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The holiday proceeds!

Here also there came the mysterious 21st century. Several years ago the future seemed foggy and far, but time flew by quicker, than it would be desirable, and here it, this day, came. It appeared, as snow in new century same white, both the sun same, and the sky: And now there is a wish to glance further and to learn what waits for us. Well, at least, this year.

the Knowledge of the future not always promotes good mood, however yanadeyus that to the goroskoyena will spoil it.

East horoscope with children`s interpretation in the form of fairy tales from Amigovyglyadit very much it is even original

. Kromegoroskopa, on this website can interest you the heading “In total about Vashemimeni“. Everything is made with soul, is to chtopochitat - the festive mood will not deteriorate. And it is important because at naskanun a holiday of Light Christmas and Old New Year, kotoryymozhno with success to celebrate as the Old New Century!

While the getting is good, it is possible to manage to participate in Novogodnegoobrashcheniya`s drawing up of Russia to the President, and to takzheotpravit to friends of a congratulation in verses which are, for example, on the website “Congratulations in verses for all occasions“.

If does not have

time sochinyatsobstvenny congratulatory texts, then by Christmas it is possible to present svoikhdruzy with kind words of the national author of the called website: Merry Christmas Christoff I you congratulate
! I wish
of Happiness and health, the benefit to all,
of Sanctity, slyness - moderately that everything,
of Pleasure, good luck. Bad - anything!

For rest of eyes and a pacification of soul admire i Dmitry Fisunov`s kartinukhudozhnik “Christmas“. It seems, it even to mozhnokupit.

As celebrate Christmas in other countries of the world what give gifts and chtoyedit at the holiday table, it is possible to learn, having glanced on a page “Rozhdestvona to the planet Earth“. I, personally, very much sympathized with little French to whom together sklassicheskimded Moroz Father Frost with birches comes. One consolation that it nikogonebt.

If to you historical information about celebration of a pravoslavnogorozhdestvo is necessary for

, there is nothing more competently than official WEB - Moskovskogopatriarkhat`s server. Here Vynaydetetserkovny calendar and references to orthodox resources of the Internet.

Actually, some part of information resources is listed on the website “Friends Ipartner“, in the section “Russian Orthodox Christmas“.

In anticipation of the days off invaluable help will be given you by authors of a page“ Cheerful. The website for adults and children“. Information of a heading “Where to go with children in Moscow, St. Petersburg to an ikiyeva“ is focused, generally on children of a year to four, but also for a deteypostarsha too which - that is. Not only that all addresses, chasyrabota, the prices and so forth are collected. but there are also reviews of visit of these places. Also podrobnoipolezno the sections “All Children`s Books of the RuNet“, “Animated films“, “Travel“ and a lot - many different sections are grouped. Well, simply, ochenpoleznyysayt!

Fill up the recipe-books with Christmas recipes from “Povarennoyknigi“. Authors saytaspravedlivo claim that “The stomach of the educated person has luchshiyekachestvo of kind heart: sensitivity and gratitude“.


in “A New Year`s bench“. Perhaps, Vamprigodyatsya three different recipes of preparation of a Christmas duck, retseptyprazdnichny cocktails, and also rules of communication with noble drinks. Tutzhe - one more horoscope for 2001 for those to whom they did not bother yet.

A if you live in Moscow - come on January 6 to a meeting members klubasemya. I guarantee, the chtoobshcheniye with virtual, but such real relatives will become a dlyavasnezabyvayemy event.

Happy to you holidays!