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Breastfeeding - it is healthy!

In spite of the fact that I had rather easy childbirth, from - for a Rhesus factor - the conflict the first time to me allowed to take the kid only in two days. Small slept, around a mouth of a pozasykhal at it white crusts mix with which fed in maternity hospital. The nurse, carrying children on the next feeding, did not hide that mine was just fed. “You all the same have no milk, and it is hungry!“ - she reasoned. As a result the full kid did not want to take a breast, milk did not come in any way, and here still cracks of nipples...

All 4 days in maternity hospital I carried out

approximately so: I smear nipples with the cream healing cracks, I wait hour, I run to wash a breast, bring the child (as always, full), I try to feed him, does not leave, he otrygivat mix and falls asleep, the child is taken away, I pay in a toilet, I am approved in the full insolvency as mothers, I smear nipples...


By the end the day before yesterday under windows of maternity hospital drew my husband with the fat book which it somewhere could get in the eleventh o`clock in the evening, and began to read to me on mobile elements of applying of the child to a breast. We spoke more than an hour (it dread to think what to it the phone bill came!), but, when Kostenka was brought on night feeding, he for some reason (oh, happiness!) it was hungry, and at me it turned out to give a breast correctly! I also did not think that it is the whole science! We ate all maternity hospitals of 40 minutes which are taken away for this purpose by personnel! As I was happy! The self-assessment went too up, and I believed that I will be able to feed!

But everything appeared

very not easy... Having arrived home, I understood that to feed - there is more to come that needs to study. And how to swaddle? And to bathe? And to process pupochek? Councils of relatives fell down on me in a huge number. Especially was zealous the mother-in-law who in the innocence began to assure me that the child cries: a) because I have no milk, or b) because I am not able to look after him...

of Milk, for some reason, and the truth, was almost not. In kitchen boxes with dairy mix appeared. I looked at them, and it seemed to me that even this cardboard box demonstrates that I am no good as mother. In 2 weeks of sleepless nights and statements of the mother-in-law concerning my insolvency I just did not open for her a door! And we began to solve the problems with the kid - ceased to be fed on hours, and crying took place; began to sleep together, and got enough sleep better; spent with each other much time and both became much quieter... The milk became much, and to me it is not so terrible! I believed that at us everything will turn out!

Breastfeeding not only gives

all necessary for my kid, it terribly raises my self-assessment, and the kid needs not overdriven hysteric woman, and quiet, self-assured mother. In 7 months of breastfeeding we from Kostenkaya, of course, had problems - and laktostaz, and my cold, fortunately, which is not transmitted to the kid - but I was sure now that I will cope. As it is sure now that I will feed a lot more months and to derive from it not smaller pleasure, than my kid!

Would like to give several advice to future mothers that they did not repeat my mistakes.

  1. not only about childbirth, read about care of the child, about applying to a breast. Can not show you it in maternity hospital, and you will become puzzled. I was very much helped by William and Marta Serz`s book “Your kid from the birth till 2 years“ (it it to me was read by the husband on mobile, standing under windows of maternity hospital).
  2. Not too trust
  3. to councils of relatives - they raised children in other time, and their data on care of the child became outdated. It is better that near you and the child there were less people, so you will quicker come into contact with each other.
  4. Listen to the intuition, and if the pediatrician speaks to you to feed on hours, and the internal voice shouts that the pediatrician is wrong, draw the corresponding conclusions. We began to be fed on demand only in a week after an extract from maternity hospital, and then I had milk. It dread to think that was if I continued to listen to councils of relatives and the district doctor!
I wish

to All future mothers a lot of tasty milk! At you everything will turn out, it cannot but turn out!