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How to choose kindergarten of

Seldom happens so that the city family is able to afford luxury of house parental education of the child to school. As a rule, if not through one and a half, then in three years after the delivery mother comes to work. It was necessary to make the decision - who will be with the kid during its absence, will begin to give it love, to teach it and to develop comprehensively. Options usually happens three: the grandmother, the nurse and kindergarten, at the same time resorts to the last social service most of parents.

in recent years in system of preschool education big changes happened. If earlier all establishments were considered as a day nursery - gardens and worked with children according to one general “Program of education and training in kindergarten“, then now stories of two neighbors in a playground about kindergarten can differ as the sky and the earth. And in order that your child turned out among those who go to kindergarten as for a holiday, you have to take care of choosing the best and the most suitable for it.

Classification of kindergartens by an orientation - what they happen

Kindergarten - the most widespread type of the public preschool educational institution. In it is mute supervision, leaving and improvement, training and education of children is provided. Kindergartens differ in different educational programs.

Kindergarten of the all-developing look with priority implementation of any direction or the directions of development of pupils - physical, intellectual, it is art - esthetic.

the Kindergarten of supervision and improvement functions with accent on sanitarno - hygienic, preventive and improving actions and procedures.

the Center of development of the child - kindergarten. Such centers are available game and fizkulturno - improving complexes, a fine art studio, a computer class, children`s theater, the pool. The integrated approach is applied to the organization of work with children - physical and mental development, correction is carried out, and the emphasis is placed on intellectual and is art - esthetic development.

the Kindergarten of the combined look includes several different groups: all-developing, compensating, improving, and also in a different combination.

Kindergarten of the compensating look with priority implementation of the qualified correction. Take children with various pathologies in these kindergartens, for example, with a delay of mental development, with tubercular intoxication, with violation oporno - the motive device, with a hearing disorder, with violations of the speech, with sight violation, with violation of intelligence, often ill children. Physicians of high qualification work in such kindergartens, and for children special conditions - sometimes dietary food, pools, saunas, massage offices, the small number of children in groups are created. In kindergartens of the compensating type not only treat, but also bring up and train according to the special program. At these gardens there are counseling centers where parents can get advice, the recommendation how to arrive otherwise.


to get to a garden of the compensating look, needs the direction of the pediatrician and the reference from specialists in a garden profile.

Four types of kindergartens

Besides classification by an orientation, kindergartens are divided into four big groups: municipal, departmental, private (commercial) and house (family). Depending on a type of kindergarten both the program of training, and the number of children in group, and quality of food and toys, and even in many respects the psychological atmosphere will vary.

Municipal kindergartens is our own childhood. A lot of things in them depend on the manager or the director - under equal conditions some kindergartens are known in all the district, and there parents try to get in a queue for several years. In the state garden there are “a general education program“, walks, physical culture, a molding, drawing and music. Some of them provide paid additional services from which you have the right to refuse even if all other parents in group want to use them.

Pluses of municipal kindergarten:

Minuses of municipal kindergarten:

chose the best municipal kindergarten

  1. In many kindergartens the real turns are built. To give there the three-year-old child, it is necessary to get in a queue right after the birth - and it, unfortunately, not exaggeration. It is possible to get in a queue at once in several kindergartens that there was time for the final choice.
  2. Learn
  3. whether there is in kindergarten a so-called “adaptation group“. It is intended for small kids which never visited a garden earlier.
  4. Learn working hours of kindergarten. All state gardens share on 12 - sentries, 14 - hour and round-the-clock. There is regime of ten - or five-hour stay. By the way, if tutors try to demand from parents that those took away kids earlier - it is their personal initiative to which they have no right. So-called “short days“ - too violation of the law, kindergarten has to work equally in all working days.
  5. Pay attention to the number of children in group and the number of tutors. In municipal kindergartens there are violations of Standard situation about PEI (preschool educational institutions) according to which in group there have to be no more than 20 children and 2 tutors - one in the first change and one in the second, together with them the assistant teacher (nurse) works. These are regular employees. But sometimes from - for insufficient financings of such assistant can not be and all functions of the nurse are undertaken by the tutor.

Departmental kindergartens are not controlled directly by Department of Education, their programs and orders are defined by the enterprises and the organizations in whose department there is a kindergarten. Such kindergartens are more expensive, but discounts are provided to children of staff of the enterprise. Now it is a little departmental gardens, and their quantity is reduced.

Pluses of departmental kindergarten:

Minuses of a departmental garden:


chose the best departmental kindergarten

At the choice should consider two important points:

  1. Check presence at kindergarten of the state certification and the license.
  2. Pay attention, the social base of the enterprise in whose department there is a kindergarten as far as it is the rich organization is how well provided. Otherwise you risk to pay for doubtful quality.

Private kindergartens - ideal option in the absence of financial difficulties. They work, as a rule, to 20 - 00 or 21 - 00, or round the clock. In private kindergartens very intensive and highly topical program of development. Private kindergartens are, as a rule, well provided with games and toys, visual aids, can take out children on walk to the next green space.

Control over work of non-state preschool educational institutions is exercised by

by means of licensing, accreditation, certification of programs and certification of teachers.

