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One. Two? Rub! The story about my Caesarian

First of all there is a wish to express gratitude to those mummies which was found by time and forces to write about the childbirth. I was very much helped by these stories, especially at the difficult moments. Now also I do the duty. Perhaps and my story will help those to whom suddenly (or not suddenly) it is necessary Caesarian.

“The seam will not be swept up by

at all!“ - all doctors, as if having agreed, repeated to me this phrase. Eventually, what to me a difference what seam will be on a paunch, this place outside I 10 as do not walk years the streets. But the thought that I will be kesarit does not keep within in my head in any way. It me - that?! With my “abnormally“ normal pregnancy?! I even had no toxicosis, and everything was in a full order: till yesterday when in next “jar“ protein was found, and it was much.

I here I in hospital, do not get out the second day from - under droppers - directly - the manual on classical late toxicosis: a high pressure (150/100), protein in urine and severe hypostases. Yes, I know that it is dangerous, I see that the situation quickly worsens, but I do not want at all that I was kesarit. It is possible, I will give rise? However, to me it is so bad that I somehow not really present all this to myself...


So, comes to an end 41 - I am week... It is advisable to write something about pregnancy, but it was long ago: 2002. I then was 24 years old, to the husband - 33. On 23 - y to week we decided to descend on ultrasonography in the paid medical center. Classics of our medicine: delivered to me diagnoses for all 200 rub of that time - both threat of an abortion, and pelvic prelying (on 23 - y to week!) . My gynecologist told then me that she never saw results of ultrasonography without “threat“ from there.

Ya, it is remembered, then with this pelvic prelying it was very anxious. I was very lucky - I have an acquaintance - the district doctor. And it relieved me of a lot of the diagnoses and horror stories which are generously scattered by doctors concerning pregnancy. But I did not manage to avoid capture of blood, triple for pregnancy, from a vein regarding detection of syphilis. Probably, it is very widespread illness of pregnant women:-).

Even at the very beginning of pregnancy someone said

to me about what on big terms brains begin to brake. I believed, but did not think that it will be so obvious. Such little fool, as on 9 - m month, I in life never felt! There was an impression that the clock frequency of work of brains fell time in 3. In usual life, maybe, it was and is not so noticeable, but with “repetitorny“ month with 6 - go it became already difficult to me to be engaged, not that even it is difficult, and it is just opposite - from time to time I forgot the proper clever word and several seconds with an obvious gnash of brains it remembered... I went to shop with a piece of paper. Thank God, it turned out that it passes then: month through three - four after the delivery.

I wanted to Give birth with the husband, more precisely, he wanted to give birth with me, but, unfortunately, our Obninsk maternity hospital several years on reconstruction. And all delivery room of the hundred-thousandth city huddles on one floor of city hospital, literally in ten rooms. Therefore technically it was not feasible.


So, comes to an end 41 - I am week... On Monday protein in urine “was found“, on Tuesday I already am in hospital. All environment try to stop my late toxicosis. Now I understand how die from late toxicosis (its medical name sounds somehow more terribly, but I do not remember it) - easily since you have no obvious problems, anywhere does not hurt, it becomes just worse and worse, and the general accrues “all the same“. But then I very much beat off since was for some reason sure that in our country is done only two Caesarian (then will just sterilize), and, in my opinion, the normal family is 3 - 4 children, and it was my first pregnancy... And in general, it is somehow strange to go on Caesarian when it is possible just to give rise (though to give rise, probably, to it and it is not so simple, but now it to me already, probably, never to learn).

the Husband was too against, and on Caesarian the husband`s consent is necessary. It was impossible to stimulate childbirth, though term was already normal: my organism still was not going to give birth - not only there was no disclosure, but also the neck was not truncated yet. Business on Wednesday evening came to an end in a consultation of doctors. They long convinced us, we did not give up, then the chief physician asked the husband straight: “You in general need this child? He will die if not to make Caesarian. Your wife we can not pump out after the delivery too“.

the Operating room is on other floor of hospital, as a matter of fact, Caesarian is done in the same place where also usual operations since maternity hospital on reconstruction. And there get on a wheelchair, passing the general corridor and several floors on the elevator. Probably, my look under a sheet on a wheelchair was very unfortunate because the husband, looking at me in a corridor, in the person somehow exchanged. It is necessary to tell that on a wheelchair it is very terrible to go. But, it turned out that when you are tied to the operating table - it is even more terrible. And when with scalpels (or I do not know with what since points took away from me) doctors are above you and speak:“ Well, all. We are ready“, - that is absolutely terrible. I - that still “am not ready“! Then the anesthesiologist pressed a mask, having declared “Oxygen!“ Well, of course, it is most: I do not remember the third breath, then vaguely I remember the husband in a corridor, he claims that I told it “Hi“, but I do not remember it.

