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I long looked for birthday in the Children`s center `Five Stars`

In June, 2005 where in Moscow the child can celebrate Birthday at the age of 2 - x years.

Basic data :

it was li, this very difficult occupation since the majority of the clubs visited by me are designed for children at least from 4 - x years: and children`s programs and attractions for the two-year-old birthday man were no good (children`s programs or performances too difficult or long for his attention, and attractions can use just years from four).

looked at

Ya regarding carrying out a holiday:

  1. of “Arlekino“ (at all there is practically no zone for kids plus total absence of ventilation in club, and it is June);
  2. “Atrilend“ on Kursk (a complex cool, but year through three, plus “prepare your money...“ with such quantity of attractions, as there...:-);
  3. “The world of the childhood“ on Paveletskaya (a game zone for kids good, but small. Children`s programs have thematic character and are calculated on attention of children from 4 - x years. Carrying out a holiday in “a separate office“ is expensive);
  4. “Center“ on Tula (there left in the unknown direction, there now “The shoe center“);
  5. “MEGA“ in Tyoply Stan (the depressing impression the cage with balls behind the back of the administrator accepting receipts from the parents promising to return for children after shopping left);
  6. “McDonald`s“ (not for kids, it is not enough place, by the appointed o`clock be so kind as to free the room). And the plemyashka celebrated Birthday there - not cheap, chaotic, confused and populous at all, and to call the girls bringing cake “animators“ language does not turn.
by phone I rang round


  1. of “Limpopo“ (to me it seemed expensively);
  2. “Lel“ (to me it seemed very expensively);
  3. “Kosmik“ (there is no children`s game room);
  4. “Santa - Fe“ (the game room only on days off for the parents who came with children for a brunch);
  5. “Multi - Pulti“ (the playground does not work any more);
  6. “Tack“ (nobody answers by phone);
  7. of “B2“ (there is no children`s game room, programs are focused on advanced age).
Other attendees at the website clubs were excluded by

after viewing of their websites or data on them. Were not pleasant visually or according to visitors.

as a result stopped on the Children`s center in “Five stars“ for the following reasons:

can Also rent all center for the period of a holiday (100 c.u./hour) that we also made since in this case the so-called terrace at an entrance to the Children`s center is given completely to the order of parents of the invited children, and the holiday table for adults and children is laid in the same place. Plus is not present access to the “strangers“ who are not invited to a holiday, to children. When children are more senior, of course, it does not make sense to rent the center since. all program passes by a separate ship and “foreign“ children not especially disturb, and at distance of 5 - 10 meters from it there is a cafe in which parents can “overstay“:-) holiday. But with kids who constantly hang on parents it was more convenient to be nearby.

generally, 15 adults and 10 children quietly accommodated in space.

Now at the prices. I chose an estrabottom - the circus program lasting 1 hour, worth 4500 rub and including:

Plus separately for 700 rub registration of the hall by balloons (from them the part was inflated with helium and guests sorted them, leaving home. We wanted to enclose small gifts to guests in them, but it did not turn out: gifts did not get into balls, and attached pulled balls to a floor). Services of the photographer cost 900 rub/hour

Should tell that children are younger 5 - ti years sustained only before performance of poodles, and then began to run up on the platform, to ride from a hill, machines etc. Children are more senior with pleasure watched the program to the end and actively participated in it. And so all (and, in my opinion, bigger everything) very much liked driving on an engine...

Separately circus program, the clown and an engine would appear more expensive:

That was not pleasant

In the hall:

On the organization:


in conclusion wants to tell that the Children`s center was pleasant. Especially engine! :)