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Small to a schastyitsa mine. Part 2

(Part 1, Part 3)

Hi, kid!

Since that moment as on term in 16 weeks I felt the first stir of the kid, the whole world got for me absolutely other coloring. All my experiences - quarrels with the husband, failures in work and other - began to seem to me small and uninteresting. I as if plunged in myself, listening to new life.

Pushes of the kid, shy and careful first, every day all became more notable. At first they reminded me whiff of a breeze, then a lopanye of bubbles, the movement of fish fins. Began to seem to me later that the baby strokes me from within or it perestukivatsya just with me.

Me it seemed to

that my kid already has a character. For example, when I touched with a hand a stomach, the child joyfully responded; if with something it was busy - opposite, did not give any signs; if quarreled with the husband - hid somewhere far and faded and when I relaxed - again cheerfully knocked in a stomach.

Ya could lie long on a sofa and listen to pushes of the kid. Most of all I was frightened when he did not respond. Then I gave myself hot some tea, ate something sweet and settled more conveniently, then the child had an effect.

my health was normalized by

From the beginning of stirs, toxicosis passed finally, there were only a weakness and drowsiness which remained throughout all pregnancy. I stayed at home, read avidly, started over again studying English. I tried to meet more often friends, to walk with them as if tried to prove to herself and them what pregnancy me did not change at all. However it was not so - I wanted only one all the time: to retire and communicate to the kid...

Ya walked much. In good weather could walk on two - three hours, without being tired. I visited all my favourite parks, on the Embankment - places which reminded me of our romantic meetings with Sasha. Often I came into our favourite cafe - ice cream where we very much liked to be together.

By the way, about ice cream. I was never a sweet tooth, the pickle was my favourite delicacy. And now I could absorb without stopping ice cream, cakes, chocolate.“ To the girl“, acquaintances authoritatively claimed...

so wanted

Ya the girl! Of course, I understood that it is impossible “to order“ a sex of the child, but could do nothing with myself, I just did not represent that at me the boy can be born!

- Here one or the other: a floor female or man`s, - was cheerfully said by the elderly doctor, driving the ultrasonography sensor on my stomach. I perplexedly stared at it.

- Well what is unclear? Either boy, or girl! - the doctor burst out laughing. - Yes do not look you at me so. Actually you will have a girl, - he good-natured added.

Girl! Without remembering itself with happiness, I ran out from consultation. On pleasures I bought the next chocolate bar and hurried to share news with Sasha who was in business trip on courses at this time.

“We will have a girl“ - I sent the SMS, and the husband liking to tell about the desire to have “the successor, the successor of a surname“ sent me the response SMS - ku with triple “Hurrah!!!“ .

- Dochechka... - gently he whispered in several days, stroking my rounded stomach. - The sun, - he addressed me, - you remember, we agreed with you that if we have a son, it will be called by me and if the daughter - then you. You then told that you know how you will call the daughter, but do not want to speak in advance. You will tell me now? Or already when you will give rise?

- And what names are pleasant to you? - carefully I asked.

- Well... I do not know, different... Ira, for example, or Sveta.

- And you know, - having nestled on it, I asked. - Give, we will name her Olya.

- it is good

, - the husband agreed. - Let there will be Olya. Antelope beetle...

... There was time. In spite of the fact that small “puzozhitel“ declared himself more and more actively from within, long time my pregnancy remained imperceptible for people around: not devoted in my “situation“ could not make out the growing stomach under clothes.

I Remember one amusing episode. Once I went down the street, and I wanted to indulge myself tasty. I stopped at a tray with pies. When I stretched money, the elderly shop assistant took of me a good-natured view and asked: “Such small is also already married?“ - “Not such I small - I am twenty four years old!“ - I burst out laughing in reply. The matter is that from - for low growth and thin build I look a little much younger. But another made laugh me: the old woman paid attention to a wedding ring, but did not notice sticking out from - under a stomach coat, and I was five months gone.

Nevertheless, my stomach grew, and every day load of a press, of a back increased.

- the Uterus in a tone, - this painfully familiar diagnosis heard I on the next reception at the gynecologist. - We lay down in a hospital?

- Oh, My God, again! - I moaned.

Again I returned to the “second house“ - office of pathology of pregnant women. But, in comparison with last stay here, I felt incomparably better therefore I spent time with “advantage“. Together with neigbours in chamber we drank tea, played cards, solved crossword puzzles, and, despite the most strict ban of personnel, walked: sitting in the hospital square, ate ice cream and stirred about everything and about anything.

Having completed the put course of treatment, I began to ask home.

