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The birth of a small lapushka - daughters of

passed Already seven and a half years from that memorable day when our daughter for the first time looked at this world, and I was only going to write about it. Perhaps when it will grow up, I will allow to read it this statement, and it will help it to avoid mistakes at the birth of her own children.

So, rather hot summer of 1998 stood. Asphalt melted under heels of sandals when I walked in City maternity hospital that on the street on March 8. The day before I was at the doctor in TsZhK, and I was told that I need to lay down in maternity hospital one week prior to PDR (on July 18). Answered the question “why?“: “You have a negative Rhesus factor“. On my shy attempts to object that antibodies during all pregnancy in blood did not appear, answered:“ Is not present, all the same you lay down, just in case“. Well our physicians very much like “to perebdet“.

By the way, pregnancy was absolutely trouble-free, apart from falling in a faint in a drugstore in one of hot days and lying week in infectious diseases hospital concerning poisoning with the Tashkent tomatoes.

In maternity hospital me was met by the great doctor Feoktistov Yury Ivanovich. Having looked at me and having studied quite fluently I wash the prenatal record, he told: “Go - you, the darling, home. Well you will lie here? The maternity hospital at us is crowded, a shower one on two floors, hot. When at you, you speak, term? The eighteenth? Here the seventeenth also come!“

terribly was delighted to

Ya that it is not necessary to lay down, to tell the truth, this prospect did not inspire me at all.

the Last days expectations lasted painfully long, the heat exhausted. The husband too considerably was nervous. Moreover and relatives stuck constantly: “when? “yes“ when?“

On Friday morning again went to Yury Ivanovich. Having looked at me, he somehow mysteriously smiled and told: “Well, now - that I see that business went! Most likely, tonight you will already be at us. The neck - that is already absolutely ready to childbirth“. The doctor ordered to go to me home, to pack things, most to shave and wait for the beginning of patrimonial activity.

I flew home happy. In the head the thought fought: “Already soon, soon!“ But the heat and a trip to maternity hospital tired me, and, having come home, I lay down to have a rest and fell asleep. I slept uneasily, dozed rather. Stirred a stomach which ached a bit, did not even ache a bit, and pulled from top to bottom. I decided that it is harbingers which tormented me the last two weeks. Near me Pavel who came from work dozed. Generally, “we have a siesta“. About 17 hours I got up and went to a toilet where from me some slime flowed out is yellow - pink and very much it was. I decided without hesitating to go to maternity hospital, the stopper departed. Here what I was young and silly, could stay quietly some more hours of the house. But I already could not wait, nerves were just on a limit.

by means of the husband shaved, gathered, went. On the road we were stopped the GAI officer, the spouse told:“ The commander, I carry the wife to maternity hospital, gives birth,“ - and we were released right there. It was so strange to think of himself that I give birth, did not reach yet. On the way came for mother. Still the nephew Nikita and the neigbour were coordinated to us. So saw off me the whole camp.

In a reception me was met by an elderly quiet tetechka. Having asked, having written down and having taken my temperature, she handed me huge tailor`s scissors and ordered to cut nails. I told that I already cut houses, but the tetechka declared that it is insufficiently short.“ Cut at the roots“ - she ordered, and I, having sighed, cut short the distressful nogotochka.

Then me enjoin to do to

an enema. I treat this procedure quietly and I do not understand why some women state such negative. With clean intestines it is far easier and simpler in labor.

Here that struck me, so is that the tetechka spread my nipples, nails and the ends of fingers on hands with brilliant green as if in the nature there is no other disinfectant, not such pachkuchy. I, of course, had Vidok that it is necessary. In addition, it is right for completeness of an image, dressed up me in such shabby nochnushechka, awful and short, all entirely in hospital stamps and with cut to a navel. From the things allowed to take only slippers.

There now, I also am ready. On the top of me the young nurse saw off. Brought me to some ordinary-looking room and told: “Here, settle down.“ From a view of this room I felt just esthetic shock and even understood not at once that it here I should give birth. The room was long and narrow, naked, with some barracks colored walls. From furniture - 4 iron beds with armor-clad grids. On one of them the young woman in labor already lay. We got acquainted, called her Sasha. She right there reported that fights - it is very sick, directly - it is impossible to suffer in any way, and began to sigh and groan.