I Absolutely woke up already on a bed in intensive care unit. There was a morning of Thursday, I was told that with a dityavka an order: the girl, 3500, 51, everything already ended. I do not know, maybe, after operation prick some drug, but this postoperative day was for me just happy. To me it was very good, both morally, and physically. Yes, I could not even turn sideways since it was too sick, it was very sick to cough (after a tube from an anesthesia the throat burns), I in all seriousness thought that I will die if suddenly I sneeze - but it was all the same good, and at an immovability it was not sick at all. It was possible to drink (everything I advise in advance to stock up with not aerated mineral water and a lemon) and it was impossible to eat. It was very healthy! It is still pleasant to remember: remarkable greeting cards, florets which only showed me from a corridor.

was few

of Places in reanimation (it is just double chamber in present “maternity hospital“) therefore the next morning I began to be transferred to usual chamber. It was quite amusing. Some nurse young absolutely came in the morning and ordered me:“ Get up. I will transfer your things. You pass into chamber opposite“. Also costs, looks. I am a person quite law-abiding and honestly took and sat down. I recommend not to do so. It was very sick. Probably, that nurse did not know that I yet never got up because her actions for me are not clear.

It is good that the anesthesiologist by ran, he - that also rescued me. Banished the nurse, the stomach hardly ordered - to tie up hardly a diaper and helped to rise gradually. It appears, I can even go: with square eyes, having bent by a hook and holding two hands a poor stomach. As often happens in our medicine, the toilet was located on the most distant end of a corridor from the heaviest chamber. Though it can do and it is quite good since it is useful for “Caesarian“ to go.

to eat

brought only during the lunchtime and that only a little broth. It is necessary to tell what wanted to be eaten very much, and transfers were not brought yet. These are trifles, but everything is better - always in maternity hospital to have with itself something food. :)

Ya, the sun shone, and brought me the first time a dityavka in the morning. It was so wonderful! The nurse brought a ridiculous roll and shows me (in hands does not give). I also do not know what should be done: to squeal for pleasure or to shed tears. I honestly stroked a dityavka on the head. It was so strange that she at me in a paunch ran still yesterday and jumped. Did not suggest to feed and carried away it back.

to Feed with

began to bring with the day before yesterday. And for some reason absolutely full children :(. Scary offensively when milk came, and the dityavka sleeps a dead dream. Rada would be even to decant, but are not able. It is good when there are acquaintances! Asked it not to feed. Well, the dityavka joyfully eats, it is not necessary to decant, cracks only went. Oh, stock up with “Bepanten“. There is good means from cracks: to feed a dityavka not in a classical pose, and from - under the same hand, having put on a pillow. However, very much helps, only for some reason nobody speaks about it in maternity hospital. To them, probably, cracks - it is habitual, and to us, the mere mortal, is sick...

Then cell phones were still in wonder. For us, at least. Also it was necessary to communicate notes or several words by phone from a medical post while in the evening the personnel drink tea with a harvest of cakes of an extract of this day. And it was necessary to resolve an important issue of a dityavka name. Somehow in advance the name at us did not develop. We long argued, and then I decided that time the husband “gave birth“ to her (I - honestly slept), let it it and calls. Called. Varvara. At first to me it was wonderful, and now got used. Only all with a braid “roll up“. Probably, everyone considers that it is original, but I heard this phrase practically from everyone who the first time learned her name. Probably, it is necessary to poor Vavka itself a braid indeed to let grow.

“Caesarian“ are kept by eight days in maternity hospital.“ Usual“ write out on the third - the fourth day. I by the nature very much the optimist. I in principle knew about a postnatal depression, especially at those who were kesarit. But I did not know that there will be such nightmare! The most unlucky fifth day. It to endure the main thing. You such unfortunate cut, painfully to rise, painfully to go, the priest as a sieve from pricks, a breast in cracks, all other of chamber is already written out HOME... And all these, it is necessary to tell which gave rise, run and jump on chamber as antelopes. And you a hook go and are afraid to cough. I was rescued by thought of that, as well as I will hand to the husband beautifully wrapped up dityavka at an extract.

Here eighth day. Doctors do not want to release me TODAY. But I run and I jump and I say to all that I have a birthday tomorrow. Helped - released TODAY. Joyful collecting, I in chamber the last remained though the first there and came. All those women with whom lay in chamber became as the family. Still very much I love all and I rejoice if in the city I meet. Since evening mother gave to doctors gifts, now I run and I distribute them. I love all and all I rejoice.

