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Adventures of sea pigs of

Dear children!

Many of you probably saw the ships only on pictures. But, if you considered them, then noticed that the ships happen different. The passenger ships transport people, cargo transport freights, and on warships there are terrible guns and rockets, such ships can transport even planes. And there are still ships fishing, they are also called by rybomorozilny trawlers. On them catch fish, freeze her and send to the coast to shops.

Here on such fishing trawler also this strange story occurred. Surprising already because there was it far - far in the sea, at coast of Africa, in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean with two ordinary pigs who (as adults speak) “at will of destiny“ happened to live by the big sea ship.

Two pink pigs appeared on our trawler when we once again came into the port for provisioning and drinking water. It was in Las - to Palmasa on the Canary Islands. Pigs were small and timid. We did not know what with them to do. And for a start on the trawling deck for them hastily built the shelter.

At first they quietly sat in a corner, having closely nestled to each other. As well as people, in the beginning they were strongly rocked to sleep and when the storm rose, ate nothing, lay and plaintively grunted. But over time seasickness at them passed, they got used and courageously overcame all difficulties of “sea“ life.

On them it is ridiculous and it was interesting to look. Especially during a storm. When the big wave rolled, they stood, having widely placed legs, trying to keep balance. If the ship heeled to the right, they tended to the left and vice versa: the ship to the left - they to the right. And when the storm happened at night, pigs laid down and, closely nestling to each other, rested legs against a wooden flooring that during a strong list not to be rolled up and down. But little pigs had a strong and when very big wave rolled dream, legs of one of them did not maintain tension, and pigs slid as Koloboks, one by one to a shelter board, and then - back. After such awakening they jumped and, discontentedly grunting, laid down again.

Here so the ordinary pigs who got used to quiet life under careful supervision of mother - pigs, to a green grass and the smoking dairy bran, quickly accustomed and became real “guinea pigs“. And let to them nobody delivered a new-mown clover to a lunch, there was a lot of food by the ship, and pigs quickly grew. Soon they became favourites of all team. Each member of team - from the sailor to the captain - tried to treat them with something tasty.

Every day they let out

from the shelter to take a walk. They with cheerful squeal ran on the deck, chasing one after another. At such moments they heard nobody and did not obey, nobody could tire out them back. It was subject only to one uncle to the Sailor who brought every day them a forage. They considered it the owner. When it came to the deck, they sat down on back legs (well absolutely like a dog) and looked at it attentive eyes in love. Also to it it was worth hitting invitingly only three times with a palm on the leg as they right there a bullet flew to the shelter.

Pigs not for long went anonymous. For the habits they got nicknames Fast and Bright. Fast always the first ran out from the shelter and began to rush about on corners in search of titbits and a small fish who remained on the deck. But from - for haste and desires to investigate as it is possible the most part of the territory he did not notice much, and the fact that the fussy brother, instantly, nearly from - under the patch passed, snatched out Bright. He - that was in time everywhere. There was an impression that it found what and hid. Generally, they put the deck in order in only a few minutes.

When everything that could be found on the deck, was already found, pigs liked to gambol. They ran one after another and played, forgetting about everything. In it they were similar to small children to whom all, meanwhile - nibud does not happen at all.

So was in a serene sunny day when at the sea the full calm - is not present either wind, or waves. Pigs were let out once again to take a walk. They, as always, walked sanitary raid on the deck and began to frolic and run one after another. Fast and Bright were so played that absolutely forgot about care.

Trying to catch up with the bright brother who directly from - under a nose snatched out at it the most tasty fish tail, Fast did not calculate speed and jumped out on slip. Slip is an inclined metal deck on which lift networks with fish. Legs of a pig slid, and he appeared in water. Nobody noticed its disappearances - all team had dinner in the dining room. Fast fell, and the ship went further. it is difficult to p to present to

what thoughts rushed in the head of the poor overland pig who appeared in salty water. The ship left, Fast very much tried to keep afloat, and unexpectedly appeared alone Bright became puzzled. In the beginning he ran on the deck, invitingly grunting as if inviting Fast to further entertainments. Then in perplexity bypassed all recesses in search of the brother, but Fast disappeared as if it never here also was.