Ya sat down on a bed and looked round. Beds represented some wafer-thin mattresses, and over them lean pillows, and all this is atop laid by a medical oilcloth. And all! The door in a corridor is open and by our chamber incessantly go and look in it many people - medical staff and pregnant women, by the form not giving birth at all. It appeared, directly behind a wall of the woman lie “on preservation“. There are poor things! To lie for 2 - 3 weeks, on a month and to listen to infinite shouts of women in labor and day and night. What nerves of the pregnant woman will sustain it?

Soon I was called in viewing. The doctor, the pleasant young man (a name forgot), examined me and reported that disclosure of 4 cm, but the bubble is whole and it needs to be opened. With these words the doctor took some long spoke and went to me. Probably, in the opinion of mine the horror because it hurried to calm me flashed: “It is not sick at all, be not afraid, just the tool so terribly looks“. Really, I did not feel pain at all, only warm water rushed in the tray substituted by the doctor. The doctor gave me podkladny and told: “There now, now fights will become more intensively.“ I reported that I had no fights yet what he answered:“ Time opening is, means there were also fights. The stomach hurt in the afternoon, huh? Well, this and there were fights“.

A little surprised, I go to the chamber. The night dress behind became wet from waters and between legs disturbs podkladny which needs to be held with both hands. And as differently, differently it will fall! I settled on the right flank on the inconvenient bed and began to wait for the promised “intensive“ fights. And, there now, something similar, it seems, begins. Pain is similar to how it pulls a stomach at monthly, only a little stronger. So, the bubble to me was punctured at the beginning of the seventh, in the evening. The nurse came and told to approach a window. Approached and see the relatives, all of them did not leave yet - are eager to learn, how my affairs. I tell supposedly everything normally, the bubble was punctured. Mother and the neigbour have a look awfully joyful, and the husband looks at me as on the alien, and in general at it some discharged - endures a look, probably. At last, my guides left.

Ya settled on a bed and provalyalas on one side hours to 8 - mi. My doctor came just once. “Well, speaks, fights go?“ “Yes“, - I answer, - “go“. But, frankly speaking, fights - that were so-so, one name. And I did not know what they have to be, and thought fondly:“ Well, if it is also patrimonial pain, then nonsense real and it is possible to suffer very much even“. The only thing that my serene lying on a bed poisoned - it is my neigbour in chamber. She just awfully behaved, cried out, broke into tears and endlessly ran out in a corridor where told all pregnant women met by it as to her it is bad and painful.

It so distracts me from my own feelings and even frightens that I splash along a corridor to my doctor and I ask “to make something“ with my neigbour, and wet that is not present to listen. He smiles to me in reply and promises to come. Soon he appeared and explained to Sasha (so called the neigbour) that to her will give now an injection that she has a sleep and has a rest. Then he was engaged in my survey and reported that there passed nearly 2 hours, and disclosure of only 5 cm, badly supposedly opens, slowly. Let`s be, speaks, to do stimulation. Though he would tell me - that supposedly you lie - that everything, would rise, resembled, moved then fights will become more intensively. So is not present - at once stimulation.

Well, no sooner said than done. Already drag a dropper and, stacking me on a back, stick. Not only that I all pregnancy categorically did not take out situation on a back, so also fights went such! Here - that I understood how much I pound am dashing, and even ceased to take offense at the noisy neigbour, understood, so to speak, her position. The most disgusting was that it is impossible neither to sit down, nor to rise, nor to lay down sideways, generally, will not facilitate the state in any way.

Sasha calmed down meanwhile, to it gave an injection. Out of the corner of the eye I notice that other two beds too are already occupied by women in labor. When they were given, I did not understand as I was too busy by myself. I tried to breathe correctly, and it a little even helped me, but it was impossible to relax during fight all the same, I strained and from it it was even more sick.

In addition, Sasha woke up and again began to cry out, frightening to a faint of newcomers in our chamber women in labor. Then it began to grieve, and to it the young midwife came and taught it to make an effort, having clasped knees with hands. Sasha made an effort and asked us: “Turn away, do not look, I hesitate!“ And I already did not look - most it was heavy. Then it was taken away in rodzat, we remained in chamber three together.