Pluses of private kindergarten:

the Only minus of private kindergarten - its cost.

chose the best private kindergarten

  1. Pay attention to proximity of a garden to the house. Even very good kindergarten will not approach if the road takes away more than half an hour by car. By the way, delivery of children before establishment and back is provided in some private gardens.
  2. Study the license for educational activity, the Charter of institution and the contract. Learn whether the kindergarten has a document on that space which it occupies at present. The contract has to contain a complex of the provided services, terms of payment and the mode of stay of the child in kindergarten. All rights and obligations of the parties have to be in details stipulated and brought in the contract. And to save itself from unexpected expenses, find in documents the phrase “the price paid under the contract cannot change during the term of stay of the child in preschool institution“.
  3. Study the menu. Examine rooms, toys, the territory for walks, pay attention to behavior of teachers and their communication with kids.
  4. Learn
  5. about the program and about techniques by which work in a garden. Find out on what school the kindergarten - private or general education is focused.
  6. you can ask
  7. an additional question of education of the one who directs a garden and degrees of qualification of teachers, doctors and teachers - in a good garden will provide you detailed information. Take an interest who will conduct special objects.
  8. Learn
  9. in what mode the nurse and the doctor work.
  10. Pay attention to the term of work of kindergarten: five years for our country - already solid term.

Home kindergarten (family kindergarten) - one more of types of a private garden. Usually the married couple supports him in the apartment, or founders have rooms in which they equip a bedroom and the game room. Invite the teacher, the nurse and the cook, for kids is more senior - teachers of a foreign language, music, drawing.

Pluses of home kindergarten

Minuses of home kindergarten

of the Rule of the choice of a garden same, as well as in the previous case.

we Look for ideal kindergarten

  1. the Very first option - most important and the most banal: to interrogate parents whose children visit nearby gardens. They will tell you, how well or badly look after children whether kids of teachers love as the garden what there toys, and there are a lot more important details which more nobody will tell you is equipped.
  2. Pay attention to the kindergarten territory - as far as it pure whether it is encumbered by garbage whether sandboxes and a swing are broken. Naturally, in the territory there has to be a playground, and the territory is fenced, and the gate conducting on it is closed - be not surprised, but many kids are so inquisitive that try to escape out of limits of kindergarten.
  3. Get acquainted with personnel, look at a situation in which there will be your child. Whether there are enough toys? Whether it is cozy indoors? Whether the teacher is pleasant to you? Surely talk to the doctor who has to be in kindergarten.
  4. Learn
  5. from the manager according to what program occupations, the number of children in group are conducted, ask to tell you about occupations and about personnel which carries out them.
If a choice of kindergarten is made by

Let`s say you already chose a suitable garden, and this garden - municipal. What documents will be required to write down there the child?

  1. the Medical record 20 with a mark about inoculations: poliomyelitis, AKDS, parotitis, measles, reaction to Mant (made no more than a year ago). Analyses: blood (general), urine, enterobioz, on eggs the worm (made no more than 10 days ago). Marks of doctors: the orthopedist, the ENT SPECIALIST, the oculist, the neuropathologist, the stomatologist, the pediatrician (epikriz and the direction in group of health).
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. the Insurance policy

“Do not have
  • of places!“
  • A what to do in case you already collected all necessary documents, brought them to the manager and heard what in kindergarten there are no places? It is a situation typical at the moment as the majority of gardens is crowded, and even lists of people on the waiting list are made for 1 - 3 years ahead. In that case it is necessary to address to district administration of education, and there to you will surely pick up other kindergarten closer to the house where there are empty seats.

    to avoid this situation, get up on turn in advance. It can be made officially - now in each kindergarten there are “Books of the accounting of future pupils“. As soon as the kid was born, you come to the pleasant garden and write down the child in this book. The manager will issue you the notice of registration and further will report when the group is completed. There are also preferential categories admitted to kindergarten out of turn are children from large families, children of the unemployed, children of refugees and immigrants, children of the studying mothers, children of disabled people 1 and 2 groups, the children who are under guardianship, children, one of parents of which is on military service, children of the lonely working parents, children of judges, prosecutors and investigators, children of employees of educational institutions of system of Department of Education, and also children whose brothers and sisters already visit this garden.

    to Pay or not to pay


    One more widespread problem is a so-called “sponsor`s“ help. In some gardens all demand new and new financial receipts from parents almost each week. Actually neither tutors, nor the manager have no right to take from you some money besides payment for a garden made according to the receipt. If you do not agree with their requirements - call in district administration.

    Who can help to orient with

    among kindergartens of Moscow:

    1. Consultation at Institute of psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Experts help to select the state and private kindergartens, the most convenient for you. At them it is possible to obtain additional information, and also to consult rather further choice of school. Phone - (095) 283 - 53 - 30.
    2. the Detstvo Center which task includes collection of data on childhood problems on the Moscow region. Having called the center and having ordered information, you will be able to learn within an hour summary of each garden - type of establishment, existence of the pool and gym, Liv a garden a foreign language and many other things is studied. Phone - (095) 235 - 49 - 14.
    3. Departments of preschool education of district administrations of Department of Education. In them it is necessary to address both at questions of selection of suitable kindergarten, and with complaints to requisitions or the conflicts with tutors and managers.

    Central federal district: 951 - 41 - 67
    Northern district: 456 - 07 - 32
    of Severo - East district: 210 - 07 - 06
    East district: 963 - 55 - 35
    of Hugo - East district: 350 - 07 - 22
    Southern federal district: 324 - 76 - 46
    of Hugo - the Western district: 120 - 31 - 56
    Western district: 249 - 08 - 86
    of Severo - the Western district: 947 - 88 - 86
    Zelenograd: 535 - 75 - 31

    the List of questions which it is worth setting administrations at the choice of kindergarten of any type:

    1. Learn working hours of preschool educational institution.
    2. Ask to show you the license and the charter.
    3. Ask
    4. about programs and techniques with which tutors work.
    5. Pay attention to the number of children in group and the number of tutors.
    6. Ask to tell
    7. to you about personnel.
    8. Take an interest in
    9. in food.
    10. Learn
    11. what groups are in a garden.
    12. Ask
    13. what additional classes are given in kindergarten and how many they stand.
    14. Pay attention to founders and sponsors of a garden.