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Gifts the hands of

When the holiday, to us comes, to children, it is necessary to think of what to present to parents and friends. Of course, it is possible to ask for mother or the father of money to buy a gift in shop. But parents and can buy themselves that they will want, and such gift will not be something special. Therefore I try to make for every holiday something with own hands - a card or a hand-made article, - and I hope that it will give pleasure to my relatives.

I want to tell

Ya to you that I prepared for holidays recently. Perhaps, someone from children will want to use my experience.

the Festive casket

the Fine gift for Christmas or New Year can become a casket which you painted. The elegant fir-tree, Father Frost, a wreath, Christmas sketch, a den, an angel, a candle in a beautiful candlestick, a winter forest can become a plot for drawing.

Ya presented to mother a casket with the image of a den on the edge of a winter forest. Though, apparently, where Christ was born, actually snow was not...


For work to you needs not painted wooden casket, gouache or acrylic paints, the gold handle, a colourless varnish, a pencil and an eraser.

Before work process a skin a casket surface. Paint over it a background (from within, outside, on each side). When the background dries, a pencil apply the conceived image to a casket, paint it. Work fine details. Dream up with the gold handle.

That drawing remained for long time, varnish a casket. When it dries, your gift is ready!


the Casket - a universal gift, it is possible to apply drawing by any holiday on it, for example, by Easter. I drew an easter rabbit, and you can have ideas.

the Mirror - a picture

can be Painted with

not only a casket, but also different other objects. In “IKEA“, for example, is on sale absolutely inexpensive (about 60 rub) mirror “Bulltrout“ in a wide wooden frame which very much is suitable for a list.

the Operating procedure same, as well as in the first case. Something, concerning the forthcoming holiday, or a simple ornament can be a plot. It is possible to draw the picture on inspiration. I presented to parents a mirror on which the family of hares in a mink from below is drawn, and from above - a winter forest at night.

the Self-made clay vessel

Usually is considered

that it is difficult to work with clay at home because products from it need special roasting. But we bought (in Little Genius shop) special clay which can be burned in a usual oven, but not in the muffle furnace. Unfortunately, packing from clay did not remain, and I do not remember its name.

at me is not present

of the Potter`s wheel, but on occupations in the Pushkin museum we were told that in ancient times people did also without it. It appears, it is possible to roll thin sausages from clay and to spread them on a spiral that from them vessel walls turned out. So I also made. At me the vessel - fish turned out.

Ya decorated the top part of this vessel with a fin (in it there is an opening - a neck through which it is possible to pour water. However, it is better to make an opening wider). Molded and attached to fish of a lip, a tail and lateral fins. Made a clay stopper for a neck.

Then I painted with

fish as I wanted. For work I used paints on ceramics of “SES Creative“.


After paints dried, fish was delivered in a heated oven, according to the instruction on clay packing. It is ready!

Original ware

As a gift on Birthday to parents or friends can present to

painted ware. It is not difficult to draw on plates and cups at all, and such gift originally looks.

to you white or light monophonic ceramic cups, drinking bowls or plates will be necessary for

For work. Ware without drawing happens not so - simply to find that, but we met such in “IKEA“. Paints on ceramics we used the same, as above.

At first the sketch of drawing where - nibud on a draft copy is better to draw

. Then to transfer drawing paints to a cup or a plate. In half an hour when paints dry, it is necessary to warm an oven to 160 °C and to put there ware for half an hour. After that the cup or a plate has to cool down in an oven within an hour.

It is important! On packing with paints it is written that the painted dishes are not recommended to be washed in the dishwasher.

painted with

Ya ware as a gift several times. Once it was the drinking bowl with a sea ornament (waves, starfishes, fishes) for the great-grandmother. Another time - a mug with the machine and a name of the owner on Birthday of the familiar boy. The last hand-made article - a plate for a breakfast which I presented myself :).

Ya I hope that my councils will help you to be prepared for holidays. I wish you to make such gifts which will always remember those to whom you presented them!