A meanwhile to the deck with a bucket in a hand in which the food for two rascals fragrantly smoked the uncle Matros came. The habitual movement he hit with a palm on a leg three times and with surprise saw only one pig who responded to his invitation. Like a dog faithfully and perplexed looked at it Bright, and Fast was not, and even hasty knock of its hooves it was not heard anywhere. Where it? The uncle Matros knew how pigs were fond of game, they did not pass time of the feeding. Never …

“Where Fast?“ - the uncle Matros thought and went to look for him. It quickly bypassed all places where the little fidget could hide, but is ineffectual - Fast was gone. And suddenly the terrible guess flew at it in the head. He vzbezhat on a ladder on the main boat deck and began to peer at the ocean. There, already rather far in the sea he noticed the head of the pig floundering in water.

“Polundra!!!“ - he cried - “Polundra!!! A pig in the sea!!!“ On its shout from the captain`s bridge the uncle Kapitan ran out: “What it? What`s the matter?“ - “A pig in the sea!“ - the uncle Matros continued to shout, showing to a hand on water. The uncle Kapitan looked in that party where the uncle Matros specified, and too saw a pig. During swimming restless rascals Fast and Bright brought many joyful minutes to the seamen serving by the ship. They made laugh and entertained all team. They were loved and considered as crew members therefore the uncle is a captain, without deliberating second, cried in a negotiation tube: “Stop car! Alarm!!! All upward!!! The person behind a board!!!“. The ship bell of loud fight rang out, notifying all on alarm: “The person behind a board!“

From cabins sailors began to jump out

and, on the run putting on life jackets, ran on the boat deck. Sailors got into the boat, started the motor and bustled on revenue to the poor fellow - a pig. They - that knew how it is dangerous to float in the high sea. They did not by hearsay know that in the sea there live not only mistrustful crabs and sluggish jellyfishes. They knew that at this time here it is possible to meet much more dangerous sea inhabitants. More than once sailors saw how over an azure smooth surface quiet, friendly and, by sight, there is no such safe sea, and will rise as if an ominous sail of a piracy frigate, a black fin of a shark. And just a miracle that the pig still floundered in water, to death frightened, but live.

Sailors hurried, the distance which divided already lost a voice Fast and his rescuers quickly decreased. It was necessary to float about ten meters as from water the spark fin nearby rose. Probably, floundering Fast and its squeal nevertheless hostesses of sea open spaces drew attention.

the Members of team who remained onboard and watching the events in field-glasses the first noticed danger. Kapitan grabbed a loud-hailer and cried in it: “Children! Quicker, Quicker!!! Shark!!!“ Having heard Kapitan`s shouts, sailors added to the motor of turns and with all the might rushed towards to Fast.

Fast floundered with the last bit of strength, he was tired, and swallowed salty water already enough. Probably, only the self-preservation instinct still held it afloat. But it kept, even without suspecting that to it there was not the worst yet, in comparison with what can occur.

Sailors suited

to Fast practically along with a shark. The shark needed only to be developed conveniently to seize a pig, and to Sailors - to decide on considerable risk for own life and to deprive a shark of a lunch. And here the most desperate of sailors, the Skilled Seaman who endured not one storm and seeing not one shark gave hands to the pig floundering with the last bit of strength and snatched out it from water. The shark clattered with the jaws, for an instant having bared curves, the sharp, bent inside teeth and in rage struck with a tail in a boat bottom - not so often there is a daredevil capable with impunity to take away from her a lunch. The boat shook, but Sailors for pleasure that it was succeeded to rescue the four-footed crew member, did not even pay attention to it.

Fast hid in a corner of the boat and, trembling all over, plaintively squealed a little. He did not understand what danger he avoided, but was very happy to feel a firm flooring under legs again.

When the lifeboat approached

the ship, Fast already finally recovered for the endured fear. Ceased “to complain“, but nevertheless continued to shudder, and still he was very hungry. There was never a wish as in life. And when he saw the native shelter, the brother Shustry, a bucket with a forage again, all endured disorders somewhere in itself disappeared, and there was no wish to think about anything more, how of the crackling grain crusts with bran. But this eternal haste! Fast flew up to a bucket with a forage, but, probably, back legs ran quicker than lobbies, the pig faltered, and the bucket with a ring swept on the shelter. The uncle Matros did not begin to abuse it, and brought other bucket from which smelled even more tasty. And while Fast ate, he stroked it on a back and spoke: “You eat, the lucky, you eat!“. And none of pigs, even Shustry who always considered himself as the most bright, understood why the uncle Matros forgot a name of the ward.