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Absolutely alone among people of

the Loneliness among people

Is a state arises when you are convinced (and this belief can be true or deceptive) that in the whole world there is no person who understands you and appreciates on advantage. You get into the skorlupka, stopping all contacts with the outside world, except for the most necessary. After work you come back to the empty apartment and spend evening alone. You wake up from the slightest rustle at night. You fade with horror: suddenly in the room someone is? And at the same time you are terrified thoughts that there is nobody here and cannot be.

Such loneliness - one of the most difficult feelings what the person can only test. Isolation from the outside world drives you to despair, and it seems that nothing can help you. But it is even possible to find a positive side in such state. When sufferings reach a critical point and become almost intolerable, it becomes frequent very strong motivation to leave to the world and to begin all over again.

the Ambulance

during a storm is good

any harbor. The human soul needs as communication as oxygen to an organism. All of us dream of passionate love and friendship for all times, but if now these dreams seem unattainable, any communication will be useful for you. Even if you peremolvitsya by a couple of words with the seller in shop or descend behind salt to the neigbour, it will help you to keep in touch with the outside world.

When you feel

lost and left by all, use each opportunity for communication. For the lonely person acquaintance absolutely casual at first sight becomes frequent that straw which helps to escape. If there is opportunity, address the psychotherapist or register in group occupations.



Loneliness - the excellent engine of progress. To get rid of this unpleasant feeling, we can overcome the complexes, shyness, uncertainty in ourselves. You feel awkward in the company of unfamiliar people? That`s good. Be ashamed, worry enough, if necessary even cry and touch all the clothes. And then get it together, put on, brush the hair and you leave to people. Make so what it costed you.

the best way to come into contacts - to try to understand people who surround you, and to help them to understand you. Also some communication receptions can be useful. For example, trouble-free reception at acquaintance - to ask people questions, very few people will resist temptation to talk about himself, favourite.

It is a little probable

that the first comer will be that person whom you all life looked for. But somewhere for certain there are people who as well as you, look for that with whom it is possible to have a heart-to-heart talk. Do not despair. You will surely find each other. But only in case you look for.

the Compelled loneliness

It can happen even to those who are usually surrounded by the loving relatives and loyal friends. Sometimes circumstances develop so that you should move - for a while or forever. From - for works, states of health, as a result of a marriage, eventually. And then, having suddenly appeared far from relatives, you feel left and lonely.


If you left for a while, tell yourself: it is simply remarkable that to me is whom to miss. Time spent alone will help you to realize love and to show to relatives as they are dear to you. In a usual situation people often do not even speak each other about the feelings, considering that it needless to say. When you are divided, feelings become aggravated. Modern technologies allow to keep in contact at any distance - phone and the Internet round the clock at your disposal. Tell about what happens to you, write letters. Very much can be that you will manage to recognize familiar for a long time people from the new party. And, at last, do not forget popular wisdom: if you cannot be near those whom you love, love those who near you.



If vital circumstances for a long time separated you from relatives, the tough decision is necessary to you. And still it needs to be accepted and defined that it is more important for you: circumstances which hold you far from relatives, or people close to you. Sometimes it turns out that even the most outstanding career in the capital or abroad does not cost separation from those whom you love. Happens that for the sake of relatives it is necessary to forget the pride, ambitions and even the fact that before it seemed the firm vital principle. Each new day opens new opportunities. And depends only on you as you dispose of them.

the Loneliness in the face of death

of People comes to this world one and leaves alone. Such is the law of the nature, and any miracle drugs cannot save us from losses and partings. When someone from relatives leaves forever, explanations and consolations do not help. Unexpectedly you appear in the face of the terrible force to which you cannot resist. And any words are useless.


Since the most ancient times people, facing love and death, called to the aid art. They sang, composed legends, covered walls of the dwellings with fancy patterns. Art can help also you. Read, you watch film, you go to exhibitions, listen to music. By and large, all centuries-old culture of mankind is an address to inaccessible beloved. And, perhaps, you will be helped by feeling of participation in eternal values.



If before you enjoyed that you created others, try to create. Even if you were never engaged in creativity, risk. Dance, draw, write, embroider, sing, you learn to play musical instruments. Most likely, you will not reach Picasso`s heights and will not become Mozart. But you will surely find a way to express the experiences. And it is the first and most important step accepting the incident and to live further, storing an image of the one who is rather dear to you in heart.

Why nobody approaches you?

you are unfriendly
  1. . If you smile to acquaintances, look to them in the face, kindly talk, then take a step to rapprochement.
  2. you are reticent
  3. . Perhaps, you do not keep up the conversation because you were tired or just hesitate, but the interlocutor thinks that it is boring for you, and decides to leave you alone.
  4. you are too haughty
  5. . People who highly appreciate themselves very much are very often lonely. And therefore it is difficult to them to communicate with someone as equals. No doubt, the advantages should be appreciated. But nevertheless to build the relations that people around it is worse than you, not an exit too.
  6. you tell
  7. much and listen a little. Ideally interlocutors have to tell and listen to approximately equal amount of time.

the Test

the Loneliness is an illness?

Sometimes the unwillingness to be in society can be a symptom of a so-called syndrome of social fear. At communication you often worry that you can offend or humiliate people around? If the important meeting or conversation is necessary to you, you begin to worry for several days? You feel a nervous trembling, redden or sweat during conversation? If you answered these questions “yes“, ask for the qualified help.

Loneliness - one of the most painful conditions of the person. And still, if at the moment you communicate with people less, than it would be desirable, do not despair. There are situations when the loneliness is very useful: it gives the chance to collect the thoughts, to assess a situation, to develop the plan for the future. Animals always lick the wounds alone - the nature so disposed.

the loneliness can Sometimes be deceptive. It seems to you that any soul cannot understand you, but actually you just are not able to explain yet to people around what you from them wait for. People are not able to read mind. The straight talk can change a lot of things.

at people have more Today than opportunities for communication, than ever. Phone, the Internet, mobile systems allow to contact anyone in every spot on the globe. But, contrary to these opportunities, lonely people do not become less among people. If you divorced recently, then for certain feel lonely. The most important in this situation - not to rush as soon as possible on searches of the new applicant for a hand and heart. You risk to begin series of hasty novels which do not leave anything, except feeling of exinanition. You do not hurry, everything will come in due time. And the new love is worth it that to wait for it.