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Crisis of three years of

Many parents not that complain, and simply - howl from crisis of three years. And it is pleasant to me! What it, the right, wonderful age, it bears the mass of new opening about character of our girl and the mass of new impressions for us, parents. Now the being mother`s tail not giving and to a step to the right or to the left to step without his permission, it is gradually unhooked.

What main innovations in three years? The first - the fact that the child suddenly contradicts everything and objects to all proposals of parents assured “is not present!“. And the second - she wants to do everything.

So same it is wonderful

! Now let all also does. And I will try to feel like the person, and too independent again. Well, of course, which - what difficulties at it will be in implementation of the desires. And not always it will be pertinent. But it is such trifles! Now she convinces me with full consciousness of own maturity: “You, mother, sleep, and I can play!“ . My heart rejoices - what independent became the child! Of course, it would be better that she said it in the morning, but not in a floor - the eleventh than night, but that`ll come. Or here the child it is proud brags to the father: “I am a pokakala in a toilet today!“ Well, of course, better she would tell it not in cafe. Visitors behind the next little tables nervously looked back at us, not in forces, obviously, to take out our parental pride.

Still she wants to put on, even to button, the good fellow such! Well, however, that`s it now we in a garden are late so as - nibud next time, the daughter. Not now, I told, you again sometime will listen to me?! No, you are, of course, a good fellow that you try to do all. Here you are better in a garden itself put on, show that you are able. Tutors, they patient, they will take out this show.

Children`s “no“, applied with enthusiasm and the imagination - it is remarkable too! You know this well-known reception of a manipulation: “From what cup you will drink milk - from red or from white?“ In response to this phrase the child will choose some cup, and will agree to milk by default. Probably, “no“ it is possible to use also.

“A nickname, you do not want some soup, the truth?“ - “However, I do not want, I want some ice cream!“.


Well, in the theory it was better. It is necessary to be trained. But I will develop ability to ask the correct questions, and it in life is useful.

we Will try

once again. “This afternoon I do not allow you to go to bed“ - reflected.

“Then I will jump on a bed!“ Is not present! - oh, which of us three-year-old??! - “Only on a floor do not jump“ - “And why?“ It did not turn out again. It is necessary to think more unconventionally, as well as it. Well, will be enough already to jump, at me in eyes flashes! And then, I all - mother, it is also necessary to obey me, at least for a change. What?“ No, it is necessary to obey me“?? Here grow up at first! Also you will have the child! Here then you will understand everything when he is three years old too.

of Natalie Schtinowa,