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On a visit with the child!

you were bezotluchno tired to stay at home for days on end with the kid, being engaged in washing, cooking of porridges, walks with the child on the next square and lullabies for the night. You just are eager to escape from a circle of house efforts and to feel the interesting interlocutor, soul of the company. You at last decided to go on a visit, and the child there is nobody to leave. Take it with yourself. It is time to acquaint friends with your kid... It is solved: you together with the baby go on a visit.

About guests invited and uninvited

Before taking with itself on a visit the kid, think, by the way whether there will be your “family“ visit. According to rules of etiquette, it is possible to take with itself on a visit children only when owners invited you together with them. If it is inconvenient to you to ask directly owners whether they object to presence of the child, ask about it in an indirect form, for example tell that with pleasure would come, but you have nobody to leave the kid. If in reply to you suggest to take the child with themselves - means, you quietly can gather on a visit all family. It is possible to take with itself the kid without the prevention only if you go to very close friends and are absolutely sure that in this house you are always ready to be accepted together with the child.

What to do if you wait for the visit of the kid

the Instruction for hospitable owners

  • First of all secure the little guest: close doors to those rooms where children cannot go (for example, on kitchen, in a bathroom and so forth) ; close the windows and doors conducting on a balcony; clean from low located shelves, bedside tables and coffee tables all things which can constitute danger to the child or which you value.
  • Think of what toys you could offer the kid. If your child - the guest`s age-mate, then prepare in advance toys which children will be able to play together. It is good if among them there are several similar or identical toys, otherwise kids can “not divide“ them. If your child is more senior than the guest, pick up something interesting from his old toys.
  • Stock up with
  • with an entertainment for the baby: fruit, juice, children`s cookies. Whenever possible in advance take an interest at the child`s parents whether the kid has an allergy or any diseases and everything he can eat. To know also about favourite and unloved dishes of the child well.
  • If you expect on a visit several children is more senior, organize for them a separate children`s “fourchette“ table - it can be put in a nursery or near “adult“ that parents, communicating with each other, could look after kids “out of the corner of the eye“. As “children`s“ it is possible to use, for example, a low coffee table. Put on it the peeled fruit in unbreakable ware.
  • If you invited several children, then it is worth thinking of somebody who will look after children and will not take part in an “adult“ holiday; it can be, for example, the nurse or the grandmother.

Feel at home...

Often adults do not decide to take

with themselves on a visit children because, knowing character of the child, are afraid that the child will begin to be capricious. It usually occurs if the kid has nothing to be engaged and when adults conduct lively conversations behind a coffee cup, he begins to miss. That it did not happen, in advance think over, than the child on a visit will be engaged. Take with yourself favourite toys of the kid (it is desirable to prefer such in which the child can be engaged long, for example those which can be collected and sorted), bright cardboard books, for the child is more senior - paper and pencils. It is possible to suggest the child to take with itself the first drawings and to together show them to guests or to draw specially as a gift. Anyway, even if your child is still too small, surely tell him about where you gather, tell the names of people which you are going to meet, and tell the baby, than he will be engaged on a visit. For example:“ Now we will go on a visit to the aunt Masha, we will get acquainted with her son Dima. It will show you the toys, and you to it - the new machine, and you will play together“.

parents who by all means want to present the kid before strangers in the best light Are. Therefore on a visit they constantly straighten out the child and do him remarks - even for the fact that usually allow it to do houses. Such behavior of parents not in the best way will affect the child (who will not understand what it was abused for). Moderate the parental vanity! Be quiet and sure that people around which most likely too have children correctly will understand you if the child begins to be capricious or will just tell something inappropriate: nobody waits from the kid that he will behave also grandly and comely as adults.

... But do not forget that you on a visit!

Some parents hit in other extreme - incessantly praise the child on a visit, telling people around about what it clever, well-mannered, etc. In - the first, such behavior is not encouraged with etiquette. In - the second, it can negatively affect behavior of the child who will get used to feel constantly in the center of attention and will begin to try to obtain it in any ways.

If you came on a visit with the small child, do not sit up too long! In an hour - other kid (depending on age) will surely be tired, as if he was entertained. It is important to say goodbye to hospitable owners until when the child begins to cry and ask home. It will be so better also for you (you should not suffer whims of the kid on the way home), and for owners (who will have the best impression about your family), and for than the baby (which will have only pleasant memories of a campaign on a visit).

