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It is very good city...

“Office romance“ as documentary

“Office romance“... The lovely, kind comedy about fine love - mutual, undivided, and, above all - born not somewhere there, in loftily - romantic and semi-mythical Verona, and here, in cold and crude Moscow, in the conditions of gray office everyday life.

can Watch this movie infinitely, the benefit, from - for lack of good modern movies television shows us “Office romance“ nearly monthly (and usually on New Year`s holidays). In addition in many Moscow families of the cartridge with record of “Novel“ are among the most popular, and the movie twist every time when want to forget about gloomy reality.

That remained beyond the scope of the scenario

Of course, “Office romance“ the feature film, but when you watch it for the tenth time, you begin to pay attention on which - what details which at the first viewing were just lost in a rough comedy rhythm of development of an intrigue. And then it becomes clear that this tape not only about love, but also about the city of Moscow. And Moscow appears not only and not just in the poetic retreats accompanied with lyrical views of boulevards, the Alexander Garden, central squares. No doubt, beautifully, but it is sugary and beaten. Much more interestingly Moscow not ostentatious, but business, daily which did not receive special panoramas and occasionally flashes as a background for the developed action.

the lodge which is Put out in a shot corner, the street leaving afar suddenly begin to seem familiar. And then there comes the delightful moment of recognition. And together with heroes of the movie the viewer enters the real Moscow. Even more interestingly the fact that, knowing exact routes of movement of characters, by the logical analysis it is possible to receive about them which - what additional data which remained beyond the scope of the scenario. Let`s tell what language was learned at school by the eldest son of Novoseltsev? You do not know? Then attentively you watch the movie and learn. But it is better about everything one after another.

the Saga about “the Homyakovsky grove“

the Building where the main action of the movie is developed and where at will of screenwriters “The statistical institution“ was located, is the simplest to learn. However, entirely to us it is shown only once at the very beginning of the movie when still poorly you represent about what the speech will go. And then it appears in the basic in the form of a main entrance through which enter, heroes run out.

But also the shown small fragments of the building have enough to identify it with full confidence. It is the former house of the Ministry of river fleet of the USSR located at the corner of Kuznetsky Bridge and Petrovka. The house is known, become history of the most juicy Moscow scandals. Kuznetsky Bridge in front of the house extends, forming a bell which continually run across movie characters. This bell also became the reason of the long and silly business known under the name of “the Homyakovsky grove“.

Hundred years ago this part of the street was considered as the certain lane called Kuznetsk. The lane came to Petrovka almost opposite to Kuznetsky Bridge, but only almost. From - for it all moving from the Tverskaya to Neglinnaya it was necessary to write out on crossing with Petrovka abrupt zigzags. It is clear, that the town council decided to straighten the road, having cut off the acting angle of possession of a certain Homyakov. The benefit, a case convenient - turned up from - for explosion of gas burned down standing at the corner shabby wooden a house. The justice did not allow to build on its place new, having at the same time suggested the owner to concede part of the earth to the city. And here - that he met his match. Hamsters became stubborn. New, that where action of the movie is developed, the house had to be built with a big space from the street, but the owner released a triangular piece enclosed with a lattice and set with sickly bushes. That “grove“ turned out. The owner was shamed - he laughed, he was threatened with expulsion from Moscow - he did not tremble: “You can send me, and washing property will remain“. And only a hint on a possibility of public derision in the press forced the pighead to be given.“ The grove“ was reduced, and on its place that bell was formed.

the House as it is told above, was built in the same time on the project of one of the best Moscow architects of I. A. Ivanov - Shitsa, and 30 years later built on two floors. In such look it also flaunts in “Office romance“. In the same place also the lobby in which noisy Shura from accounts department collected fifty-kopeck pieces on gifts and hung out seeming dead Bublikov`s obituary was removed. And even the dining room in which modest Novoseltsev suddenly throws a fork about a table is also located here. About it it is possible to judge by the panorama opening from a window.

the Well-known roof of the well-known capital skyscraper

A here in the analysis of scenes on a roof traps surprise - this roof does not belong to the house of “Statistical establishment“ at all, and it is at first hard to identify it: in Kalugina and Novoseltsev`s dialogues on the screen only the remote panoramas of the city in which it is simple flash there is nothing to be hooked to an eye. And suddenly - one shot on which between figures of the sitting Kalugina and Novoseltsev the lane leaving afar is visible. And everything rises on the places at once - a roof on which action is developed, it was the best-known in Moscow. She is so famous that it and was called - the Roof (from capital letter). It is a roof of not less well-known house Nirnzy (Bolshoy Gnezdnikovsky Lane, 10). The house built on the project of the owner, technician of architecture E. K. Nirnzey was well-known that it long remained a high house in Moscow (11 floors to start the XX century - not a joke!) and its Roof - the fact that it was used for various entertainments - up to the device of a skating rink on it!