- You already the third time to us get! - discontentedly grumbled the chief of department. - I will write out you, and in couple of days again here will ring out? Keep in mind - for the fourth time I will not accept!

- you will not wait for

! - I burst out laughing. - Now unless in the following pregnancy.

Having packed things, I went outside and with pleasure inhaled a smell of spring foliage, the blossoming cherries and a bird cherry. In a face to me the warm April breeze blew. I was on 28 - y to week of pregnancy...

of the House me was waited by the pleased husband.

- Well it is necessary! - he exclaimed, having seen me. - Now it is difficult not to notice your stomach. - And having clung to a stomach an ear, whispered: “Small dochechka... Our small already became big!“

“Our small became big!“

there Came the last trimester of pregnancy. Together with hypostases, short wind, waist pain, the stomach growing not on days both on hours and along with it the growing alarm...

the Husband was right

: our small indeed became big. Now she could not somersault and swim any more as the small fish, in me, and could only “creep“ now her movements were not similar to a lopanye of bubbles and stir of fish fins - it were the movements of handles and legs. Through a stomach I sometimes could make out the child`s reliefs. Very much we were amused with Sasha, observing as in one, in other place of a stomach cambers are suddenly formed.

- it is interesting to

, - Sasha asked. - What can it be? Head? Or buttocks?

- Yes you look! - I laughed, showing on the shaking stomach. - Directly “tamagoch“ some! Live tummy!

So we also began to call

it - a live tummy.

every day to me it became heavier to p to move. The back hurt, the swelled legs and when I went ached, the kid began to clatter so strongly that I was forced to stop.

I did not want to

sweets any more - chocolate bars and cream cakes. There was a wish more meat, milk, eggs, greens. I could eat parsley and green onions with bunches. All the time there was a wish for some fresh vegetables and fruit. How my tastes exchanged surprised me: I madly wanted cottage cheese to which I was indifferent earlier, and ate buckwheat which I all life hated with pleasure!

Just at this time our family endured “financial crisis“. I more than half a year sat without work, and to live for one salary of the husband it appeared hardly. During that time many of above-mentioned products were for me nearly luxury - we very modestly ate. For the first time in life I began to suffer from - for lack of money. The organism demanded the - I needed to eat, eat well fruit, to drink juice! I felt it, but was forced to refuse in many respects to myself that very much oppressed me.

Again, as well as at the beginning of pregnancy, in the head not the most cheerful thoughts began to climb. Why I quitted the job? If it is heavy to us to live for one salary together what will be when the child is born? And my career? And suddenly I will not promote further school - a garden?

These thoughts, and also my unimportant health and alarm concerning the forthcoming childbirth led

to the fact that I began to cry very often. Cried impetuously, greedily, as in the childhood. On absolutely ridiculous as now it seems to me, the reasons.

For example, somehow I walked with parents, and they began to quarrel from - for some trifles. In principle I, the adult, married girl who is well knowing what is the family conflicts should not have reacted to parental skirmish as the five-year-old child. Nevertheless, I fell into such hysterics that parents having immediately stopped sorting out the relations, dragged me in the nearest cafe to feed a liquid tea.

I Had one more “pregnant“ strangeness. I felt very ill at ease when I stayed at home one, especially in the evenings. Now it is already difficult for me to present it: the most pleasant for me time is when the daughter already sleeps, and the husband did not come from work yet, and I can pay attention to myself, at last. Then the evening loneliness was for me intolerable! Sasha very late worked, and I went to parents in the evenings (the benefit, they live on the neighboring quarter). What my despair was if they needed to leave on the affairs. I is bitter as in the childhood, cried: “Do not throw me, I was tired to be one, I cannot be one!“

Needless to say, every day I was afraid of childbirth more and stronger. That somehow to calm itself, I wrote the fears and fears on a leaflet and tried to analyze them. I was not frightened by physical pain, difficult delivery etc. But I in panic was afraid of uncertainty, unpredictability of a course of childbirth. Very much was afraid that from - for my narrow basin they can end Caesarian with section. And sometimes rolled impetuous fear for the life and the child on me. At the sleepless nights I turned in a bed, disturbing thoughts did not allow me to fall asleep.


According to data of ultrasonography, me it was necessary to give rise approximately during the period from July 4 to July 13. And I for some reason hoped to give rise for our wedding anniversary, on June 25 especially as by then at me began “to be enough“ even more often a stomach and a back. However on June 25, when we with Sasha celebrated our first family anniversary, the baby continued to potter about quietly in a stomach. There passed week, and our daughter still did not hurry to see this world.