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The first visit of circus

“At last the kid grew up and is ready to a visit of circus!“ - you solved, bought tickets, this weekend came to circus and with pleasure wait for the beginning of representation. As suddenly from the first loud fanfares the child is frightened and begins to sob inconsolably. No arrangements help, and you understand that it is necessary to go home. In what business?

Age and preparation

Readiness for visit of circuses, theaters and the museums at each child the. One kid gets acquainted with circus in 1,5 years, - - it is brought into the noisy unfamiliar room and nothing, he adequately reacts to the events, rejoices and claps palms. Parents think: it for a while, he will be tired of abundance of new information soon, but nothing similar, after an interval the child with pleasure continues viewing. Another and in 4 years can scaredly hold a mother`s hand and be frightened the tigers who are running out on the arena. In what here business? Of course, reaction depends first of all on features of character of the kid, but it is not less important to help it to be prepared for a meeting, but not just to buy the ticket and to bring by a hand.

At what age the child is ready

will get acquainted with circus, parents have to feel independently, but nevertheless the most suitable time is a little more than two years though, of course exceptions to the rules happen. In two years the kid can already explain a lot of things, and the most important - - he is ready to perception of circus owing to psychological and physiological development.


Accurate definition of age brackets for a visit of circus to you will not be given by any psychologist. Be guided by own intuition - nobody understands features of behavior of the kid better than parents. You know its character, temperament, abilities and interests. You know than it can be distracted and carried away. If you have a courageous, sociable and self-assured peanut - most likely he with interest will apprehend an unfamiliar situation, animals, loud music and abundance of people. Of course, it will be simpler with the five-year-old child - he has more various life experience. He knows that it is possible to expect from the man of the clown, disguised as a bright suit, or the trained bear.

But at any age it is desirable for p to hold preparatory activities before the first visit of circus:

  1. Before visit of circus you descend at first in a zoo. Look how the child reacts to different animals. Especially on those who can be met on a stage of circus. If he is frightened of a bear or an elephant in a zoo, you do not persuade him to look for anything at how “the elephant dances“ indoors. In children`s imagination this picture will be even more frightening. The main rule for parents - to react to everything with a smile. Children always look at our reaction: I fell, hit and how mother reacts to it? She smiles - means not terribly. And so in everything. Prepare in advance that a zoo you should visit not one and not two times. Here it is possible to walk though every day, since chest age. The kid will quicker get used to various animals, will begin to learn their habits and, maybe, he will have favourites. And when you will come to circus, it with pleasure will meet “old acquaintances“ there.
  2. Tell
  3. about in what wild animals differ from same “actors“ in circus that with them the trainer specially is engaged, and they obey him. The kid has to acquire that animals will not run out out of limits of the arena and you should not be afraid of them. At early age children absolutely trust adults therefore they will surely believe you. The main thing, you rejoice and have fun together with the child, and then it will have a favorable impression of what was seen.
  4. If an opportunity is, visit circus - a chapiteau. This small and exact copy of big circus will help to create idea of the forthcoming show at the child.
  5. to check reaction of the kid to clowns - you descend in “Theatre of the Clownery of Theresa Durova“ or on performance of small clownish collective,
  6. Watch with
  7. video - the cartridge with circus representation. Discuss together with the kid that it was pleasant to him that it was not understood or frightened him - “work“ these moments.
  8. Begin with
  9. preparatory conversations several weeks prior to the forthcoming campaign, read verses and stories about circus.
Purchase of tickets to

Tickets in the first row for the first visit are contraindicated to


In - the first, the child can be frightened of such proximity of circus actors, and in - the second, will not see a picture of all representation. Therefore choose a row so that the look of the kid could capture all arena and with little effort monitored speech of acrobats under a dome.

study the plan of an arrangement of places In advance. Most likely, ranks from the sixth to the tenth will be the most optimum, - it is not necessary above. It is possible to buy tickets for those places which settle down opposite to an orchestra and exit of actors - then the kid will see how performance begins as bring animals to the arena.

For the first time pick up places closer to an exit - can happen so that you should leave several times during representation. In this case you will prevent nobody, and will not feel awkward.

I one more important factor of a successful visit of circus - - representation time. It is better for children of preschool age to buy tickets for morning sessions. Usually they begin at 12 o`clock, and 3 hours with a break last. Calculate so that you could come back home by a lunch and a day dream of the child. Even if the day regimen moved, all the same put the kid in a bed, at least for hour or so that by the evening it was not overexcited.

you Can buy

tickets for evening representation. After a lunch and a day dream the perception of the child will be more intensive, and new impressions and delight peaceful conversation with mother before going to bed will calm.

How to put on and what to take with itself

Of course a visit of circus is a holiday. Choose a dress together with the kid, let independently made decision in this question will help it to feel the importance of the forthcoming event. In circus rather warmly, it is not necessary to dress additional warm things.

the Situation not the acquaintance therefore even if the child got used to ask for a toilet long ago, during representation he can be lost in contemplation and not warn you about the requirement. Take spare clothes, and before representation visit a toilet or dress a diaper.

during an interval the kid for certain will get hungry, and turns in buffet always long. Therefore take with yourself food, habitual for it, for example juice and cookies better. But to you all the same not to avoid purchases: children very much love toys and various accessories - all this in a huge number will be on sale in the foyer from trays. Buy the child a clownish nose or ears for memory of a campaign. With their help it will be able to turn into the real clown and to show to the family what saw in circus.

