feel in the clothes more cozy, than a few years ago, it is already not necessary to worry concerning sharp reduction or increase in volumes of a waist. You hold several years the same weight. It occurs from - for the loss of muscle and bone bulk beginning about thirty five years that leads to delay of a metabolism and natural stabilization of weight. At this age it becomes more difficult to adhere to a certain program of trainings - from - for eternal haste there is not enough time for really necessary things therefore it is so important to define priorities. Now for you the main thing - to eat properly that there was enough energy both for exercises, and on daily occupations.

your actions:


about intensity of exercises you will burn fat quicker if you increase duration and frequency of habitual jogs, bicycle walks or physical exercises.


The well, the it is better the Women practising less on time, have to be engaged more often and longer adhere to the program. Allocate excess ten minutes a day for occupations: longer walk with a dog an active step. While macaroni cooks, jump with a jump rope.

Do more power exercises to compensate the slowed-down metabolism, give three times a week for twenty minutes to aerobic and power exercises. If you prefer to be engaged in something in one, then it is better if it are exercises power. If you quickly switch from one exercise to another, the effect of aerobics will be all the same noticeable. In general, when you are engaged in aerobic exercises, burn twelve calories a minute. By means of power exercises (with the minimum rest between exercises and approaches) it is burned from eight to ten calories a minute, but plus to it you also build the muscles which are also burning excess calories.

Practise all family Family visits of sports club or just jogs or walks are strengthened by the family relations. Usually families spend free time at TVs - very often even in different rooms.

Try to reduce quantity of a stress in your life not only for the sake of soul, but also for the sake of a body. During special researches it became clear that hormones of a stress stimulate growth of fatty cages in a stomach. These deposits, unfortunately, not only are ugly, but also are dangerous by different chronic diseases (diabetes and an elevated pressure).

do not eat harmful products Healthy food gives to an organism more energy and allows a metabolism to remain longer normal. If you eat the snickers giving 500 calories, then the organism will very quickly burn simple sugar and you shortly again should have a bite something to feel new inflow of forces. On the other hand, 500 calories which are contained in salad digest your organism within two hours, and it means that, having eaten it, you will receive energy gradually.

Try to eat from 2100 to 2200 calories a day Remember that every decade of the life you begin to burn in day 100 - 200 calories smaller, than before. It occurs from - for reductions in the rate of exchange processes in an organism.

Try to have a bite the Easy afternoon snack between meals reduces probability of an overeating during a dinner. Eat something simple and nutritious - dried fruits, carrot, a glass of kefir or cottage cheese. Even tea with milk in such situation will be much more useful, than chocolate or a roll. But do not overdo with portions - eat exactly so much how many it is necessary to feel easy inflow of forces and at the same time not to snatch on food at supper. Try to accustom an organism to vegetables and fruit, enter soy products into the diet. Also will be not superfluous to pass to separate food.

From 45 to 60

your purpose : to support the good level of a metabolism.

your state : It is harder and harder for you to carry out physical exercises. Consult with the doctor before starting the new program of trainings.

your actions:

Practise more From - for approaches of a menopause at women loss of muscle and bone bulk can increase. To prevent osteoporosis and to reduce risk of changes, it is necessary to increase time of occupations by aerobics and power exercises before half an hour three times a week.

do not forget

about an extension the bad extension can become the reason various tramv and changes. And at this age they are much more serious and on their treatment more time leaves. Even if the thought of exercises on an extension casts over you boredom, try at least once or two in a week to do a set of exercises which includes also several these not palatable. It is very useful to practice yoga.

do not strain during physical exercises Instead of straining sheaves, muscles and a back, running on asphalt paths, find safer occupations. For example, walking a fast pace not less than three hours a week, you will be able not only to burn fat, but also to train a cardiac muscle. It is like on an hour and a half in a week to be engaged in aerobics. Doctors recommend to walk a fast pace at least twenty minutes a day.


more often, but less The you become more senior, the it is more difficult to process to an organism large volumes of calories and nutrients. Try to eat only a half of a portion for lunch, and keep the second half until when again you get hungry.

Be adjusted by

on “healthy“ views Consider that your organism needs daily from 1900 to 2000 calories, but choose these calories intelligently. Perhaps artificial sweeteners and flavoring additives in ice cream are also remarkable on taste, but on advantage they will never be compared to bilberry, apples or broccolis reducing risk of emergence of cancer and is warm - vascular diseases, and also diabetes.

Be switched by

to soy If with approach of a menopause you begin a course gormonalno - replacement therapy, then can recover on two - five kilograms therefore try to steer clear of the food containing many fats, using more soy products, for example soy milk, tofu cheese or soy cutlets. Besides these products facilitate such symptoms of a menopause as inflow and perspiration. Soy is also useful to bone system as it contains a lot of calcium in convenient for assimilation by an organism to a form.

One more useful property of soy - ability to reduce risk of emergence is warm

- vascular diseases and cancer tumors. If you eat soy products, then, naturally, will begin to eat less meat, and it means that less saturated fats which increase cholesterol level in blood will come to your organism. Thereby you reduce risk of developing of strokes and heart attacks twice.

the Correct tracking of weight

One more important moment is a proper correlation of fatty and muscle bulk. It is especially necessary to trace this ratio in the course of weight loss. Trying to obtain decrease in body weight, it is important to reduce the number of fatty deposits, without allowing at the same time reduction of muscle and bone bulk. Modern nutritionists use an impedansometriya for a long time - for definition of amount of fat in a body of the person. Safe electric current is passed through a body of the person by means of the water which is present at muscles. Its resistance at pass of electric current allows to measure the muscle bulk of a body. Fatty weight corresponds to gross weight minus muscular. It is quite good to have such device to the people watching over the health and weight at home. Now there were special scales with function of measurement not only body weight, but also fat in your organism. Such scales are very easy to use. They are absolutely safe and do not demand special additional calculations.

of the Tablet for weight loss: Hope or harm?

of Means for weight loss, allegedly improving a metabolism and suppressing appetite, can turn out in many respects harmful to the woman. In - the first, some of such preparations cause accustoming over time. Especially with it means on the basis of amphetamine sin. New preparations on the basis of a fenfluramin do not lead to accustoming, however have some other very unpleasant side effects:

the Thai tablets - one more well sold means, but is led by it to unpredictable consequences. After reception of this grass additive complaints to an elevated pressure, arrhythmia, sleeplessness, nervousness, a tremor, headaches were recorded, cases of heart attacks, strokes and even a lethal outcome are known. whether

Not much you eat


the Formula of definition of your day norm of consumption of calories is difficult

. Therefore we made all calculations. You needed to be honest with by itself and to define the activity:“ low“ means a sedentary life, “average“ - slightly big activity and sports activities two - three times a week, “high“ - big activity and occupations by aerobics four - five times a week.

of Calorie for the level of activity of life

Weight low activity average activity high activity
of 60 kg 1418 1655 1891
of 65 kg 1456 1699 1942
of 70 kg 1495 1744 1993
of 75 kg 1533 1788 2044
of 80 kg 1571 1833 2095