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Circulation at courses

Is a shame to the adult as if to the first grader to hang out on the apartment posters with largely written words. It is a shame to cram tongue twisters ordinary phrases and to write out from the book of exercise in the spirit of “mother washed a frame“. Even if in foreign language. And how still to learn English or Spanish? The official pedagogics accustomed us to thought that, except cramming, there is no different way. But I did not want to trust in it. Rumors about unusual experiences after which participants began to spur on foreign, as on native reached. There was a wish to start talking to the Cambridge accent and without efforts. So search of linguistic - lifting began. Conclusions - before you.

First that I acquired before going on the warpath with others adverbs: anonymity of courses - a bad sign because each good method surely had the pioneer, the founder of complete system of teaching, the person with mad gloss of genius in eyes and fervor of the true fanatic. But even the technique “a name someone“ can be not the most effective and effective.

Somehow to me managed to visit one occupation at System - 3 school where training was provided by Shekhter`s technique. I remember that time “on - shekhterovsk“ past quickly as if at a friendly party. We sorted interesting texts, caught bright phraseological units and at once used them in dialogue. For a dessert burned out postrochno Syuzanna Vega`s song - even now I could sing it in a karaoke, without seeing the text. But it did not help me to understand other smash hits with the same ease...

At Kitaygorodskaya`s school occupation reminded

theater. Why not? The psychology recognizes the psychodrama as one of the best instruments of positive change of human consciousness. Therefore distribution to pupils of roles for a performance in Once upon a time style... it is possible to regard as introduction of a game element which so is not enough for adults and as the catalyst of educational process helping to open with itself new talents - if not to studying of English then to acting. Alas, in spite of the fact that the method was called “activization of reserve opportunities of the person“, on occupations the old principle of cramming of new words and expressions confessed. And for entire linguistic happiness that guru who would teach to work and remember brains quicker was not enough...

my conclusion: these schools added ease in communication, but their methods all - did not mean that high-speed learning efficiency of which I dreamed, poring over the textbook. to

the Following step on my way to linguistic heights acquisition of a set of MasterSound became p>

. I received cartridges, the special device and the book for one thousand rubles “English for those who...“ . In the first edition it was called How to speak English without Russian actsent and corresponded to the name, helping to fulfill a perfect pronunciation and to understand why British speak and not differently. The author is Vladimir Shevardenidze, the former translator dissatisfied with traditional textbooks of a foreign language created the method and tried to impart love to a studying subject jokes - humourous catchphrases and stories about intricate wonders of others linguistics. Shevardenidze`s book approved even by Natalya Bonk and Galina Kitaygorodskaya is cheerful to be read, it discredited the myth that to learn languages - boring occupation. Naturally, there was a wish for continuation... So I came up with idea to buy magic “hearing aid“ for treatment of “the English dumbness“. Made of bright plastic and entangled by wires, the device was similar to a helmet from a space suit and received the most delighted assessment of my nephews. Under the promise to appoint them missionaries of NASA in expedition to Saturn a lot of porridge was fed. Alas, to use a helmet for the direct, linguistic designated purpose it appeared not easy. Thanks to it it is possible to hear own speech such what perceive it people around. It would seem, an invaluable opportunity! But own imperfection after listening appears in too frank disgrace... Not everyone manages to overcome disgust for the rough accent and daily for 40 minutes to repeat after voice on the cartridge the, theater and other intricate words. Besides, a helmet does not solve the main problem - leaving from cramming.“ Probably, it is necessary to reconsider in a root approach to studying of language“ - I solved.



East wisdom “If at you are ten hours on the cabin of trees, then eight of them need to be taken away on sharpening of the axe“ wise politicians, including the American presidents like to repeat. In relation to my situation the slogan can be paraphrased so: before going to the best linguistic schools, it is necessary “to point“ own abilities to training and perception of new information. But that is simple to make it not so-. The myth that it is possible to find everything in the Internet failed after attempt to find techniques of a psychological intensification of learning of foreign languages. Viewing of numerous reference books and magazines yielded poor result - two addresses. On them I also went.