Few times to us was glanced by the Black child - the black student from medical institute. It was strange to see his black physiognomy in a hospital interior and it is awfully ridiculous though of course absolutely and not to laughter.

to Lie it is wet. The Podkladny diaper which the doctor gave me became impregnated through, wet all bottom of a shirt for a long time. Damp and in a disgusting way, and from an oilcloth also cools. When I wanted in a toilet on - small, the nurse brought the vessel, and I made the affairs, feeling like some invalid. At some moment quite strongly zatoshnit me. I called the nurse, in hope that it will give some vessel, but she told:“ Well, you were given a towel, let in it feels sick“. After this phrase nausea absolutely passed. To everything, very much constrained continuous presence at chamber of strangers, that is other women in labor. In total - foreign people, and it is necessary to do at them any unattractive physiological departures.

One of my neigbours in chamber, Natasha, the entire period of fights carried out

standing. Every time, recovering in pauses between fights, I saw it before myself standing in a doorway and seized a jamb. When I asked it: “Why you do not lay down?“, she answered: “It is so easier for me“. - “And why being silent?“ - “I Suffer!“ - says.

I could not suffer

any more and cried out quite loudly, but not so to frighten people around. On - a last resort, doctors did not do remarks to me. On the contrary, when me began to grieve, my doctor came.“ Give, speaks, I will look at you, and I hear that you already in a different way to groan the beginnings, with a pokryakhtyvaniye“. Having looked, told that soon already in rodzat. I terribly was delighted, but it appeared still early, and it is necessary to make an effort still lying in chamber as doctors spoke, “to work“.

of Time was already about midnight. Under a dropper I carried out about 4 - x hours and hated its all fibers souls and bodies. On a back to lie it was already just intolerable, in the head there was fog from pain and fatigue.

my Doctor left and sent instead of himself the very young midwife who sat down near me on a bed and ordered to make an effort to me, having embraced knees hands and having attracted them to a stomach. I tried as could, and the midwife encouraged me: “Here, the good fellow, I already see a head with black ringlets“. Disturbed and awfully angered that neigbours in chamber in all eyes watched process. The midwife, it is visible having noticed my confusion, told:“ Anything, do not hesitate, labor it is such process physiological, and there is nothing in them beautiful“.

But here at last treasured word: “Time“. I joyfully jump, in hope that to me will disconnect, at last, a hateful dropper. On the contrary! It is necessary to hobble with it along a corridor, and the nurse drags after me a rack. At the exit from chamber the nurse warned me: “If on the way to rodzat you will want to make an effort, stop and potuzhsya.“ Having been frightened of prospect to make an effort in a corridor, I run at full speed. She hardly keeps up with me and, having entered in rodzat, with laughter speaks to the midwife: “Runs gallop, thinks what will drop the child. No, the darling, still it will be necessary to work!“ I do not understand it - what there still to work! The feeling is such that the child`s head already directly - sticks out at me between legs.

me change clothes of

At a threshold of a rodzal for a fresh shirt (at last), about boot covers I do not remember, thought already poorly. Then order to climb on a maternity chair. Hardly - hardly I get up, apparently, awfully highly. The midwife Lyudmila Nikolaevna, very pleasant woman of years under 50 delivers. It is helped by the young midwife Luda and the nurse.

At last me is exempted from a dropper. But, to my great concern and fear, I understand that fights and attempts suddenly somewhere disappear, I do not feel anything except fatigue and feeling of a raspiraniye between legs any more. Around me waiting there are three physicians. Fortunately, L. N. noticed my state and quietly suggested to be extinguished randomly, out of fight. I tried to make it and understood that everything is good, at me it turns out!

L. N. helps me, corrects me and encourages, says what to do. All is very soft and correct. Very young Luda removes the child`s head. Artful attempts disappeared again at the most inappropriate moment - when the daughter`s head already left. Doctors cried: “Try, tuzhsya, and that you will strangle the child!“ I natuzhitsya from fright from all last forces, and the baby slipped out me what I did not feel at all, only heard her loud vyakanye... So perfectly this first shout of my baby sounded for me! L. N. told: “What big good girl“. Also looked for hours“ 00 - 50, remember“, she told me. On a table I spent only 15 minutes.

