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Figured sufferings of

Each woman at least once in life “went on a diet“. What only recommendations about this occasion it is not thought up! Each glossy magazine considers a duty from time to time to offer readers some new (highly effective!) system of dietary food.

the fashion on proteinaceous, cheese, Kremlin and many other diets Serially changes. Many, having tried all offered options and having faced the short-term or completely absent effect, in general cease to trust in an opportunity to correct weight. But it is yet not the biggest danger which can trap us in fight against extra kilos.

Testing on itself all modern diets very much even really to do irreparable harm to health. That it did not happen, it is the best of all to grow thin under supervision of the skilled dietitian. Process is this long, expensive, but practically always the giving positive long-term effect.

A here the distributors of various dietary supplements who are scurrying about on streets with the enticing badges “I Will Help to Grow Thin“ experts - nutritionists are not. The good doctor on that and good that will hardly run on streets in job searches. Work, as a rule, finds skilled experts.

to himself the nutritionist

Independent “treatment“ of excess weight, as well as any self-treatment, can lead to the most unexpected results:

do not do much harm!

Having begun with

fight against hated kilograms, try not to do much harm to yourself favourite. And that it did not occur, will not prevent to master equipment of necessary safety for a start:

the Question of money

Any diet will demand

much more expenses, than a usual diet. Rather inexpensive dishes are excluded from the dietary menu high-calorific, easy in preparation also. Such, for example, as fried potato, pies, pancakes. But a large number of vegetables and fruit is entered into it that, undoubtedly, will strike a purse, especially in winter time. However you do not hurry lack of means to justify own unwillingness to take care of the own life. Adopt the principle of replacement. It is not such expensive as the majority of popular diets, and results - are not worse at all.

One of truth says: not so important, how many we eat, it is much more important - that we eat. Replace high-calorific products on less power-intensive and quietly indulge in gluttony. It is not difficult to make it if there is a desire.

Main to remember


  • contains in any fried products calories many times more, than in crude or boiled;
  • meat with potato and furthermore with macaroni, will surely leave the mark on a waist. And here the same meat with salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, there is a lot of greens and any mayonnaise) it is possible to use practically in unlimited number;
  • macaroni at all not such product, dangerous to a figure, as it is considered to be. They pose threat only in combination with sauce, meat, sausages, cheese, mayonnaise and oil. Make vegetable sauce for spaghetti - and to worry there is nothing;
  • the pickles and marinades loved in Russia - awaken appetite, and here sauerkraut, opposite. Besides it promotes splitting of fats; oil sandwich it is better for li to jam
  • not sausage with sweet tea, and parsley and an ukropchik. However, a combination bread - oil - sausage, as well as from sweet tea, is better to refuse at all (at least for a while);
  • a habit to watch TV, absorbing candies, it is possible to leave. Here only replace candies with fruit. sudden hunger it is during the day better for li to muffle
  • not rolls and donuts, but bananas or yogurt. And sytny, both more usefully, and it is not so expensive;
  • if well very much wants to dive at this time of night into the refrigerator - do not refuse to yourself this pleasure. With quiet soul eat a little light salad or drink a glass of kefir.

the Matter of time

As it was already mentioned above, to lose weight - business not of one day. Usually this process takes from several months to several years. 10 - 15 kg in a week are a utopia. And the same figure in a year - is quite real. 1,5 kg a month - the good speed which is not bearing in itself threat for health. Thus it is possible smoothly, without injuring an organism, to move from the 58th size in 46 - oh.

But in life the moments when there is a wish to turn this process much quicker happen, without stretching it for so long time. If it is about small weight reduction - dare. The diet which athletes and students of choreographic schools use will help to get into slightly rather small evening dress to you.

When to examinations or performances needs to dump a couple of extra kilos, they “go“ on a kefiric diet:

At conscientious following can dump in a week kilogram, and in the presence of physical activities and all two.

besides money, time and knowledge to you it will also be necessary For fight against a body weight for p: endurance, persistence and absolute determination. If you have no all these components - do not despair. Look at yourself in a mirror. Whether so you are disturbed by your weight? Whether such it is superfluous? Whether you together with it will lose the most part of the human charm and a charm?