Also in the foyer can be photographed by

with clowns or animals, but only in that case if the child wants it.

About a circus orchestra

In all circuses of the world the orchestra sounds loudly and plays bravura music. It is connected with the fact that under these rhythms animals work, and for them musical steps have to beat off loudly. Therefore it is necessary to warn and prepare the child for fanfares and timpani. Houses when you together listen to music, make the level of a sound is louder than usual and tell the kid that also loudly music in circus here will sound. It is possible to visit a concert with a band music. In circus do not forget to warn the child before representation that now music will very loudly begin to sound. It is not necessary to speak:“ be not afraid“, and that it to prick up the ears, - if mother so speaks, so something can frighten me. You can gain a boomerang effect. So, do not program it on fear in advance. Behave surely and, looking at your tranquility, the child will quietly perceive the events on the arena. If all - the kid began to cry, keep self-control and do not break. Only it will be worse if you begin “to hush“ and pull it. It will not be possible to restore tranquility, and it is necessary to leave.

the Meeting with animals

If the child did not get used to threateningly big sizes of a bear or elephant in a zoo, then in circus they can frighten him too. Take an interest in advance what turn of the programme these animals will come to the arena, and offer the baby before their performance to leave in the hall to eat ice cream or behind something.


in advance what animals you will meet during representation. If, for example, the kid never saw a snake, show her on the picture and tell that in circus he will see it live, it not so terrible, but very wise.

has to be

At the first visit of circus of surprises less. There will already be enough impressions.

the Scenario of representation

Usually representation is built according to the general scenario. For example:“ Buratino`s adventure“. Even the elephant can play the main character in circus. Will put on a striped cap and Buratino it it is ready. That the child had a right idea of this fairy tale character, read to it this fairy tale or retell in a form, clear for his age.

Acquaint him with the main characters that during representation the kid recognized the central characters at once. It is possible to guess a plot according to the name of the program or if it does not speak to you about anything, to ask on the scenario in cash desks of circus. For example, last year in the Moscow circus on Vernadsky Avenue representation was called “A wedding of jays“ and for children of absolutely small age this show was not clear. Therefore acquaintance to a representation plot also important point by preparation of a visit of circus.

It seems to

that the most serious test for the child in circus, - are crowds of people, loud music and a meeting with large animals, but clowns, conjurers, acrobats and trapeze artists can frighten the kid also.

About clowns

On supervision of parents children get used to clowns more difficult and most longer. At early age of the child this noisy and egocentric person can frighten. The kid can not accept a bright silly suit of the clown and the more so his make-up or a mask. To a visit of circus show to the peanut of the clown at first on the picture, then try to approach from far away it on the street. Now many city holidays are spent with participation of clowns. Buy a toy of the clown, tell the child that clowns are the most cheerful friends. With them it is possible to play about and be naughty, shout and even to do what usually parents forbid. Clowns are the same children, only big. If there is opportunity, invite the clown to birthday, only in advance explain to the actor that some children will for the first time see it. Ask the clown to put on make-up and reincarnate directly in the face of kids. Then it will be easier for them to accept it. Show how you are made laugh by clowneries of a joke and focuses that the child understood - everything that is done by the clown, he does in order that everything it was cheerful. The father and mother can (having bought a children`s anti-allergenic make-up for the person) together with the kid to think up own clownish masks.

About acrobats, conjurers and trapeze artists

As a rule, children perceive these circus actors with pleasure and they do not cause any fears. It is rather on the contrary, the child will be bewitched by manipulations of the conjurer and jumps of gymnasts under the big top. But just in case work also this subject that there were no unexpected problems. First of all it concerns focuses of illusionists. Their numbers, as a rule, are followed by special effects in the form of a smoke or fireworks. Whenever possible warn about it the kid that he was not frightened.

needs to be remembered that during representation often turn off the light so “lose“ houses and this moment.

Begin to train for

the child at least one week prior to the planned campaign. Tell it about circus every day. Do not forget “to work“ those features about which we already told. Explain it rules of conduct: during representation it is impossible to rise from the place and to go down to the arena; it is impossible to shout loudly when trapeze artists and animals work; it is impossible to eat; also it is necessary to applaud actors upon termination of performance is for them the most important. But do not overload the kid with rules and bans. In case he also makes something not so, it will be possible to talk about it next time.

We in circus!

I long-awaited day here came. It is better to arrive in advance, prior to representation. Take a walk in the foyer, you will get used to a situation and the atmosphere of circus. Visit the toilet room. When you enter the hall, tell and show to the child from where there will be actors and where musicians sit. During representation you look not only at a scene, but also at the kid. You monitor its reaction, explain and comment on everything that occurs. Do not hesitate of people around, they will understand you, especially in circus loud music sounds, and you will prevent nobody.

If the kid wanted to sit down to you on hands - let will sit down, the proximity of the native person will help to overcome to it fear and inconveniences. If, despite preparatory activities, the child nevertheless burst into tears and refused viewing, do not force it to sit and the more so do not abuse. Try to leave in the foyer, offer it waters or something tasty. Walk in the fresh air and try to come into the hall once again.