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My pregnancy and childbirth in Orenburg (Began)

Pregnancy? Hurrah! Or as everything began

Hurrah! At last, a delay! Week! It is possible to do safely the test though I feel, I know that I am pregnant! As long waited for this miracle as carefully prepared for it: made all necessary tests, read the mountain of literature. Long, because considered that everything has to be one after another: college, institute, work, marriage, and then... And me already 26. Moreover on January 14 did vaccination against a rubella and waited for 3 months to try to become pregnant.

At last there came long-awaited April, I diligently took rectal temperature, made the schedule, calculated dangerous days. But there came May, and the delay was not. Month passed in calculation of the favorable period again, but in June the miracle did not occur again. Really and this time the test will give negative result?

on July 19, 2004. made the test. The result is positive! On July 21 the husband has a birthday, there will be a gift! All day I go inspired - at last came true! 21 - go “presented“ to the husband news that he will become a father soon. He, of course, too waited for it, but with mistrust treats these bumazhechka - to tests supposedly mistakes can be therefore told what will believe when I descend to the doctor. For some reason it offended me, probably, I waited from it that it will have wings too. The gynecologist after survey confirmed my pregnancy. I am so happy! So my pregnancy began.

the First time was necessary to lay down on preservation in a week after news of pregnancy from - for krovomazaniye. In the next gynecology I was not accepted - there was not an urgentny day. On transportation of the Ambulance went to other end of the city in hospital No. 2. Sat in the car on a rigid bench, the driver collected all hummocks on the road, and I endured about the pregnancy supposedly food on preservation, and with such trip preservation and does not smell.

Lay in 9 - ti to local chamber. Doctor, Kokina Galina Gennadyevna (further, K. G. G.) who conducted this chamber, was a good judge of the business. Thanks to it huge for my kept pregnancy. The first ultrasonography had to be made till 12 weeks. The doctor showed a bubble on the screen, and told that on this place the germ will appear soon, term was 4 - 5 weeks. Such unusual, inexpressible feeling that in you new life arises!

of Toxicosis was not, but the first month for some reason there was a strong wish for some fresh tomatoes, tomato juice and pistachios. The benefit, was summer, and I ate not one kilogram of these red vegetables and juice from them. Pistachios I needed only 3 packs that the need for them disappeared.

In chamber, except keeping pregnancy, those who wanted from it to get rid lay, and also preparing for operation or after it. I never, probably, will understand it, considering that the woman waiting for the kid has to have the corresponding spirit. For the rest everything was good: both food, and personnel, and European-quality repair. My neigbours in chamber after operation could eat broth and to drink tomato juice, but they could not look at this food any more, and here I on eyes at them eat, was felt awkward. They were surprised where gets into me, at the beginning of pregnancy I had a weight only of 43 kg with a tail. In 2 months the tummy was already well visible, and I did not want to hide it. For some reason it seemed that, having seen it, others will be not less happy, than I. Probably, such strange thoughts happen only at pregnant women.

on October 11 the kid has an effect

pushes (16,6 - 17 weeks). From the second half of pregnancy I several times lay on preservation with a tone. In 23 weeks on ultrasonography learned that we will have a daughter. In 6 months on courses on preparation for childbirth studied different technicians of breath, a point for pain relief, did gymnastics, was engaged in a relaxation, drew a water color, wrote letters to future kid.

Here it, long-awaited decree!

I did not buy

Till 30 weeks any to the prophetic baby, there will be supposedly still for this purpose time. In December took the next vacation. Its end fell on the beginning of decretive. Closer by 30 weeks I decided to give birth for a fee to be quiet for myself and the baby, and on the advice of K. G. G. I went to agree about childbirth with Bezmenova Tatyana Aleksandrovna (B. T. A.) in the perinatal center where it worked as the deputy chief physician. T. A. advised to lay down on preservation all from - for the same tone that I also made on January 17, it was talked of holding on at least till 36 weeks.

Analyses throughout all pregnancy were normal, hemoglobin was not lower than 120 g/l., KTG of the kid too (8 - 9 points). The manager conducted me there. office Zhirnikova Nina Alekseevna (Zh. N. A.) . The chamber was double this time, and around there were only pregnant women. Various procedures, a bed rest made the business, and on January 31 wrote out me, and PDR was on March 25 - on April 4 so there was still time.

began to buy children`s things At this time. Washed them, ironed, all such tiny! Separately put a hat, a cap, socks which had to dress on my daughter after the birth, according to innovations in maternity hospital. Also uselessness of shaving and making of an enema belonged to innovations. I was not afraid of all this, just considered useless. Who, interestingly, suggested to cancel it? Thanks to it huge!

at the end of February - again in hospital and in the same chamber. On February 26 the priest consecrated chambers. In chamber I was one when it opened a door and scattered in chamber holy water. Drops got to me on the person. It adjusted me on positive outcome of the case.