Already 11, and I was called to put on. HURRAH!!! I put on in the special room, and Varvarik is wrapped right there as a candy for a holiday. So miraculously in civil clothes, I almost went half-month in a state night dress and a dressing gown, and to me it is strange that people somewhere go normally dressed. I even almost not a hook leave in a corridor. Dityavka is dragged by the nurse, to me for some reason does not give. Then the happy shed a few tears husband looks in an envelope. “The poured-out Borya!“ - happy grandmothers rustle. It is, probably, one of the happiest moments of my life. And now I remember and I rejoice and when I go by maternity hospital (it was not repaired), honestly I envy local newly made mothers - their extract still ahead.

What was then? And I also do not know what to write. It was good. That who will say that the small dityavka is a penal servitude you will mix day with a night, never you will have a sleep and you will not go anywhere - do not believe. It is a lie. If it is normal to organize everything, then the first year is gold time. My Vavka for days on end slept sluggishly and immoderately on a balcony (for 2 - 3 hours for time), at night perfectly slept, was cheerful and ridiculous. However, badly gained weight, and to half a year weighed only 6 kg, but it to it did not prevent to be the joyful and happy child. And to us - to be happy parents.

That who wants to facilitate significantly (to normalize) the and dityavochyyu life, very much I advise to pay attention to books and a doctor`s advice - the pediatrician E. O. Komarovsky. It has an excellent website. He is a remarkable psychologist, especially I advise it to pregnant women and just given rise - the truth, life can be much better, than it seems.

Ya even grew thin (for pregnancy I recovered almost on 20 kg, with 56 to 75 with a height of 170 cm) honor before the past.

and it was healthy so that we solved... to get one more dityavka. She long to wait for herself and did not force, took and at once was brought. Vavke then was 6 months old, i.e. we learned about a dityavka, of course a bit later.

Me was lucky

, I have a familiar gynecologist. It relieved me of many horror stories. I, of course, was a little anxious, from Caesarian passed only half a year. I rummaged all Internet, but about the second after Caesarian pregnancy was so poorly written. Only recommendations that “it is necessary to plan the following pregnancy not earlier, than in 2 years after Cesarean section“. Aha, it very much inspires. Moreover this foolish late toxicosis: it now I already know that it does not repeat, and then I still was afraid of it. And there was a wish to give rise most: then I did not know yet that after Caesarian in our country do not give birth independently.


But pregnancy perfectly. I forgot about a seam as soon as he died it is visible from - for the grown paunch. So strange, but people felt sorry for me, seeing me with a big paunch rolling a carriage with the small child. Well and it is silly! It is necessary to envy stair-steppers (than I also am engaged - I envy mothers with twins). I also wanted twins. I had such huge paunch! But on ultrasonography only one dityavka inevitably was visible. And too girl.

at the end of term, of course, it was already rather heavy. Very much the pot-belly and the dispersed pelvic bones hurt when walking. A bandage - a remarkable thing! It very much helped me - killed back pain. On a paunch I still had no extensions, and it was not a pity for a breast any more - from last time of stripes there was a darkness, then they, however, turned white and now them it is almost not visible. I coped with Vavka, we live separately from parents, the husband works late hours. Of course, the fact that it was at any time possible to call grandmothers to the aid very much helped, they live nearby, but it happened seldom.

Ya again honestly took a blood test from a vein three times on syphilis. And laid all the acquaintances under tribute on small jars. But I handed over them nearly every week and translated all stocks, business in the fact that it was necessary to hand over a one-liter jar once again came to an end. The accepting nurse from a window began to abuse me:“ Really did not find less container“. I did not begin it to say that at me only 3-liter jars stayed at home, and it will not stop me. :)

Went 39 - I am week. I was going to maternity hospital for a long time, but my doctor everything sent me and sent home “for a week“. On the next Tuesday I to it came already with obvious intention to lay down in maternity hospital. My organism, of course, was not going to give birth. It at me on this business long, but I told that the paunch from time to time takes. And I had very anxious look - who wants emergency Caesarian on fights! By then I already understood that I have nothing to hope to give rise most especially as the difference between dityavka was only a year and three months.

generally, my doctor “for some reason“ very much began to worry, called maternity hospital and declared to me that there wait for me in half an hour. With things. I right there called home “to please“ the husband. Through a quarter of hour I was already at home, the husband was “already very pleased“, urgently called the grandmother to look for Vavkaya (then it was still Varvariky) and went to maternity hospital. With things.

Very strange feeling - to sit before doors of maternity hospital with a paunch and know that you will leave from here, holding it in hand.

, and planned Caesarian at us do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After survey the doctor absolutely for me unexpectedly suggested to kesarit next Tuesday, i.e. in a week! To Dityavk she groped 3. 4 kg (by the way, yes sir it also appeared). In three hours spent by me in office of pathology of pregnant women I absolutely accurately understood that I will not live WEEK here. Dityavka is big, the term of 39 weeks - and I began to insist on Caesarian on Thursday. The doctor agreed.

