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The homeopathy of

Similar is treated today by similar - the basic principle of homeopathy, strange and a mansion of the standing branch of the medicine existing more than 200 years. The burn is treated by hot applying, frostbite - ice, fear - similar fear, despair - the same despair. First it is difficult to understand it though the known Russian proverb says - “like cures like“.


the clown has great success in public? That which causes tears. Unless it is possible to imagine the Harlequin without Piero? (we will remember Charlie Chaplin). What music can improve mood? Can be cheerful? It is unlikely, rather it for a while will smooth grief, but then that will return with the trebled force. But sad, majestic, sad, dramatic music, similar to the endured mood, maybe at first, perhaps, and to deepen grief, but then will cure it completely. Cures not derivation of attention of a problem, but experience of similar problems.

At the person the drama. It is possible to tell - do not cry, distract, drink wines, descend in theater, buy a new dress, forget about it. It too most that to give analginum, treatment opposite, treatment of grief artificial fun or just derivation of attention.

A can watch “the heavy movie“, through pain to endure a similar situation and through pain and tears to find calm. Such is “a magic power of art“, the magic power of homeopathy is same. Tears of pain and simplification, it would be possible to compare homeopathic approach to them. And how many the tear weighs? Nearly at all, as well as homeopathic medicine. Sugar grains, traditional carriers of homeopathic drugs, often contain no more than several molecules of substance. And it can help, you ask? And the word can help? And the compassion can help? And unless it is possible to measure them?

All this

can seem the general words, but analogies are rather exact, and, perhaps, comparison of action of homeopathy with art or mental experiences is the easiest way figuratively to explain an essence of action of homeopathy.

This weightless medicine was very powerful

in fight against numerous epidemics of cholera in the 19th century. And if at treatment in the ways usual at that time about 50 percent of the diseased perished, then at treatment by homeopathy only 10 - 20 percent perished. And it is data of serious official researches in various countries.

As the homeopathy arose? It arose from suffering and compassion. Medicine of the end of the 18th century, numerous bloodlettings in all situations, long copy-books of strong means, Germany. The young, successful and talented doctor, the owner of big and rich practice, at him gets sick the child, and he feels own powerlessness. With suffering he looks on offered by the colleague - the doctor of bloodletting and understands that God of more effective and soft treatment for the children could not but provide. And he gives up successful practice and prefers to be engaged in the translations and chemical experiments, dooming already numerous family to rather modest existence. The name of the doctor was Samuil Ganemann.

I soon to it the case which laid the foundation of homeopathy happens. Malaria, a terrible disease of those years, was everywhere treated by cinchona. And Ganemann noticed that the cinchona accepted inside causes the symptoms and states which are extremely reminding that malaria in the person. He made similar experiment on itself(himself) and received these results. And it became model of future medicine.

To this day all homeopathic medicine is originally taken by volunteers, they watch closely the state, writing down all symptoms which arose after reception. The essence is that it cures those symptoms which substance can cause in healthy patients at patients. All received symptoms register in homeopathic books, thus, any substance receives the portrait which is written down by those symptoms of illnesses which it can cause. These books are called Materia Medica, and are the guide to action for homeopaths. The doctor interrogates the patient and compares the symptoms received in poll to the known pictures of drugs. The most similar, suitable, similar means will cure the patient.

Though in practice the situation is slightly more difficult, homeopathic tactics is difficult and doctors study many years before they achieve serious success in treatment. But a homeopathy essence such is.

What can serve as raw materials for homeopathic medicine? It is possible to answer shortly - all. Plants and minerals, substances of an animal origin and even synthetic substances. Any substance after series of tests takes the place in homeopathic practice. Today more than several thousand homeopathic drugs are known. But there are, of course, the most usable. As a rule, it is those substances which content in a human body or on a surface of our planet is rather big. It is calcium and phosphorus, sulfur and carbon. Also less widespread substances, for example, precious metals - gold, silver, platinum are applied. The majority of plants are known to homeopathists as homeopathic medicines too. Even the most usual - the plantain or a sorrel - are tested long ago and are used in homeopathy. It can sometimes be poisons - as arsenic or snake poison, sometimes - externally absolutely, seemingly, inert substances - as chloride sodium - our table salt.


As make homeopathic drugs? The traditional, developed still by S. Ganemann technology is used to this day. In preparation of homeopathic drugs pristustvut 2 main stages - a potentsiirovaniye and a dinamization. At first substance is long is pounded with dairy sugar in a mortar then it is dissolved in spirit solution. Then a certain number of stirrings of the received solution is made and one its drop is transferred already to pure spirit solution, then a number of stirrings - dinamization is made again - and again only the unique drop is transferred to new pure solution of alcohol.


If such manipulations it is made 6 - druggists speak - the medicine “6 potentialities“ if such cycles it is made 200, we receive medicine 200 potentialities. Since 12 - 15 potentialities - substances, that is there is no molecule left in medicine, actually but, on modern researches, in it there is another - information - information on initial substance. In drugstores a medicine, as a rule, not higher than 30 potentialities is sold, preparations 50 - 200 - 1000 - 10000 - 50000 potentialities can use only professional homeopathists.

the Homeopathy gained various development in the different countries. The greatest number of homeopaths works in India today - tens of thousands, the homeopathy is widespread in Europe and the USA. In some countries for conducting homeopathic practice medical education is not obligatory. Only the person having the higher medical education after passing of special courses can practice homeopathy in Russia, as well as in the majority of the states. In the last 5 - 10 years the Russian homeopathy received a powerful impulse to development, many classical homeopathic books are translated into Russian, quality of production of homeopathic medicines increases.