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Ski resorts of Switzerland of

the Southern slopes of Switzerland

Winter rest in the Swiss mountains gives to

huge pleasure. Here fine snow, perfectly developed infrastructure and that is still important, a remarkable network of railway and bus routes which allows to reach any resorts easily.

the mountain area of driving, Largest in the country, where the season lasts till summer, is in the Canton of Valais in the south of the country in the “French-speaking“ Swiss Alps, near border with Italy and France. The most known resorts here - Tsermatt, Verbye, Saas - Fe, the Crane - Montana, Leykerbad which form the alpine skiing region Matterhorn. From the West the Canton of Valais is adjoined by the region of Lake Geneva where the known resorts of Villar / Griyon - Le Diablere are located.

the Region Matterhorn

of Tsermatt the most southern winter resort of Switzerland which is included in the top ten in the world. The resort is located in valley upper courses Visp, in an environment of tops of the Main Alpine ridge.“ Behind the mountain“ - the Italian winter resort region Bra - Cherviniya / Valturnansh. This alpine skiing area quite often call Tsermatt - Cherviniya.

statistically, Tsermatt it is most popular with our tourists. Its symbol - peak Matterhorn. In Tsermatta it is authorized to move only on electric cars and in horse vehicles.

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hotel . In the resort over 110 hotels and 1500 apartments which can accept at the same time more than 14 thousand people. Here three hotels of level 5 *, 33 - 4 *, more than 40 - 3*.

Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 5 *: 250 - 350 CHF.
Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 4*: 150 - 200 CHF.
Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 3*: 95 - 150 CHF.

the Group of family hotels Seiler this year celebrates the 150 - summer anniversary. It includes such hotels as Mont Cervin Palace & Residence 5 *, Hotel Schweizerhof & Residence 4 *, Hotel Monte Rosa4 *, Hotel Nicoletta 4 * and Riffelalp Resort 5*. Each of them is remarkable in own way: Mont Cervin Palace & Residence (1851) many consider as the most magnificent in Tsermatta, * speak about Monte Rosa4 as about hotel with which hotel business in the resort began in Nicoletta there is a kindergarten of Nico Kids Club, free for the guests living in any of Seiler hotels, and of the Riffelalp Resort 5 windows * the tremendous Alpine panorama of the Alps opens, the hotel is at the height of 2222 m! In hotels of a chain Seiler there is an original dine program - around. The guests who reserved accommodation with a half board can have supper in any of 11 restaurants of hotels of group (except the Christmas and New Year`s periods).

In Tsermatta the interesting hotel Kulm Gornergrat 2 * which is considered the most mountainous in the Alps (3080 m) is . There are 43 places, in numbers there are wash basins, other conveniences on the floor. A fine panorama from restaurant.

we Come to a slope . In Tsermatta two integrated ski areas. One of the most difficult - Triftyi - is located on northern slopes of ridge Shtokhorn. In the second zone, in the southern sector, there is the highest station in the Alps Klein Matterhorn (3883 m). From here it is possible to go down to Italy and to drive on the well-known routes of Cherviniya (but it is necessary not to forget that elevators work at the Italian side which can return the tourist to Switzerland to 15. 00). On a glacier of the Test of Gridzhiya (3820 m) it is possible to ride mountain skiing and a snowboard and in the summer (20 km of routes). To services of mountain skiers more than 170 instructors.

In Tsermatta of 194 km of the marked routes (17,5 km of “blue“, 106 km of “red“, 70,5 km “black“) and 34 elevators, including the underground funicular. There is practically no waiting list for rise. In the resort about 10 km of running routes are also laid, there are two halfpipe, three snouparka. In total in Tsermatt`s zone - Chervinya - nearly 400 km of routes and over 60 elevators.

of Skipass Internatioanal Zermatt - Chervinia 1/6 of days - 75/374 CHF.
of Skipass Zermatt - Chervinia 1/6 of days - 67/322 CHF.

Free time . In the resort about 170 restaurants and bars (including nearly 40 mountain small restaurants), about ten discos, casino (Hotel Zermatterhof). One of the best restaurants Corbeau d’ Or in Mirabeau hotel is considered.