Thanks to house height Nirnzy on its roof set up a sign - a trellised pyramid of a triangulable network. And this sign appears in the movie too - through its designs Kalugina and Novoseltsev continually get over. However, up to now it did not reach: a few years ago the pyramid of a triangulable network was cleaned. And the lane which allowed to reveal a secret of a roof, - Kozitsky connecting Tverskaya Street and Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Its left side is opened by the Eliseevsky epicure, on the right - a characteristic lapidary facade of the house which underwent reorganization in 20 - e years of last century.

the Silent remote place of the main character

From a very tall Roof action is thrown by

to the lane where the main character Novoseltsev lives. And it must be said what the place for shootings creators of the movie chose intelligently. It is difficult to find the lane in all Moscow more silent and remote, than Chernyshevsky Lane connecting Seleznevskaya Street and Dostoyevsky. It is unclear even, why it in general exists. In only several meters parallel to it there passes spacious Novosushchevskaya Street. Strangely enough, the lane is much more senior than the senior neigbour on a rank. To the West from it, on the place of Novosushchevskaya Street till the beginning of the XX century the small river Neglinka flew. More precisely, its last site remaining not taken away in an underground collector. And for service of the residents who risked to lodge on its slightly sublime left coast laid the curve lane which received a name Mariinsky here - on the Mariinsky hospital located close. And then the dirty remains of once nice Neglinka had to leave nevertheless under the earth. On the place of a flood gully the street lay. But the houses which appeared on its right side were turned to it by the back - the person they left to the lane renamed into Chernyshevsky`s honor and which remained only to his necessary few residents - all transit movement was delayed on itself by Novosushchevskaya Street.


It is obvious, from - behind this of uselessness the lane was avoided by all reconstruction, and till 1970 - x years it on the parties kept two-storeyed, often wooden lodges. With one of them where at will of the director Anatoly Efremovich Novoseltsev lodged with the “boy and still the boy“, one little change which had to be brought in the script of the movie is connected. You remember, Novoseltsev and Kalugina`s idyllic dinner is interrupted by phone call.“ The boy and still the boy“ inform the father on sad destiny of a cat. In the play according to which the movie is put the poor animal was lowered in a refuse chute. But, clear, it was not provided in wooden two-storeyed houses of such luxury. And strict documentation of the movie forced to replace a refuse chute with a drainpipe.


language was studied at school by Novoseltsev`s son? possible it is unambiguous to h2 to determine by

Thanks to the same documentation school at which Anatoly Efremovich`s son studied. You remember, having left gate, the father of the younger son conducts on the left, in kindergarten (it also really is located in the same lane), and sends the senior in an opposite direction. So careful daddy for certain would not let the junior school pupil of one in some remote school on the way to which it was necessary to cross brisk routes. Means, the place of the doctrine needs to be looked for somewhere within the inhabited massif limited to nearby big streets.

Such school only one. Today it carries number 1275, and quarter of the century is proud was called as “As high special school No. 18 with teaching a number of objects in French“ back. Already at that time it was not from the worst, and today in general it is considered one of the most prestigious in Moscow. Along with the novoseltsevsky son the author of the real sketch studied in it also. Long before an exit of “Office romance“ to screens he with a portfolio in hands vigorously stamped Chernyshevsky Lane, counting how many days remained till vacation and at whom it is better to write off algebra today - at Andryushki Blinov or Zhenka Eremin. Since then in the lane a lot of things changed. The most part of its small lodges disappeared, but the former image of the quiet, lovely Moscow lane is imprinted in shots of “Office romance“.

in search of a habitat fallen in love Olenyok

also other documentary shots which the director obviously wanted to cause in the audience compassion to poor Olenyok in Ryzhova forced to choke daily in the crowded electric train are So valuable

historically. According to the movie, it has “the apartment, however, in the country“. Actually in search of a habitat unfortunate fallen in love Olenyok Moscow it is not required to leave at all. It appears, a vein of Olenyok at station Losinoostrovskaya. Already 50 years it is located within the city. Of course, nobody is going to scold a film crew for the fact that the place of shooting did not correspond to what is told about it on the action course. On the contrary, exactly this liberty gave the next portion of the fine shots which imprinted the recent past of the station carrying so poetical name.

As well as Chernyshevsky Lane, Losinoostrovskaya strongly changed for the last decades. To begin with the most transitional bridge on which Nemolyaeva`s heroine in an anticipation of a meeting with the adored Yury Grigoryevich, in tears from treachery of the mean beloved ran every day. It is absent (the bridge, but not the beloved) for a long time, on the same place flaunts new, reinforced concrete. Also other station constructions which came into the view of a movie camera disappeared. So, the metal canopy, unique for suburban stations, over a platform on which aspires Olenyok is also replaced by concrete. The small wooden vokzalchik appearing in the first film frames was demolished literally in a year after shootings. And these lovely, near, but already inaccessible Moscow old times can be seen only in “Office romance“ now.

Nostalgia on losinkovsky electric trains

But in effect to poor Olya it was not obligatory for p to run via the bridge on the second platform at all. The majority of trains went on Moscow and go from a platform No. 1 and sometimes from a platform No. 3 today (just such announcement can be heard in the movie). However, several times a day from the second platform the local trains which were called in use “losinkovsky“ went. By one of such trains, departure in 8. 11, could in the principle go also Ryzhova that in minutes to turn out 35 - 40 at the intersection of Petrovka and Kuznetsky Bridge. But losinkovsky trains were never so densely filled as it is shown in the movie. Even in rush hours all their passengers had enough seats. Probably, from - for the small loading these trains cancelled right after opening of Babushkinskaya metro station. So Olenyok and other inhabitants of Losinki quite could doze comfortably on a soft sofa within 15 minutes while the slow losinkovsky train carried them to the Yaroslavl station and Komsomolskaya metro station. But here if they hurried... Then it was necessary to take storm of a door of the passing distant electric trains - chock-full, but fast.


Here so fancifully scattered according to the movie delicate hints, imperceptible appeals to our memory. And if to peer, remember and reflect, then it will become clear that the main character of the movie - our Moscow.