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To the one who in a tummy of

my Daughter - at last I can call you so. Now precisely I know that you at me the girl, and still quite recently we with the father called you the general words - “kid“, “baby“.

Having learned

that at me in a tummy new life arose, I very much was delighted, I was glad to you. Precisely I learned about it on July 19, but told the father only on July 21 and by that I gave him a gift on birthday. He was very glad as we very much wanted it.

I Saw you for the first time on term in 4 weeks when you had to turn only in a germ, and in 5 weeks you were already somewhere 1 cm long. On ultrasonography in 12 weeks your length made about 7 cm, and you waved the handle to doctors all the time and curved a body, turning the head, and in 16 weeks - 14 - 15 cm. I rejoiced to your rates of development and that better to represent you, I read in literature what at you develops in this or that period.

At that time, my baby, I knew that you at me are on changes in the organism: the breast bulked up, and the stomach appeared in 8 weeks, at desire to eat something which arose at me from time to time.

your pushes were from 7th week, but they were still weak that I could notice them. And here since October 11 (16 - 17 week) at last you began to have an effect stronger pushes, and I heard them! At last, as I waited for it! They were given with pauses, probably, you slept. Every day pushes became more intensively, stronger, and now when I write you this letter, term at us 26 - 27 weeks, you already not only are kicked, but also kick, turn over, and sometimes, apparently, manufacture acrobatic tricks in me. Still for quite some time now I noticed that you also hiccup!


Generally you have an effect in the morning and in the evening. Being engaged in something, I explain to you what I do if I react to something, then I explain why I quite so, talk to you during the day. I know that you already remembered a voice, our with the father, and that you answer us when we ask you about something.

more than 3 weeks I know that I will have you is a daughter, and before I wanted to learn about it quicker.

on November 26 on ultrasonography I it was also told. All your bodies were normal, you lay correctly - a head down, and diameter of your head was 212 mm. Here such you were already big.

Now we with you go of

to classes where I learn how it is correct to feed you how to look after you when you are born, and still I study breathing exercises which will help me in the course of your birth!

We with the father you very strongly love

and we wait. Remained absolutely a little bit! And except us you are waited by your grandmothers, great-grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, aunts. All of them are very glad to you. We wait for you, my daughter, my baby, very much - very much! We will see each other soon!

your mother (term of 6 months of pregnancy)