In the rodzal 2 chairs and, having turned the head, I see on the second Natasha. When it was brought, I did not see, just gave birth.

nobody stood Near it as were busy with me. She made an effort, and nearby, a back to it, the midwife dug something with tools and grumbled:“ Incorrectly you make an effort what you puff? You and till the morning will not be delivered. Videla how Tanya made an effort now? Here so it is necessary!“

it was So pleasant to me to hear these words, so I grew proud, but was a pity for Natasha a little.

Nastenka, having for a moment shown me, incurred to measure and weigh. Yes, forgot to tell that she cried at once, did not even cry, and screamed. So perfectly this first shout sounds for mother...

Directly opposite to my chair. The nurse put it on a little table and departed to take something. And I lie, before me behind a window the fine July sky, trees, night, and nearby on a little table moves with handles - legs and the being who was just with me a single whole, and now conducting own mysterious life groans. The nurse returned, quickly rubbed off the baby, weighed and measured.“ 3600, 54 cm“ - told me. Class!

the daughter was wrapped Then and carried away. Meanwhile, I was safely resolved from an afterbirth. Physicians, all three together, attentively considered it and told that everything is all right, the afterbirth is whole.

Then looked with

at me. L. N. told that there is small scratch in a vagina. This is Luda scratched when removed a head. To me quickly imposed 1 shovchik, it was not sick at all.

me was passed Then on a wheelchair and taken out to a corridor, having put on a stomach a bubble with ice.

the Very young nurse brought to

Nastya and, having dexterously released my breast from a shirt, applied to it the child. The daughter stuck was, but the nurse right there took away her, having told:“ We are able to suck, it is good“. And again carried away.

In a corridor I lay not for long, two cheerful little girls - nurses came and dragged me in chamber. There helped me perelech on a bed. My bed was the last, 8 - I in chamber. The others 7 were busy given rise the day before. Near me that lay the “noisy neigbour in chamber“ who gave birth to the girl for 2600 before me.

She did not sleep, to me was not fallen down too. The state some was joyful - excited, and we talked with it till the morning, did not bring on feeding of the child to the girl with 1 yet - y a bed. She gave rise 2 days ago, and at her milk already came. We terribly envied it, there was a wish to see the children too rather. But traditions of the Soviet maternity hospitals were that earlier. Kids lay separately.

in the Morning, of course, the happy husband came running. The newly made father looked slightly swelled up a little (all night long with parents saw for health of the daughter and granddaughter), showered me with tendernesses.

Advantage of summer childbirth - can get out in a window though on a belt.

in the Morning I got up and felt quite tolerably, only in legs there was some opposite shiver. Moreover depressed that it was necessary to hobble and to hold constantly with both hands podkladny, and that in the absence of underwear it was possible to lose it easily absolutely.

Pants in maternity hospital were not allowed

categorically and when I in 2 days after the delivery broke this ban, the doctor saw on me pants during survey and swore terribly. But I all the same did not obey and wore pants - let will explain why it is impossible.

was Given rise by me in the night from Friday to Saturday. On Sunday we with little girls begged that we to us changed shirts. After the delivery you sweat terribly (excess liquid comes out) moreover and the heat stood what we were answered:“ The autoclave on days off does not work“. It was necessary to suffer till Monday.

I in general, the maternity hospital literally struck with the conditions, more precisely lack of it. The toilets started a shower one on 2 floors. Got in a queue on a washing since morning. But! The personnel are just fine, very sincere. From anybody I did not hear the rough word, very high professionalism.

Fed with

, by the way, too very well. Though I went to buffet all time 2. Relatives dragged food regularly.

the Daughter was brought to feed on hours. I fed her, and then examined, lay with her on a bed, kissed it, ironed, but to develop so never and did not dare because I was afraid that I will not be able back to swaddle!

So golenky I it saw

only at home, on July 24 when we with it at last were written out. Here, in general, and all history of the birth of my darling, nice, lovely little man, to which 7,5 years.

This day I remember

in detail in spite of the fact that so many years passed, and I will always remember because it is memory of heart and memory of my soul.

Tatyana Kozyura,