All Tuesday and the beginning of the environment I ran (conditionally) and handed over a lot of analyses which did not come till Thursday, t. e. they came how I was cut. Our hospitals differ in service speed! They did not make per day urgent analyses - for me it developed (in a literal sense) into big blood loss - more than a liter.

So, there came morning of Thursday. It is and was impossible to drink since evening. It lasted awfully long. At last for me came. With a wheelchair. From chamber of all other aunts expelled. Legs for some reason bandaged elastic bandage from the fingers to the bottom (but then such high when bandage by the evening are removed!). Shipped and carried. A wheelchair without shock-absorbers therefore to me it was remembered that shook very noticeably especially as the operating room on other floor of hospital.

This time to me it was not terrible

at all because to me before the nurse stuck some soothing (and told that antiemetic!) and then they had any delay nearly for half an hour therefore this piece managed even to work too strongly, and I most of all wanted that I was left alone and allowed to have a sleep. I do not know that it was, but there were a wish to sleep to me just before shutdown of consciousness. Therefore I absolutely clearly remember that I very much was delighted when, at last, to me the narcotic mask was put. I do not remember the third breath any more.

For the second time everything was much better than

. Perhaps I already knew about what waits for me, besides last time I had strongly expressed late toxicosis, and this time I was normal and healthy. I woke up on the operating table. I remember the puzzled husband in a corridor: showed it a dityavka (and even allowed to take!) and he was very surprised with its redness, a smorshchennost and gravity. I think that the first half an hour is not the most beautiful time in life especially as later I also was struck, I weaned from babies, and it seemed to me awful too. To an extract Mashka already became a normal nice dityavka and very much puzzled grandmothers of the on anybody with dissimilarity. Absolutely different children turned out. So it even is more interesting :).

A then I lay on the same, as last time, beds in the same chamber. And all the rest in maternity hospital did not exchange too. It was so strange as though time turned back. From - for big blood losses during operation (could not stop a wound) I had hemoglobin 66. And me it was normal as far as it can be normal the first days after operation. So now not to frighten me to doctors from consultation: “Ah, you have hemoglobin 103! Terrible anemia!“

This time anesthesiologists took measures, and with a throat I had an order - and to my great pleasure it was not necessary to cough. And I again in all seriousness thought that I will die from pain if I sneeze. And again went a hook with protruding eyes to a toilet through all long corridor. And again there was a terrible depression for the fifth day. And again absolutely remarkable women in chamber got to me.

For some reason all medical staff, starting with nurses, considered a duty to read to me lecture about protection and how it is bad to be in a row pregnant woman and as I will be rolled up with stair-steppers. And it in spite of the fact that I perfectly all second pregnancy departed. And stair-steppers - so it in general, at my present look, very conveniently and fine.

the Doctor who did me operation very much apologized for a present seam so she even puzzled me. What it at me on a paunch it they cut?! And the bandage from a paunch is removed only before an extract therefore first their works were not visible. But, it is necessary to tell, the result was even pleasant to me more, than a so-called “cosmetic“ seam in which they so consoled me for the first time. After the first time I had on a paunch bottom pink “sausage“, and now a thin thread of a seam, but traces from ten zavyazochek are visible. In my opinion, so it is even better :).

A then. And me nearly wrapped other child as we put on with other mummy together, and dityavka brought two at once to turn. And at me vypisny a set (everything was the same, as for the first time) blue - I hate pink color, and to me in it the nurse began to wrap by default the boy. Of course, boys are necessary to me too, but for the boy we will come another time - it was necessary to develop back to it Mashka :). Yes, the extract is one of the most remarkable events.

of the Weather - it is healthy! They rescue a family from a pereklinivaniye on the only child, and so too it is better for children. They with with each other play and each other rejoice. They at me turned out absolutely on character different. If it is good to organize everything, then it is quite possible most to cope and to lead normal life, and then not to complain that the first year was “penal servitude“.

Most in this my history amusing that I now very much rejoice to the fact that I to former 60 kg grew thin again (and I gained 20 kg for the second pregnancy, despite a strict diet again). But suddenly it turned out that it not for a long time. The husband at first absolutely was stunned by such news (to our younger dityavka now 8 months, and senior yesterday 2 years were executed), but now goes and to the new person very much rejoices. And I cannot wait to descend on ultrasonography - and suddenly this time twins turned out?!

Continuation in photos (December, 2005)

there Passed year. Now we have already three children: Varya - 3 years, Masha - 1 year and 9 months, Kolya (who appeared one, twins, alas, it did not turn out) - 6 months. The good difference at them aged, very conveniently, but the following difference everything is it is necessary to make more. Perhaps we have all - twins will turn out?:-)

If to someone suddenly wants to ask me about something, then with pleasure I will answer.