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The second Birthday of Dima of

Ya I want to share experience how to organize Birthday of the child. In particular, to tell about how we celebrated our Dima`s second anniversary.

As I also planned

, we celebrated Birthday in day, convenient for all, - on Saturday February 4 though we had a Birthday on January 30, on Monday. Gathered to many people, our three-room “khrushchyovka“ could hardly accomodate all. From children there was a band of boys and Ania (elder sister of Dima, it already 13 years).

this day Dima did not sleep in the afternoon, anticipated arrival of guests and new toys as a gift:-). Ran on rooms, but did not forget also about the favourite informative series on a disk, “Sezam Street“. For quite some time now the series to it were very much fallen in love, and now Dima is ready to watch it though round the clock day and night.

All adults prepared for a holiday. It was planned much, but here that as a result at us it turned out.

At first about snack. On a children`s table were:

Adult were given beaters with a salmon and crabsticks with a cucumber. One more well forgotten new / old dish - small pizzas.

Recipe: usual steering-wheels soak in warm milk about 40 - 50 minutes (to a softening, but that did not collapse), then spread on the baking sheet which is plentifully oiled vegetable and in each baranochka impose mincemeat with addition of spices to taste, it is possible to powder slightly with grated cheese and (or) greens, depending on your opportunities and desire. It is baked in an oven of 15 - 20 minutes - and it is ready.

All dishes were selected from recipes for the children`s menu (well, except an adult table).

Now about the holiday.

Fun reigned from the very beginning. Children had especially fun - examined the birthday man`s gifts, right there them and playing. Dimasu`s gifts presented the most various: gouache, brushes, a sketchbook, a set for blowing of drawing on fabric, a set for drawing: signets, cliches, felt-tip pens, the parking multilevel, the game “Little Driver“, the small BMW model (probably with a hint on future real BMW:-)), a suit beautiful, “The speaking alphabet“ for studying of the alphabet, and... a gift from Godfathers, parents will long remember - the huge truck, about a meter in length!

On it in our apartment especially even you will not do a bit of traveling, it just is not located! But as will become warmer, we will go outside with it - to ride it and to be played in a pesokovozka since the shovel and a ladle are still applied to it the huge size:-).

generally as I already spoke, children began to rage from the very beginning. When sat down at a table, they have a bite and continued a besilovka. Birthday pie a band of boys led by Ania - the leader was plucked right there: all jewelry was eaten, cookies were torn off.

Adults carried out

the master at this time - a class how to hold sticks and to take them beaters, washing down this business with wine and saying toasts in honor of an imenninik:-).


Puppet theater. Put the fairy tale “Three Pigs“ according to S. V. Mikhalkov. We prepared for this fairy tale in advance. Sewed 3 - x pigs - they put on on a hand, nod and wave pads. Bought the character - a wolf. Built theatrical sceneries - three lodges which will be cost by pigs.

the First lodge (it according to the fairy tale has to be from straw) was cut out from a polyethylene bottle and from above pasted the crepe paper cut with straws.

the Second lodge (from rods) was cut out from a glass from under the priest - Korn and from above built a roof which was the small basket weaved out of twigs for flowers. On it there were dried-up leaves which scattered when the wolf blew on a lodge.

the Third lodge (from stones) we constructed of blocks of the designer of type of Lego, only big.

So, the candle is lit, the fairy tale begins...


In statement involved three people who played roles of the leader, a wolf and three pigs. Pigs greeted the audience.

Dima watched

, looked, approached and let`s scenery take away. Broke a lodge of the third pig which in principle has to be the strongest:-). Yes, here who, appears, the most terrible wolf also is a good judge of pigs!!! Dima, probably, decided that incorrectly we constructed - began to analyze him:-). Children rushed to collect this lodge back to finish the fairy tale:-).

When the fairy tale ended with

, all clapped! And Dima is the loudest, and so laughed!

Following, already unplanned, children played the fairy tale “Wolf and Fox“ (freeze, freeze, a wolf tail). Parents helped to read the text to the least actors only. All children were very happy with the performance.

There now, the fairy tale ended, the candle was blown out. All sat down to drink tea with cake.

After a dessert our father delivered to all of us to listen to a lullaby which he composed, sang and wrote down for Dimasi. It was beautiful and healthy. Evening came to an end, and guests began to disperse.

Here such at us turned out a holiday, the second Birthday of Dimasi.