In hospital I was 2 weeks, wrote out on March 10. At B. T survey. And. asked when I want to give birth. I told that I am ready to rise by the floor above now (I was on 4 - ohm). The thought “when will come my turn?“ recently constantly was in the head. T. A. told:“ Give, 17 - go you will give rise“, I nodded, without understanding what there is a speech about. How 17 - go, me not earlier 25 - go? And however, quicker already. T. A. told to come as everything will begin. Only a bit later I understood sense of conversation with T. A. It as to nobody else, it was visible a professional look what to go - that with a stomach remained to me just week, the neck already prepares, and disclosure already 4 cm! Here we also lived up to 38 weeks!

Really began

? Or as our daughter

appeared on March 17, 2005 I woke up at daybreak, hour in 4, in a toilet. Skhodiv, decided to have a sleep a little more. Recently very often made campaigns there at night. Laid down on a back and noticed that a little liquid flowed out from me. Having suspected that it can be dribble of waters, I thought that the day before the doctor had in the II change, so today it in the I change. Decided to go to it, but not to disturb in vain B. T. A.

About 10 - ti went to a maternity welfare unit. When I came into an office, told about the suspicions to Gnusina Svetlana Aleksandrovna. She asked to describe allocations though I would be glad to show better podkladny as it is done in hospital. I described, and the doctor told that it is not similar to dribble. Here the manager came into an office. Told it about a situation. Having seen podkladny, the manager approvingly nodded. Wanted to call an Ambulance, but I told that I will cause, I will only come home for things.

Having left a maternity welfare unit, I called B. T. A., and reported that the doctor in ZhK puts possible dribble. T. A. told that I went. Called the husband for work and told that I will go to maternity hospital. Arrived home quickly, called the Ambulance. It was convinced that in packages everything is collected, I went to the street. The ambulance just approached - quickly work! Asked the direction me, and we started at way. There was a sleet. I went in anticipation of something new, unknown. What will tell B. T. A.? Whether dribble is valid? Already today I will become mother? I looked at the stomach to remember it, suddenly today it is already necessary to say goodbye to it, stroked it.

was Reached quickly. Having met T. A., she asked me to pass for a screen. There, on a couch, it began to examine me. I attentively looked it in the face, looked for it what will tell? Dribble was valid, only she could not understand where, probably somewhere it is high. T. A. asked whether I am ready to give birth today or we will postpone till tomorrow. I, maybe, also could on - medical still to wait, but purely psychologically could not any more. One more night in hospital? I told that I want today.

her hand continued to remain in me at this time, and suddenly T. A. asked whether I feel that fights went? I negatively began to rock the head. And in a second felt and told it about it. Then T. A. told:“ Consider that you already in labor“ and that I was going to go to the 5th floor to delivery room.

the Nurse brought me a hospital shirt, all in stamps, the benefit though I kiss. Having put on it, I went to its table, to fill in documents. Phone rang out. The husband was interested whether I reached. Having told about how the situation is, we agreed to phone later. Fights went, pleasant heat in a stomach was felt, and I thought:“ Here they what“. At last, documents everything are completed, and here we already go in the elevator to the 5th floor. My God, how many times, being on preservation in hospital, I observed how others rise upward, represented this moment and guessed what feelings, thoughts can be at the same time. I felt safe, without fear and nervousness, I was psychologically ready to a meeting with the baby, with the long-awaited daughter. Training courses to childbirth played a role in this tranquility.

Well, here I and here, in patrimonial office. We passed along a corridor in search of the free delivery room. In one of halls the door was slightly opened and I saw on the chair turned to a door, the giving birth woman. She made an effort, here - here had to give rise, and I, walking further behind the seeing off, thought:“ Already now it will have a kid, at me still ahead“.

At last the free delivery room was. The nurse told me to settle down, and, having left documents on a little table, left. At this moment shout of the baby was heard, and I thought that it is that woman gave rise. I sighed, thinking:“ Happy“. Meanwhile fights were tolerable, but I already really understood what is fights, decided to examine chamber. The window left to the yard, it very much pleased me as on the other hand there was a forest plantation and a field, nothing interesting. It is gray and is sad, snow sweeps, is cold behind a window. I looked for hours - 14:00. It was pleasant to me, purely and comfortably, warmly, European-quality repair is made, and, above all that I had to be one, without other women in labor here.

