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The child is published, or About advantage of live probiotics

Strong butuz, at last reached the necessary age, vigorously goes to kindergarten. His mother makes plans - to come to work, to continue study and, of course, to find time for the personal records and hobbies... But all develops differently - the child begins to be ill, weaken often, the flush is replaced by circles under eyes, and former activity - causeless whims. And it occurs and with those children whom parents trained for kindergarten - tempered, gave vitamins and the preparations improving immunity.

of the Reason of many children`s diseases, arising in the period of the beginning of social adaptation (in other words when children go to kindergarten or school) is a meeting with new microflora of child care facility and a stress of immune system.

the Child living in a family and constantly being at home contacts to the same microflora day by day. Then it gets to the child care facility filled with bacteria, unusual for it. Children closely communicate, and microbes of other people, even harmless constantly “exchange“ microflora, the organism of the child perceives as “strangers“. These it is conditional - the pathogenic bacteria getting from the outside to the child`s organism begin to suppress his protective microflora. Violation of intestinal microflora is resulted by dysbacteriosis which is shown in the form of frustration of a chair, pains in a stomach, gastritises etc. Leads violations of microflora of airways to a bronchial tube - to pulmonary diseases, microflorae of skin - to skin problems. to Parents it is important to p to know

that immunity is developed thanks to bacteria of healthy intestinal microflora. Therefore always at an intestinal dysbiosis at children the lowered immunity is observed, they often and long are ill. Besides, at dysbacteriosis there is no absorption of nutrients, minerals, vitamins which are vital to the growing organism, and, therefore, do not give effect and expensive vitamin complexes.

If not to help microflora of the child, there will pass not one year before the immune system gets used“ to “collective“ microflora, the series of diseases will stop. By means of regular reception “Biovestinov“ it is possible to resist to pathogenic bacteria and to protect microflora of the child.“ Biovestin“ contains live bifido - and lactobacilli of whom for 90% the healthy microflora consists.

and “Biovestin - lakto“ differ in

“Biovestin“ from traditional probiotics in the fact that they - liquid. In what their advantage? Microorganisms in “Biovestinakh“ are not affected by high temperatures and are in active, in a “live“ state. That is at hit in a human body they quickly find the niche and in 2 - 3 hours begin to breed and produce substances necessary for the person actively. Dry microorganisms begin to sprout after not less than 8 - 10 hours. It is also important that in the liquid Biovestinov form not only live microorganisms, but also products of their activity, useful to the person, remain.

Unfortunately, parents treat health of kids much more attentively, than health of the grown-up children - school students. Questions of progress and success of children begin to concern them more. Health as if recedes into the background. In appearance it is it seems healthy, and it is fine. And many children are simply not inclined to complain when something disturbs them.

But except the listed above problems school life has also the features influencing microflora and immunity of the child.

First is a change of the mode, rhythm of life of the child. The day dream disappears, less time remains on rest. The beginning of school life is a stress for the child. And the stress always leads to violation of protective microflora.

Second is a food of school students. Houses and in kindergarten food of the child was regular and more or less balanced. At school often meals are reduced to a perekusyvaniye on “a fast hand“, and the hot lunch is often replaced with pie or a chocolate. As a result the microflora should fight for a survival since it is the live organisms needing vitamins, amino acids, minerals literally. In most cases the intestinal dysbiosis develops, and on the account to pediatricians and gastroenterologists the huge number of school students with gastritises, gastroduodenita, stomach ulcers gets.


besides, weakens immunity, there are frequent inflammations, both in respiratory, and in other systems, including sexual. Therefore parents need to pay attention to a condition of microflora of the child and to support it with the help “Biovestinov“.

If the child begins to visit child care facility, it is necessary to give it during the whole first month of “Biovestin“ or “Biovestin - Lakto“ 2 ml 2 times a day, and it is better to alternate these preparations. And the most correct - how the child goes to kindergarten or school to begin to give to drink its “Biovestinami“. Further for maintenance of a good shape of microflora it is necessary to accept biological products of 1 times in three months a course in 3 weeks.

and “Biovestin - lakto“ ask

“Biovestin“ in drugstores of your city. Residents of Moscow can order these preparations on the website www. probiotic. ru with delivery.