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Now I am a mother!

Ya very much I love kids. Probably, because also still child... in soul.

April, 2003. We with the husband (me 21, to the husband 27) go to Lviv for a week, we have a rest, everything is healthy, our last trip without kids. It is necessary to mention that we already wanted children long ago, but somehow it was impossible. Super - clever doctors wrote a sentence in a card:“ infertility“. Their assumptions collapsed at the end of June, 2003 when the test for pregnancy showed two stripes. To me it became terrible, I could not tell anything to the husband, just showed him the test, and it is strong - strong pressed me to myself.

Ya very much wanted the kid, but all the same there was psychologically not ready to it, probably, it normally.

I Remember

that I already got used to thought of future motherhood, accepted it and realized on the first ultrasonography, in 7 weeks when the doctor showed me how the heart of my malyshik fights. The husband still remembers how we come into an ultrasonography office, and the doctor asks who directed, the diagnosis etc. of
- the Delay, month, - I say quietly.
- we Will keep a delay?
- Of course, we will be, - I told and smiled.

the First trimester of pregnancy I endured

much on the subject of how everything will be now, nobody except us knew about it, on a nose the diploma at institute... The raised uterus tone... I drank but - to a shp and admired recently bought aquarium with small fishes that, by the way, calmed me. Yes, toxicosis is familiar to me not by hearsay, and it at me proceeded till 20 weeks of pregnancy. But when I look at the sleeping two-year-old lump now, it seems to me that it was not with me.

the Second trimester began

together with the beginning of occupations at institute, it became more and more inconvenient to sit at lectures, I span on a chair all the time. Thanks to my fellow students, they helped me at lectures, seminars and at examinations. Not all teachers did a discount for my situation, but many belonged properly and long did not torment. On term in 20 weeks on ultrasonography I was told (more true to us with the husband, ultrasonography we passed all together) that we will have a son. To us was all the same, the word of honor, it is rather.


Small it was strongly pushed and kicked, and day and night.“ Active will be“, - I thought and was not mistaken. Parents, having endured a little shock from news about my pregnancy, “early“ from their point of view, having learned about it in 3,5 months, now looked at me with affection.

the Third trimester coincided with session delivery (I defended the thesis with 4 - x the monthly child), which successfully ended at the end of January. Term to me was put on March 3, but I knew that the kid will be born on the eve of my birthday - on February 22. So after session we began to be engaged actively in necessary purchases, got a carriage - a transformer in advance, contrary to opinion of parents. Acquaintances gave us a cool arena. And things for the kid were bought long ago. I with love prepared a dowry for a masik, considering that if these efforts give pleasure, there is nothing bad in that being engaged in them till the child`s birth.

U me: for two reasons - the high miopiya of both eyes operated and a narrow basin.

Me was put in hospital in advance, on February 17, and long 4 days I asked the kid to give signs of readiness for the birth. On February 19 in the evening the stopper departed. On February 20 in the morning at survey the doctor told that tomorrow operation. I almost did not sleep that night. It was adjusted that everything will be good and that to me it is not terrible at all.

to me it was also not terrible

, lying in cozy warm chamber with the lovely neigbour. It was terrible to lie from 6 to 9 in the morning in holodnyuchy preoperative waiting for novel. I called the family and told, come soon, the sonny will be born soon. They somehow not really hurried, seemed very quiet. In 9 me moved to the operating room and told to climb on the operating table. It was terrible very much, I never was in hospitals, especially was not operated. Delivered me a dropper and began to smear a stomach with iodine. Near me there was an anesthesiologist and watched my state.
- Me it is bad, to me to pant - I prosipet.
- Yes? Strange, and I feel well - the anesthesiologist told.

I here I fell asleep. In the sleep heard the phrase: “Something it grows white, give it oxygen“, and still I felt how I was cleaned and sewed after got Dimka. Well, it is trifles.

was born Dimk`s

on February 21 at 9:50. His father was the first whom the kid saw. And it is healthy. To me the son was brought at 5 o`clock in the evening, shown minutes 5 and carried away. And next day I already fed.

did not endure

Ya that gave rise itself, and by means of doctors, the main thing the fact - now I am a mother.