At School of rational reading the course of high-speed storing of foreign words exists. Four occupations for three hours everyone, author`s technology of Marat Ziganov - and voila, you, it seems, have to learn to remember up to 60 words per hour. Immediately the vague reminiscence of a seminar of the author which I once visited prevented to seize this opportunity to me. Precisely I remember that we read words - in the high-speed mode and under rhythmical music. But what words, in my memory it was not postponed at all.

the Second stop - the City - a Class training center offering a seminar with painfully right name “Will be enough to learn a foreign language! It is time to learn!“ . For only 750 rubles. When I called, the manager explained:

- Within three hours you will be told how it is correct to choose foreign language courses according to your requirements and abilities. But so far the group did not gather. Call in about 30 days.

- And who teaches and by what technique?

- Yet we cannot tell, but by then as the group will be selected, we will find also the teacher. Well of course, it will be the specialist in foreign languages well familiar with different techniques!

Such approach can turn out

useful. Advertisements of linguistic schools are too laconic and similar though receptions of experts differ. I am irritated, for example, by teachers who do not correct my errors. And friends admitted that notes of the teacher entered them into a stupor. One jokes and songs on occupations enraged, others - the academic explanation of grammar. Generally, everyone needs the approach, and it is worth not to regretting $20-30 for the hint of the expert and the answer to the question “Where exactly to Go to Study according to Individual Bents?“ . Alas, the vast majority prefers to look for courses by the principle “closer“ and “cheaper“.

Still you cram


Search of unusual psychological techniques brought me into the center of Andrey Pligin who created the new program of learning of foreign languages together with the conductress of English courses by Inna Maksimenko. At personal meeting I asked - zhu Maksimenko to tell about the practices in more detail. Inna raised an eyebrow and with coldness of the English lady declared that it does not expatiate on a method, and uses it on occupations at the linguistic school - come, pay according to the price list and receive the portion of lessons of English in new packing.

More sociable Pligin told that he studied English according to own recipe - truly to the Russian based on the principle a swagger - a major. Without knowing any language, except Russian, he invited masters of the NLP (neurolinguistic programming) from America and so passionately wanted to understand their speech without the distorting translation that in the course of communication English was learned by itself. And at the same time Pligin, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, created and scientifically proved “a method of a rich context“. The idea is as follows: than is stronger need to learn something and the moment when it is necessary to use new knowledge is closer, the quicker the person forms the own express - a training method. Such situation of sharp mobilization can be created as in a real format (to go to an important business meeting without translator), and to simulate in game. I personally heard how Pligin who was not attending any linguistic courses quickly stirred with John Grinder staying in Moscow, one of developers of a technique of neurolinguistic programming therefore reception of “a rich context“ seemed very convincing.

But what to begin preparation of “soil“ for training with? “It is necessary to answer questions: who I am in what I already have my mission why me I am ready to devote this, what time to business and what abilities, that is to answer questions of “logical levels“ of self-identification - Pligin says. - Teachers often break this self-identification, reducing a self-assessment of pupils the critical remarks. It is quite often possible to hear: “It incapable“ or “Idler!“ The leader of a language course, dull as the teacher, decides to urge on ambitions of pupils negative estimates and only worsens a situation. Danger of start of such self-actualizing prophecies is well studied by psychology. Adults are very sensitive to labels and lose desire to learn new from - for a negative. Teaching criticism - one of the reasons of unwillingness to study“.


On - pliginsk, to a foreign language it is necessary to be risen as to a samurai duel, meditating and being adjusted on a victory: I am a wise soldier, me every one is able. Being the head two business - the centers, Pligin developed an intensive technique of learning of foreign language by means of the NLP. But it turned out that persons interested to master “the NLP“ is simple more, than those who want to apply the received skills to foreign linguistics. That the fulfilled technique did not go to waste, Pligin together with the teacher Inna Maksimenko wrote the book. The abbreviation of NLP (NLP) frightening many people they turned in cheerful “Now Let`s Play English (And now let`s play). Personally - the focused training in English“. Having opened the book, I reddened from - for the first phrases. “All of you still change techniques?“ - authors derisively asked.“ Yes, I change - I sighed. - It is my method“.

