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It would be desirable to tell the birth of a small miracle

in detail how all this occurred that most not to forget these inexpressible feelings and to share with others. Though I so understood that at each woman childbirth takes place especially individually, at all differently and then she can tell in a different way. So, little girls, know that everyone will have everything in own way!

So, was given rise by me on October 15, 2005 in the city of Toronto, St. Joseph Hospital. Weak contractions at me began on October 15 in 1. 00 nights. It is similar to mild pains at periods. At first I did not pay attention to them, thought that false and will pass soon, but already and morning came, and they do not pass, and it seems even, it is a little and become frequent. Went to a toilet and saw a blood spot on shorts, here already I was frightened! Woke the husband Sasha, began to consider together breaks between fights. Identical, 5 - 7 min. Called hospital, we were told to come. We with ourselves did not take a thing, still hoping that false contractions (especially Sasha hoped for it).

Arrived to hospital in 9. 00. I was examined, told what is valid, these are real fights, disclosure of 2 - 3 cm, but it a little (there have to be 10 cm) so it is better for us to go home and to distract. Advised to come already for ever when pains amplify and, perhaps, waters will depart.

Somewhere in 11. 00 we came back home, from a stop I did not go any more, and it is possible to tell, crept: fights amplified when they began, I grabbed strong, strong Sasha hand, and then already and began to whine. In the bottom of a stomach it became heavy, heavy...

of the House we stayed minutes 10 - 15, again called hospital, speak:“ Come that with you to do“. We took in advance prepared bag, called a taxi and went.

Me again was examined by the same doctor, told that disclosure of 2 - 3 cm, but is already improvements. Then changed clothes for state clothes and took away with Sasha in separate single chamber. There I laid down in a chair - a transformer (I do not know how is called, it regulates the top and lower part). Sashenka all this time was near, held me by a hand. Fights became so strong that I already ceased to hesitate and began to shout.


me approached the nurse and explained how it is necessary to breathe to relax and that when you shout, it does not become better for you, and it is worse. Further I followed its advice. To me there was already all the same, a state - semi-unconscious, I was ready to accept the offer on anesthesia about which earlier, even during pregnancy and did not want to hear. But the doctor everything was busy and busy, said us half an hour that “she will come in 10 minutes“.

When it came, I was told to turn over sideways, to attract a chin to knees and not to move. I poorly imagined how during fights it is possible not to move, began to turn over and felt strong pressure in the bottom of a stomach. Reported about it to the doctor, she examined me again and told that disclosure already of 10 cm, no anesthesia is necessary, I will give birth now.

two more doctors Came. Brought a little table with all necessary. During inspection it became clear that the child lies facedown, and it lacks oxygen therefore put on an oxygen mask me. Then began to explain how it is necessary to breathe how to make an effort. I had a resistant feeling that I descend also on now (besides I apologize for details) - big, and on - small at the same time. But, thank God, no incidents existed, all and had to be.

were Given command to make an effort. Nachalooooos! Intolerable pain. At this moment I already lay and thought that it is necessary to finish what began because it is worse, than now, to me all the same will not be. Sasha at this moment held me by a hand and out of the corner of the eye watched process. At some moment I noticed that eyes at it extend, extend... It Markov a forelock, then the head, and then and all the rest got out. Feelings - as though something was spat out, it became easy - easily. Mark right there began to cry, I vaguely saw that pulled out something is white - rozovenky, maaaalenky. Sasha with happiness burst out crying!

of the Little man was incurred on a little table to dry, dress, measure. Growth is not measured for some reason, only weighed. Our little mouse was born weight in 2,7 kg! Absolutely baby!

the Doctor told me that if it wants to be extinguished still, then it is necessary to make it. There was a placenta, it is not sick at all, is not even notable. I was washed, put on something like pampers. Blood and squelched from me, but, thank God, any gap or still something.

Sasha already dissected

with the swaddled baby on chamber, then gave it to me, and we tried to feed him. Neither I, nor he could do it, we were helped by the doctor.

I stayed In this chamber about an hour more, dozed a little. Sasha did not let Mark. Then we were transferred to postnatal chamber. It became already much better for me, I recovered, could even go normally. Periodically the nurse came, checked our state. In the evening Mark was taken to be washed, we went too to look at this action. Well, and then all as always: fed, changed pampers, put to bed and so all night long and all next day.

Sasha left in 10. 00. - it was so necessary, and in the morning came again, having taken with itself an automobile chair. A bit later to us our future godmother on a visit came, all of us three together poumilyalis, povorkovat over a cub.

Released us in 24 hours after the delivery, having collected all analyses, having carefully checked. Here such here history which as I already spoke, everyone will have the!

Despite all pains, after the miracle birth all unpleasant is forgotten very quickly, it is enough to have a look at it only! I wish to all pregnant girls easy childbirth, excellent mood and it is a lot of - a lot of health and forces!