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Small to a schastyitsa mine.

Suffer part 3

(Part 1, Part 2), we will meet soon!

on July 4 we arrived to consultation to our familiar doctor in 3 - y maternity hospital.

- Narrowing of a basin of the second degree? - he frowned, having read my medical record. - You lay down in a hospital. Let`s cause childbirth.

- But what for? I have in a stock even the whole week! - I was perplexed.

- In a week the child will gain weight a half a kilo more, and then with such narrow basin Caesarian is provided to you.

“Well, I will lay down earlier, I will leave earlier“ - I thought and went to office of pathology of pregnant women. It was much cozier, than similar in 1 - m maternity hospital where I lay on preservation. Spacious light chambers with balconies, lamps over each bed, curtains at windows. Wide corridors with “banquettes“ along walls. Very friendly medical staff. I “thawed“ at once. My alarm, fear of childbirth left somewhere. There is no impatience left even “well when, at last!“ Only quiet expectation. “Everything will be good“, - I mentally said, settling more conveniently with the book on a bed.

of the Neigbour in chamber, on the contrary, were in a condition of “prenatal psychosis“. On the one hand, all wanted to give rise quicker and, at last, to get home, but, as ill luck would have it “any disclosure“. With another - all, certainly, in panic were afraid of childbirth. Of what only “horror stories“ I have not heard plenty time of stay in office! The window of our chamber left to the yard, and my neigbours periodically ran out on a balcony with shouts: “Look, the woman on the Ambulance was brought! With fights! It was bent! She shouts!!!“ The picture was supplemented also that opposite to our chamber there were windows of a rodblok from where from time to time groans of women in labor reached...

on July 6 to us the next survey “on a chair“ was coming


- Well, tomorrow to you to give birth, - the doctor reported, having examined me.

- As, already tomorrow?

- Well and what to pull? Basin at you narrow, the earlier, the better. Tomorrow since morning we will begin to induce childbirth.

“Tomorrow to me to give birth“, - I joyfully told neigbours in chamber, and those with envy sighed: except me anybody had no sufficient disclosure, and their stay in maternity hospital dragged on for an indefinite term.

Of course, I rejoiced that long-awaited day will come already tomorrow, but at the same time to me was frightening. My state reminded nervous trembling preceding an examination. I drank “Is new - passit“ and laid down on a bed. The child in me it is disturbing it was hammered.

- Suffer

, the kid, - I told, having put a hand on a stomach. - We will meet you soon!

Next day exactly at 5 in the morning I “up in arm“ was on a sisterly post. When necessary hygienic procedures were ended, to me injected drugs, necessary for stimulation of fights, and I went to chamber to pack things. Then I wished good luck to the neigbours who saw off me jaundiced eyes and left in a corridor.

waiting for the doctor I walked up and down to and fro, and my nervousness grew every minute. It is remembered, most of all I was afraid that preparations will not work, and at me fights will not begin. The stomach ached a bit a little, but it was similar not to fights, and to a habitual nagging pain. My hands grew cold with nervousness, sucked in the pit of the stomach and began to feel sick.“ Well precisely, as before examination, - I thought. - Well, I always took examinations only “perfectly well“ - I will cope and here. My God, rather only it would begin and ended!“

At last, somewhere at half past eight a.m. me and one more girl the nurse led to an accident ward from where we were brought in a rodblok. I tried not to show the nervousness, talked deliberately vigorous voice, joked;“ the colleague“ mine, on the contrary, looked very scared.

- you are afraid of

? - the nurse accompanying us took an interest.

- Still as! - honestly I admitted.

- should not be afraid, and that the child will be born frightened, - the woman burst out laughing. - Especially, today on July 7! Ivan Kupala`s holiday! To give birth in such day - big luck...

We rose in a rodblok. In a nose struck a pungent smell of bleaching powder, medicines and still something, unfamiliar. The atmosphere was here... even I do not know how to describe... cold some, gloomy, state. Walls of prenatal chamber were indistinct is gray - blue color, and it strengthened disturbing mood. Opposite to chamber settled down rodzat from where deaf groans of the woman in labor reached.

- Well and why she so shouts? - I addressed the neigbour in chamber, trying not to give the nervousness. The girl (by sight her was years 18 - 19) had very confused and frightened look. Fights at it did not begin yet therefore she laid down on a bed and tried to fall asleep (“I knew that today childbirth will cause in me and all night long did not sleep for nervousness“ - my “workmate“ admitted).

Ya called the husband on mobile and vigorously reported that everything is all right, I already in prenatal. Then I approached a window and waved with a hand to mother and the mother-in-law who since the morning were on duty under windows of maternity hospital.

