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The correction of mistakes of

to Make repair most - great temptation. It costs expensive. And here you with enthusiasm take up the brush, pallets and hammers... And through a two-three of weeks you find: wall-paper is pasted unevenly, ceilings in stains. Be not upset. A lot of things still can be corrected.


If you, having been fond, pasted wall-paper unevenly of rather upper edge and it strongly is evident, then the border, both purchased, and cut out from the same wall-paper can improve situation.


wall-paper, and in shop they already came to an end? It is possible to use the same tone, but with other drawing. And that it did not look as a patch - it is possible to paste over with different wall-paper the next walls or a half of a wall to paste over one, and the second half - others. Issue joints a suitable border. It is possible to create also by means of other wall-paper on a wall, for example, a square. And to place a picture in its center. It will turn out very extraordinary.

But it is better for p to estimate the skills in advance. If you are not sure that you will be able to prepare walls very exactly, is better to refuse the monophonic or satin wall-paper imitating gladkookrashenny walls - shortcomings of the basis will appear and will spoil all look. The vertical strip as in drawing, and one, is very convenient if you decided to repair independently the apartment, - it will allow to hide places of a joint of cloths.


If as a result of the spent efforts at you did not turn out ideally plain surface, be not upset! Roughness of ceilings will be smoothed by fashionable nowadays foam tile. It is even better if it is about a ceiling in the nursery. Look narrowly what the stains which appeared there are similar to? They reminded me clouds. It is simple further: a little blue gouache we mix with a small amount of a water emulsion, we cut out a cliche and we put with a tampon drawing. The effect is tremendous and very few people will suspect that you just masked defects.

Often appearance of the apartment is perceived by

of the Door on what doors conduct to its rooms. If replacement of doors does not include in your next plans and to exactly impose paint at you too it did not turn out, it is possible to improve a look with the help to all well familiar to PVC - films. Only do not use a film with the drawing “under a tree“. It will look artificially. And here the monophonic invoice “under a tree“ is very similar to colored wood is that it is necessary.

Change handles. It is already practically eurodesign.