Ya rose a back to a window. On the contrary there was an entrance door, to the left of it 2 sinks, along a wall - a bed, iron white backs, a rigid surface, nearby the vessel. At the left a little table with medical accessories and, probably, a table for the child as I saw a wooden ruler for growth measurement, and from above a lamp. At present there my documents lay. Walls from opaque glass, at desire through them it was possible to see something.

the young nurse with a long spoke with a bend on the end Came, told that it is necessary to puncture a bubble. I felt and heard as warm liquid began to flow from me in the vessel. After a puncture of a bubble of fight became more intensively and more for a long time. Here other nurse entered a door and asked whether to bring me a rug and a ball. I joyfully agreed as I knew from courses that it facilitates fights. When brought promised, asked whether conveniently there is a bed. Decided to move. Now it stood not along a wall, and across the room, to a wall only one head back was moved. The rug and a ball were placed parallel to a bed under a window, near the battery. It turned out that so it is even better. Sitting on a ball facing a door I could see very well all entering.

From the beginning of fight I began to jump on a ball in a step of special technology of breath. It was more convenient and easier, than when walking. Here B. T. A came into the room. and, having seen as dashingly I jump on a ball, praised me that I correctly breathe. It gave me forces. She ordered to lay down to me on a bed, listened to my stomach and looked at how many disclosure. There were already 5 cm. Fights then lasted on a minute with frequency in a minute.

Having removed

hours from the hand, T. A. stretched them to me, told further to note time. From the beginning of fight I watched on what figure the second hand on hours, and at the end of fight for some reason did not remember already from where to consider. Meanwhile fights became already approximately on 1,5 minute in a minute. During the period between fights I ran to the crane, to take a water sip, having felt thirsty. And back, fight, on a ball did not begin run yet. It seems, minute I could take rest, but it so quickly came to an end!

Decided to get over on a bed. Having settled on the left side, at last, fight began. To breathe as there was a wish, it is impossible, and to rise too it did not turn out, it was necessary, having gritted teeth, to wait for the end of fight, and again on a ball. More I did not leave it. Looking at the watch, was surprised how time quickly flies. Just big arrow was on 3 - ke, and here already on 9, here again on the three, but already next hour. Time went, pain was tolerant, there was no wish to shout, only sometimes “lowed“ quietly and rubbed a fist a sacrum for pain relief. Also stroked the stomach and talked to the daughter that a pier, give, it is already time.

When disclosure became 6 cm, nature of fights changed. When waited that it will end, and I during this time will have a rest half-minute, it in 10 seconds was started over again. Fights began to have wavy character. It took away more than forces, than usual fights. There was a desire to make an effort, but did not know whether it is possible whether disclosure is enough. Began to constrain desire. T. I. came and gave a green light to this business. So I began to make an effort sitting on a ball, then - standing at a bed.

Once again after survey T. A. called the midwife. Young, smiling Abunyaeva Nadezhda Konstantinovna came (A. N. K.) . Say, very important what hands will accept the child at the birth. At emergence of desire I took a mouth air and directed it down, made an effort. On a bed I got over somewhere at 19:15 and, several times having without results extinguished, asked T. A., whether long still. She told that if so, then long, and I continued to make an effort.

At some moment T. A. told that they to me will give an injection in the left leg to speed up fights more often to make an effort, but not to wait for them. Fights really became frequent. The door in chamber was open wide open, but it did not confuse me at all. Along a corridor there passed Zh. N. A. and came to us. It began to press from above on a stomach as if wishing to push out the child. I presented that he is pushed under a bottom, knowing that it was in that area of a stomach. But it disturbed me because when pressing both the thorax, and all air captured by me with a wild roar was affected escaped outside, without reaching where it is necessary.

At some moment T. A. told

: “Well give, become angry perhaps...“. And it worked. I suddenly began to do as it is necessary, and it before the told words “pokakay“ at last reached: it is necessary to make an effort not forward, and back, not without reason there is a desire to descend on - big. And business went. At this moment helped to remove from me a shirt, and dressed disposable of a set, also dressed boot covers. At last the head was cut through, and to me suggested to touch it. Here called the midwife, and she more did not leave anywhere. I madly wanted! The head was damp from greasing, but volosik were felt, slightly stuck to a head. Such indescribable feeling!