- Better I would agree to Caesarian! - the girl in the neighboring box rushed about from pain.

the midwife seemed to

at the end of a corridor.

- Well and what you rustle? - cheerfully she took an interest at “martyr“. - You think, now is painful to you? It still in any way! It will be worse further. It is necessary to suffer. Not we thought up it, so the nature wanted. Here she, - the midwife nodded towards a rodzal where the woman lying on a chair already could not stop shout, - incorrectly behaves. Therefore gives birth so long.

“I will correctly behave and I will give rise quickly and easily“ - I mentally promised myself. I went on chamber, talked on mobile to mother and to the husband, did exercises in which we were trained on courses of preparation for childbirth, and tried not to pay attention to the pain increasing every minute.

In chamber was glanced by the young nice doctor.

- Girls, on a chair! - vigorously he ordered.

- So, here yet not full disclosure, - the doctor muttered, examining me. - Though wait, - he said, pressing is more feasible a hand. - Oh, yes you in half an hour will give rise, the girl!

- the Truth? - I asked. Pain from the made manipulations was such strong that from eyes tears involuntarily began to flow.

- However, - the midwife good-natured answered. - Also do not cry, and that the child will be born tear-stained.

- And why... so painfully? - I asked absolutely foolish question.

- Because it is pleasant to p to become pregnant was, - the doctor venomously burst out laughing.

Ya returned to chamber and, having called relatives, joyfully reported that I will give rise soon. Actually to rejoice was early. The doctor did not deceive me - I really should give rise in half an hour. But that it were for half an hour! I rushed about along a corridor, and the thought was at the tip of the tongue all the time: “Yes, now I know what is childbirth not by hearsay!“ The second thought was: “When to me, at last, will prick anesthetic?“

the Injection to me was given - minutes for five before attempts began. For some time I plunged into fog, before eyes circles floated. But already in a few minutes I literally jumped up on a bed from the breaking-off pain.

- Call somebody... - I moaned, addressing the neigbour in chamber.

Still in a few minutes I appeared

in the rodzal.

“The main thing - attentively listen to the doctor and the midwife, do that they tell, then everything will pass well“ - how many times I heard it from mother, the giving birth girlfriends and acquaintances, the instructor of courses of preparation for childbirth. “What what you are told is simpler - to do!“ - it was thought to me then. In practice everything was much more difficult. The pain dimming consciousness did not give the chance to listen “attentively“, words of medical staff reached hardly. Especially hard it appeared to implement the insistent recommendation of the doctor “to stop shouting“: nevertheless, I managed to get it together when I was convinced that shout can negatively affect course of childbirth.

Still I remember

how inside everything grew cold when the doctor, listening to a fruit between fights, told that at the child heartbeat worsens.

- But how? Why?

- Why, why! You make an effort incorrectly! - nervously the doctor answered. - To Epiziotomy... - it gave short team to the midwife.

“Oh, My God!“ - I was mentally terrified.

- Wait for

, - the midwife objected and again addressed me. - Well, give, tuzhsya!. So that`s that. Still time! Hold the girl! - with these words she put to me on a stomach a small red lump. was p> On hours. 40.

my baby, having stretched on - frog tiny handles - legs at me on a stomach, loudly cried.

- Thank you... - perplexed I whispered.

- You thank you that came to give birth to our maternity hospital! - good-natured the doctor grinned.

Instead of an epilog

So was born our small to a schastyitsa, our Olechka. When there were behind a postnatal weakness and a stress of the first sleepless nights, at me as if the second wind opened. It appeared, time and forces at me is enough for everything: both on the child, and on a household, and on books, and on friends, and on the beloved husband.

- You did not recover at all! - girlfriends were surprised. - Same small and thin. But as got prettier! Became more adult somehow. Also is more womanly.

- Still! - I laughed. - Yes I with the Olkiny birth as if itself anew was born! Yes, it is useful to give birth. However, it is not always pleasant...

- You are happy? - my parents asked. - It was worth suffering such heavy pregnancy that such wonderful child was born! - they be touched, looking at the granddaughter who joyfully crooled and fervently swung handles and legs in a bed.

- And you remember the poster in hospital? - suddenly mother asked. - You then lay on preservation, you had a toxicosis, to you it was so bad. And we then sat with you in a hospital corridor, and the poster hung on a wall, remember? On it the charming blue-eyed baby - exactly - in - exactly your Olechka was represented! - and below there was an inscription: “Dreams today - reality tomorrow“.

Ya pressed Olechka to itself and happily laughed:“ Small to a schastyitsa mine as I without you lived all life!“