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Preventive massage for kids - present to the child your tenderness of

Tender touches are extremely important for the correct physical and emotional development of the kid. Therefore massage is the first way of communication available to the child with house, allowing to receive once again confirmation of love, tenderness and security.

Preventive massage is recommended to most of kids of the first year of life. Any family member can do it, he does not demand special skills. The main receptions - grinding and stroking. The main thing, you remember: massage has to give pleasure. And then your touches will become really invaluable contribution to health of the kid.


knows Curative impact of early massage since ancient times. It is confirmed also by modern medicine: massage strengthens joints and muscular system, improves a condition of skin, normalizes work of yet not strengthened gastrointestinal tract of the kid, normalizes his mental and emotional activity. To transfer to the baby all the tenderness - it is important also for mother. Statistically, mothers who are regularly doing massage to the remains also feel much better, they manage to come into emotional contact with the child easier.

to do houses massage to the baby, to you it is optional to seize difficult professional technicians at all. It is enough to listen to himself and to trust the hands. Preventive massage - not the tough scheme, in it is important contact with the child.

Doctors advise

“to ask permissions“ the kid to make to it massage: even if value of your words is not known to the kid yet, he will remember intonation. And soon will report in own way whether he agrees to massage. Choose the warm and quiet place without drafts, with a comfortable temperature about 22O S. Postaraytes to understand that now it is more necessary to the baby, cheerful game or the slow calming movements. For the kid enough soft strokings within 5 - 10 minutes of 1 - 2 time a day. Gradually time of massage can be extended, leading up till 15 - 20 minutes.

Before massage do not forget to take off jewelry from your hands, wipe hands with a dry towel and soften with special children`s oil (you can use JOHNSON`S® Baby oil, having chosen one of several types): pour a small amount of oil on a palm and pound. It is not necessary to pour oil directly on the child`s skin as at excess drawing it can be absorbed not completely. Pounding palms, you not only allow oil to be distributed evenly, but also warm the hands: it is very important to child to feel heat. Massage is carried out by the quiet stroking movements of palms or small pillows of fingers. The child`s skin extremely gentle, and it is possible to use more active grindings not earlier, than from three-months age.

It is soft, the finger-tips massage a head and a neck of the baby. Be especially careful with a fontanel - newborns have it especially sensitive. With tenderness walk fingers on ears, on the person: designate a contour, carry out in the area of eyebrows from a nose bridge to temples, “draw“ a nose, lips.


to the child`s handles: having taken up the brush, carefully raise it and stroke 4 - 6 times, gradually rising to an elbow and a shoulder. Do the same also with the second hand. Also “from below up“ accurately pound outer sides of hips, shins. Slightly holding for foot with one hand, another 4 - 6 times stroke external and back sides of shins and hips.

Especially carefully treat massage of feet, he will present to the kid health, force and unforgettable pleasant feelings which will in addition pull together you. 4 - 6 times gently stroke the top side of a foot, an anklebone, a sole in the direction from fingers to a heel. Stroke each finger separately, and then massage 2 - 3 times.

Moving from a neck to buttocks and back, 4 - 6 times stroke a back of the kid two fingers or the back of a brush. If the child already rather adult, you can carefully pound his back average phalanxes of the bent fingers. Mass a breast accurate strokings by a palm from the center to sides, and a tummy - roundabouts. Massage a tummy 2 - 3 times the palm basis.

does not recommend to mass

area of a liver (the right podreberye) and internal surfaces of hips. You should not touch a tummy and a back of the baby after food or just before feeding. Best of all the interval between an evening bathroom and a dream will be suitable for massage. It is optional to wipe the child after bathing dry: children`s oil will help the remains of moisture to be absorbed in skin of the kid.

If at yours the baby especially sensitive skin, you can use JOHNSON`S® Baby oil with aloe extract. Applied on the child`s skin, it does not create a nutrient medium for microorganisms and actively fights against them, the aloe is an effective natural anti-septic tank. JOHNSON`S® Baby oil with a camomile well will be suitable for mitigation of dry skin of the kid, and JOHNSON`S® Baby with the calming aroma of a lavender will help to prepare the baby for a sound and quiet sleep.