What to put on

Of course, it is possible to understand vain desire of mother to dress the child gathering on a visit, “as a toy“. But ^ëè it will be convenient also to you and the child if you begin to straighten out constantly him that it did not soil juice a lacy shirt or did not rumple the dress which is diligently ironed out by you? Your child is still too small constantly to watch purity of the clothes: at a table it almost inevitably will soil it. Therefore, dressing it, surely consider this circumstance. If all of you want that all of you your child poshchegolyal before guests in a “ceremonial“ dress, take with yourself a bib (there are models which, as dressing gowns, completely close clothes). One more good idea - to dress the kid by the principle of “two layers“ above - an elegant jacket, and under it - a shirt “on duty“ or a t-shirt which is not terrible for soiling. You present the kid to guests “in full rigging“, and before food remove elegant “top“.

the Same can be told

also about your dress. Remember that you go not just on a visit, and on a visit with the child therefore your toilet can be always filled in with juice or is soiled by a stuffing from pie. Perhaps, you should change clothes of the kid or to wash him. Therefore try to consider all these circumstances, choosing clothes for visit. Small cunning

Before a campaign on a visit it is desirable for p to feed the kid with

: then on a visit you long enough should not come off interesting conversation to run on kitchen and to prepare or warm food for the child, and the kid, most likely, will not begin to show interest in food, unhealthy for it, from an “adult“ table.

the Exception of this rule can only be made

in case guests - your very close relatives or close friends and you are sure that they thought in advance of “festive“ dishes for the child or organized a special children`s table if children is invited a little.

What to take with itself

to cause to owners as little as possible troubles, take with yourself all necessary for care of the child:

If in the house where you go, do not have children, it is possible to take with itself a pot or a special seat for a toilet bowl. By the way there will be also wet towel wipes (they will be required for the child of any age). For the smallest do not forget disposable diapers and everything that is necessary for their change.

From personal experience

Elizabeth F.:
First what I learn about, gathering on a visit with the one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, is about whether there is in the house where we go, a small child. If yes, that I ask parents about the schedule it day. Then I correlate this schedule to a day regimen of my daughter and only after that I choose visit time. Usually it happens the second half of day, after a day dream of children (the slept kids for certain will have a good mood). Close friends or relatives I ask to take care of food for the daughter and if owners are people not really close to us, then we take with ourselves all necessary (approximately to a year and a half we were very much helped out by jars with baby food and soluble porridges). Besides, before visit surely we stock up with napkins, bibs and spare clothes (including we take with ourselves shirts in which we eat and which are already hopelessly soiled with juice and mashed potatoes). At last, we take with ourselves a favourite doll.

Svetlana M.: I consider
Ya that the main thing for education of the child - is constant to provide it with new impressions. And for these reasons, and as necessary (I work and I bring up the child one) I often had to take the son with myself everywhere. But most of all we liked to visit. I have two girlfriends whose children - almost Sashina age-mates. We always liked to gather three together. There was a wish that our children made friends too. Kids with pleasure visited approximately with 9 - monthly age; we put them on a carpet and spread before them toys, and communicated. First, however, this serene communication was short because soon children began to select toys each other. It was followed by an amicable roar, and we started separating them. But to years to three kids gradually learned to communicate, and such scandals happened more and more seldom. And our meetings of steel for me, in addition, school of parental experience: I observed how my friends behave with children, and noted the most effective “pedagogical receptions“.

of Anastasius G.:
Somehow time our close friends invited us to themselves to a meeting of the New sort. We seldom visit all family (together with our two-year-old son) therefore we decided to use such opportunity. Our action was thought carefully over. Friends had a kid too - is more senior than our Ilya, - and he had the room. He grew up from a crib, and bought him a folding ottoman. On it both children perfectly went in. To edge of an ottoman we put chairs, on the other hand the role of a protective barrier was carried out by a wall, and between children we put the blanket curtailed into a roller that they did not interfere with each other to sleep. Of course, we took with ourselves a pot, replaceable clothes, footwear, children`s ware and bed linen (the grandmother remembered an oilcloth at the last minute). Fortunately, owners had toys. Together we thought over the children`s festive menu. Everything was good: though children also pokapriznichat a little, but then quietly fell asleep. And we with friends remarkably met New year.