the Main (by the way, not revolutionary) Pligin`s recommendations and Maksimenko are as follows: studying foreign, it is necessary to remember how you mastered the native language. Training has to consider personal preferences and to be various, to occupy all channels of human perception (so, it is necessary to combine books with cartridges, video movies, games and dialogues). Many language regularities can be opened independently, and they will be remembered well (one of options - to begin to read the book in the original and to try to output rules, tracing regularities of word forms). That new material was remembered, it needs to be tested in operation at once (if there are no occasion and an opportunity to communicate to the foreigner - arrange game). Group training has considerable advantage before individual because allows to organize multidimensional communication and transitions from a position of “pupil“ to a teachers position. Generally, courses it is more preferable, than the self-educated person`s feat.

Beautiful Mind

To be fair needs to be noted that about use of the NLP for studying of languages Marilyn Atkinson, the director of the Canadian University of Eriksson who several times a year comes to us to provide trainings on the NLP and coaching was going to organize the Russia`s first seminar. But Marilyn does not know any languages, except native English - she never tested real requirement to learn Russian, Spanish etc. because during training tours on the world it is surrounded by the people owning English. Dina Nikulicheva (the dean of department of the Scandinavian HAZES languages, the senior research associate of Institute of linguistics of AN of the Russian Federation) who translated programs for the NLP earlier began to conduct similar occupations with Atkinson`s blessing.

Nikulicheva`s Slogan: “If you learn foreign hardly, so you do something incorrectly“. Witnesses claim that the Doctor of Philology Nikulicheva translates from six languages, and her daughter, the student Polina at school won the linguistic Olympic Games and now at the different levels knows four foreign languages.

the Seminar - Dina Nikulicheva`s training “Strategy of the accelerated studying of English with the help the technician of the NLP. The principles of polyglottism“ - a feast for the intellectual. In comparison with usual linguistic schools where adult uncles and aunts as repeaters - half-educated persons, repeat chorus primitive phrases like this is an apple, contrast striking. From Dina we heard:“ When I tell “neurolinguistic programming“, I mean constructive psychology of a resursnost. For this purpose we will use the universal quantifier, that is generalization of the necessary quality now.... “Having poured out on us tens of terms, she explained their value so easily at once that participants of training felt attached to secrets of inhabitants of heaven and started to respect themselves for the fact that understood such sophisticated pieces. Nikulicheva told about ways of training of the leading polyglots, and it turned out that all ingenious - is simple. Difference of these linguistic geniuses from ordinary “publican“, ten years mochalyashchy one textbook, slightly. For example, most of polyglots devote half an hour to occupations in the mornings when the brain is most located to perception of new information, and most of linguistic losers - in the evening, after work, is able postoffice “not standing“ when the brain signals: “Will be enough, I am crowded, I close all locks!“

by means of the NLP we learned to accelerate rates of knowledge and process of storing, to structure the way of life so that to find in an intense operating schedule daily 15 minutes for independent occupations (according to Dina, at the correct organization put more and it is not necessary). On occupations near me on a chair the semiliterate provincial wishing to get rid of gekayushchy accent and prostorechiya impatiently jumped up. Behind it the finance director of joint venture who finished a special school dozed, but wanted to perfect English to perfection that on economic reception in embassy to give couple of jokes in the Cambridge style, to gain the confidence and to elicit couple of “investment“ millions. By their own recognitions, training was useful to everyone. And for me too - I began to remember better names of new acquaintances and phones, to put in mind quicker though earlier my memory seemed a sieve, and operations with figures - a double-Dutch. By means of Dina it was succeeded to pick up optimum technology - I as to the visual learner needed just to imagine each new word or figure written and to keep the picture in imagination several seconds. Once you presented, I write the new word on a board, and the chorus at the same time chants it - it was remembered at once.

generally, after all purgatories and to courses I understood the main thing: the key to success - individually picked up method of studying of language, interest in occupations and the teacher capable to convince the pupil of infinity of his abilities.