Then I made an effort again, and the daughter decided to be born two coat hanger at once. Doctors solved, it is possible to make something or not, and understood that all - is impossible, and T. A. told: “Let gives birth so“. And where to me to disappear? When a coat hanger was born, the daughter slipped out me as a small fish (and a sign “fish“!) . As if waved a tail. So at 20:10 my daughter was born.

I Watch the weight of 3216 grams, height of 51 cm at it from a bed and I think: “not small“, all such pretty! I speak to the daughter: “Hi, I am your mother, I so waited for you!“. What pleasant feeling, this lump - your native treasure. Brought to me, put on a breast, prikrawhether diaper. Lies on me a tummy, legs and handles as if embraced. And what began to smell, so smells sweet. Opened eyes, it is dark - gray, is silent, listens. T. A. asked how I will call. I told that we will name Nika. It turned out that she delivered the woman 2 hours ago, and it Nick too. Besides, with it we will lie in 2 - x local chamber where I will be transported, on 1 floor.

Then with any attempt the afterbirth left. I gave rise without gaps. And it in spite of the fact that the daughter was born two coat hanger! What I well done!

First of all I called mother and pleased her with the granddaughter. Then I called the spouse. Having heard about news, he was surprised a little and asked: “Already? Well you and bright! Only rose upward, and already gave rise!“ . He meant that this process takes more time others, it took 6 h me. I told that I gave rise 10 minutes ago. Told about growth and weight that I do not know to whom it is similar, a fair hair, probably, in me, an eye is still unknown, but such miracle!

Time went, and did not put to a breast of the child. I would like - in the first half an hour, but more than an hour passed. The baby it is visible got hungry, began to cry. The nurse came to her crying, but refused to apply to a breast, having told that the children`s doctor and when, does not know has to examine at first the child. I waited again, singing “and - and“, lulling. At last at 21:30 put the baby to a breast. The children`s doctor brought it to the left breast, put sideways from me, pressed a nipple that colostrum appeared, and enclosed it in a mouth to the child. It with pleasure zachmokat. Around 22:00 on a wheelchair moved to the elevator. In chamber as I already knew, there was Irina with Nika. Only it - dark-haired, and mine with a fair hair.

So, evening of Thursday March 17. I continually go to drink waters to a sink. After walking the otdyshka torments, heart without restraint knocks. It is visible crush consequences on a thorax. From time to time fed the daughter when she gave a vote, then again stacked in a cradle. For the night took it to itself in a bed, laid on a pillow facing itself nearby. The daughter all night long looked to me in the face, it is visible, remembered me, I admired her too. Since Thursday has a sleep a little only on Sunday night. The daughter often ate and often cried with a stomach so there were sleepless nights. The thought calmed that soon home.

On Monday morning the husband brought things to go on fluorography to other building through the street. Brought everything, and forgot a sheepskin coat. Time drew in to go behind it, it was necessary to go in his jacket and without it. Having made fluorography, returned to the daughter. Everything almost children slept. We decided that we gave them glucose. Documents were processed quickly. At last, I hear the surname. With the daughter on hands I leave. The family, the husband with flowers stand in a row. I am so glad them to see! As often I observed an extract in a window when lay on preservation, waited when my turn comes. At last waited! So our new life, life three together, life in the new status - mother and the father began.

the Epilogue


10 months and as if only yesterday gave rise. Every day I remember the first meeting with the daughter. I have no negative emotions connected with childbirth, on the contrary, only gentle memories that here - my precious treasure here will appear. For all pregnancy I gained 15 kg which now completely disappeared. Became such as before childbirth, and tell that gave birth! I nurse still though some girlfriends are surprised that so long.

Here some of progress of my daughter: 3 months - turn over from a back on a stomach; 5 months - from a stomach on a back; 6 months - creep; 6,5 months - go with support; 8,5 months - independently go. Grows at the clever, inquisitive girl, everything interests her. As I am glad to its emergence! Grow, the baby, healthy, on pleasure to us, your parents and the family.

Dear future mummies! It is not necessary to be afraid of childbirth! Everything depends on your attitude towards them. Learn to technicians of breath in labor, it fine helps. You direct process, the doctor only helps, the basic depends on your efforts. Mentally call the kid, let it know how you wait for it, and he will not keep itself waiting, he as well as you waits for a meeting. I wish to all future mothers of the same lungs, natural, painless childbirth, as at me, the same skilled doctors and healthy, obedient kids!