Should climb the mountain railroad on Gornergrat (3090 m). The cost of the ticket is included into sk - a pass. The ticket price - 42 euros. It is possible to visit the Alpine museum, a tennis court or a sports complex with pools, saunas and other pleasures of life. In Tsermatt`s center there is a platform which works as a football field in the summer, in the winter there fill in a skating rink.

the Alpine skiing area is located

of Verbye between Matterhorn and the French Mont Blanc at the height of 1500 m. The main top - Mont the Fort (3330 m) from where Matterhorn is perfectly visible. Here rather reasonable prices, the resort it is designed for skiers of all levels of preparation.

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hotel . In the resort about 25 family hotels, and also a set of a chalet on hillsides. One hotel - smart Chalet d’ Adrien 5 *, entering into Relais & Chateaux association, - has category category 5 *. Here too five hotels of level 4 *, 14 - 3*.

Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 5 *: 360 - 500 CHF.
Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 4*: 185 - 265 CHF.
Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 3*: 120 - 195 CHF.

the Most inexpensive hotel 4 * is located

near the Medran elevator.

is the closest than

to elevators there is a Rosalp 4 hotel * which is included into Relais & Chateaux association. The top - group also includes Montpelier hotel where actively work with the Russian tourists.

we Come to a slope . Verbye - the resort of “four valleys“ (4 Vallees - Mt. Fort) where eight towns are located. In a huge ski area (the large in the country) laid 400 km of routes (135 km of “blue“, 170 km of “red“, 25 km of “black“, 50 km of ski - tours, 20 km of high mountain - tours). The longest route - 15 km. Routes serve 94 elevators on uniform sk - I graze. Here the biggest in Europe the rope Jumbo elevator.

should be on “ski El Dorado“ with speakers from more carefully - under snow stony folds - springboards. Even skilled skiers prefer to take advices of local instructors for a start.


In the resort an excellent environment for a snowboard, around La Sho equipped halfpipe, is snoupark on Mittelalalin.

is Very much impressed by a virgin soil. It is enough to tell that soon ten years as are held large competitions of world-class thrill-seekers of O`Neil Xtreme Freeride here.

of Skipass 4 Vallees/Mont Fort1/6 of days - 67/319 CHF.
of Skipass Verbier 1/6 of days - 59/277 CHF.

Free time . Verbye has reputation of the youth resort, but there are also many restaurants of “high kitchen“. In total in the resort of 45 restaurants, approximately in a half of them also fondues - the remarkable national melted cheese dishes are offered raklett. It is possible to try them also at the mountain restaurant Marmotte located approximately on the middle of descent from Savoleyres top. On slopes about 10 mountain restaurants are located. Directly near a junction station of the elevator in the center of the town there is a Cabane Mont restaurant - Fort. Among culinary sights of Verbye there is a Le Rosalp restaurant which has 19 points from 20 possible authoritative guide to Gault Millau restaurants in a rating.

In Verbye of 16 pubs, bars and discos. Farm Club, Marshall, Le Scotch are distinguished from them. The prices are lower here, than in the neighboring resorts.

the set of active entertainments Is: flights on paraplanes (here for this purpose fine conditions), skating, the pool etc.

Saas - Fe / Saastal

the Resort lies among the highest tops of the Swiss Alps (over 4000 m) to the north of Tsermatt. Thirteen mountain giants surround the valley, forming a peculiar sink where there is “a pearl of the Alps“ - so quite often call Saas - Fe. As well as in Tsermatta, in Saas - car traffic is forbidden to Fe. There live a little more than 1,6 thousand people.

we Choose by

hotel. In the resort about hundred hotels (one categories 5 *, 7 - 4 *, about 30 - 3 *), and also a set of a chalet and apartments.


allocates Ferienart Spa and Resort 5 hotel * (byvsh. Walliserhof). Detailed information on her can be found on the Russian-speaking website www. ferienart. ch. Together with this hotel a top - the group is made by seven hotels of level 4*. It is popular velness - SQ Schweizerhof 4 hotel *, Saas located in the center - Fe. * the club hotel Robinson has category 4.

Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 4*: 160 - 200 CHF.
Accommodation with a half board (in days) in hotel 3*: 115 - 150 CHF.

we Come to a slope . Saas - Fe / Saastal is considered a zone of year-round driving. Here 145 km of the marked routes with a height difference of 1470-3600 m. The longest - 6 km. The big difference of heights gives a set of opportunities both for beginners, and for professionals. The most difficult descents are at the edges of a glacier Feegletcher. In a ski area there is snoupark, halfpipe for a snowboard, 19 km of routes for a toboggan, children`s ski park. Perhaps night driving. For maintenance of snow cover 80 guns are used.


in the Winter 36 elevators work at the resort. Pride Saas - Fe - Alpine Express ropeway. With its help it is possible to reach only several minutes prior to the next glacier Felskin (3000 m). At ski school of the resort there is an instructor speaking in Russian.

of Skipass 4 Vallees/Mont Fort1/6 of days - 67/319 CHF.
of Skipass Verbier 1/6 of days - 59/277 CHF.

Free time. to Guests of the resort of Saas - by Fe offers at choice more than 100 restaurants as with traditional Swiss cuisine, and French, Italian.

B Saas - Fe can drive on dogsleds. Children and adults, will like in an amusement park “Saas - Fe“ (rise uphill on a magic carpet, a snow roundabout etc.) . The resort is well-known the most high-rise in the world of Alpline Metro, laid in the thickness of the mountain to a mark of 3500 m. At the end of the underground road - the most mountainous in the world the rotating panoramic restaurant Mittelallin at the height of 3500 m from where all Switzerland is visible, probably. Near it the well-known “Ice pavilion“ (the museum of development of the Alpine glaciers) where there is the biggest in the world a man-made grotto of 5500 sq.m with beautiful illumination.

B Saas - Fe about 80 restaurants, bars and snackbars. There are three night clubs, a concert hall, bowling, squash. Here interesting local history and grain museums.

the Crane - Montana is called the most solar resort of Switzerland. It is formed by the settlements adjoining to each other the Crane and Montana located in the center of the Canton of Valais on the southern slopes of the Bernese Alps at the height of 1500 m on a picturesque terrace over the valley of Rhone. This five-kilometer plateau with numerous lakes, curative sources and coniferous forests. In 1908 the most high-rise funicular in Switzerland was constructed here.

we Choose by

hotel . In the resort of 50 hotels (three hotels - 5 *, 11 - 4 *, 26 - 3 *). Plus to it about 7000 chalets and apartments. The choice is very wide. It and luxury hotel Grand Hotel du Golf with more than century history, its Spa - the center has the area more than 800 sq.m of Spa - procedures with use of the Alpine herbs are offered also in Crans Ambassador 5* hotel. For active skiers the Lindner Golfhotel Rhodania 4 hotel * will be an optimal variant, it is few steps away from the elevator. From hotels of level 3 * Minotel La Prairie3 * and BW Hotel National 3* enjoy wide popularity.

Placement in hotel 5 * with a half board (in days): 210 - 280 CHF.
Placement in hotel 4 * with a half board (in days): 130 - 180 CHF.
Placement in hotel 3 * with a breakfast (in days): 60 - 100 CHF.

we Come to a slope . In the resort of 160 km of ski slopes (it is more than 50% - “red“) on 50 slopes. Plus descent for a tobogganing (6 km), a slope for the tubing and halfpipe. There are also several special children`s routes.

Rise to places of driving are provided by 30 elevators. Their stations are located at both settlements. By free bus it is possible to pass from Montana to the settlement of Aminona (5 km). From it up, to the Brevier Bunvil station, there is an elevator. Besides, one more long funicular to a plateau Vayskhorn (2948 m) is near. All this, including snoupark in Aminona, - uniform area of driving.

of Skipass Crans Montana 1/6 of days - 58/274 CHF.

Free time . In the Crane - Montana 80 city restaurants and 13 mountain, seven discos, more than ten cafes and bars, a casino. One of the best restaurants Restaurant Gastronomique in a chalet Pas deL’Ours in the Crane.

For purchases - about 300 boutiques. There are also three centers of beauty and health at hotels. To pleasure of fans of active recreation - tennis courts, an outdoor ice rink, the pool with sea water. Flights on a paraplane, balloons, walks on horses are offered. There is a snow children`s park BiBi (so call a groundhog - a resort symbol).

is located

on North - the West of the canton at the height of 1034-2971 m. This unique place for persons interested to drive on mountain skiing and to undergo improving and cosmetic procedures.

we Choose by

hotel. In Leykerbada of 28 hotels (1415 places), from which one - 5 *, three - 4*. Fixed assets of placement the chalet and apartments make, them 1700 here. Smart Les Sources des Alpes 5* possesses the surprising atmosphere promoting rest and a relaxation. Even numbers have romantic names instead of numbers here:“ Hyacinth“, “Orange“, “Violet“ … Good reputation at Bristol 4* hotel. The real pearl of the resort of Leykerbad is the Lindner Alpentherme 4* hotel. It consists of three cases and a magnificent thermal complex.

we Come to a slope . In a zone of alpine skiing driving “Torrent“ 66 routes with a total length of 50 km are laid (20 km - “blue“, 22 km - “red“, 8 km - “black“). The longest - 6 km. To services of tourists of 15 elevators. There are also 25 km of routes for cross-country skis.

of Skipass Leukerbad of 6 days - 208 CHF. It also grants the right for visit of times in day of one of thermal complexes of the resort.

Free time . Not smaller popularity, than alpine skiing slopes, local thermal sources brought Leykerbada. The first thermal bathtubs appeared in these parts in 1500. Here is 22 outdoor and closed thermal the pool. The volume of the consumed healing water reaches 3 million liters a day. At all seasons of the year tourists are attracted vodno - the improving complexes “Lindner Alpenterm“ (Lindner Alpentherme) and “Burgerbad“ (Burgenbad Spa). In the resort of 50 restaurants, five bars, night club. One of the coziest places the restaurant - the bar Chinchilla der Pub in the English style is considered.

the Region of Lake Geneva

Villar - Le Diablere (Villars/Les Diablerets)

Villar - one of the most picturesque resorts of Switzerland located at the height of 1300 m in two hours` journey from the main cities - Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zurich. Once Villar was only the improving resort, pulmonary patients were treated here. Today it is the known tourist center having ample opportunities both for active and for quiet rest. Here Fidel Castro had once a rest. Le Diablere in translation “the laughing djyavolenok“, a classical Swiss ski resort. It is located at the height of 1200 m. Its history goes to the Middle Ages.

we Choose by

hotel . In Diablere the best hotel, perhaps, Victoria 4*. Accommodation here with a half board will manage in 160 - 185 CHF. Placement in hotel 3 * with a breakfast (in days): 70 - 90 CHF.

In Villar the biggest hotel Victoria 4 * - 166 numbers. The most luxurious - Grand Hotel du Parc 5*. Also five hotels 4 * and several hotels 3 *, including Club Med are offered. Many studios and apartments at the price of 700 - 1000 francs in a week are given.

Accommodation in hotel 5 * with onlupansiony (in days): 245 - 330 CHF.
Placement in hotel 4 * with a half board (in days): 150 - 165 CHF.
Placement in hotel 3 * with a half board (in days): 70 - 90 CHF.

we Come to a slope. Here three ski areas, total length of routes are 150 km. (“blue“ - 40%, “red“ - 50%, “black“ - 10%), 45 elevators. Two funiculars lift on height of 3000 m from where the view of other well-known Swiss resort - Gshtaad opens. With it, and also with other near ski regions - Gshtaad, Leyzen, Shatto d`e, Saanen - the resort is perfectly connected by public transport and uniform ski - pass.

the Ski season begins

with the middle of December and comes to an end at the end of April. On Diablerets glacier a driving season all the year round.

of Skipass Galacier Alpes Vaudoises 1/6 of days - 55/261 CHF.
of Skipass Villars - Gryon - Les Diablerets 1/2 dnz - 47/90 CHF.

Free time . In Villar about 50 restaurants, cafe and bars. Restaurants for gourmets: La Toscana, La Solei and Mon Repos. Are popular diskoklub El Gringo, night club of BeClub (to ladies free entrance). There is a good shopping. A wide choice of excursion programs, here only 20 minutes of driving to Montreux and Vevye, the 40th minute - to Lausanne or Gruyere, hour with small - to Geneva and Bern.

In Le Diablere two tens restaurants and bars are. The mountain restaurant of Diablere is well-known, the well-known Botta 3000 is at the top station of the elevator on a glacier. In a hut on Mazot give parties of a fondue then guests go down on the sledge. The youth gathers in the bars L`Ormonan, Mac Twist Bar, B`Bar, La Pote disco. La Diabletine Internet cafe.

of $1 = CHF1,2.