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Not massage, so gymnastics. About formation of physical activity at children 12 months of

Here are more senior and hard first year of life of your kid ended. It would seem, it has to be already easier. But there are all new questions of further development.

the Child after a year begins to move much and actively. As a rule, the kid already learned to go and hold the little fidget on the place it is almost impossible. Now it needs to help to gain new skills of the movement. And for this purpose it is necessary to give several minutes a day for gymnastics which will strengthen still weak muscles of the child. Because those parts of a body which work is connected with bipedalism experience unusually big strain.

For prevention of deformation of a bone skeleton, adaptation kostno - the muscular device to new loadings, trainings and strengthenings of muscles carry out the baby strengthening massage and gymnastics.

However how parents were sure of need of a baby massage, to the kid to give convincing arguments extremely difficult. There is so much interesting around! And it is necessary to remake a heap of affairs: to look what new appeared in a kitchen case, not to forget to call the grandmother, to check serviceability of the TV … Not to count everything! How it is possible to remain sitting quietly and furthermore to lie on the place?

to Parents only also remains to

that to interest the kid in game. And it is imperceptible for it to work the strengthening and developing exercises. But if you are sure that all - the kid will quietly apprehend massage sessions, then we can work with it. Usefulness of a baby massage is proved long ago.

the Most suitable time for carrying out gymnastics - walk, and the first necessary exercise - walking. If the kid cannot independently go yet, suggest to carry to him own carriage, pushing it before themselves. It is possible to suggest the child to move to any purpose:“ Let`s go to that tree “, “ we will reach mother“ - or to use a toy on a long stick which the kid rolls before himself. Children whose mobility is not limited to sitting in a carriage and a constant odyorgivaniye are quicker trained to go and run, develop better.

When the kid goes already rather well, it has a requirement to seize other ways of movement. Often the child of 1,5 - 3 runs more willingly, than goes, and even frequent falling do not distract him from this fascinating occupation.

While the child learned to run, it is possible to begin to train it in jumps. There are 2 types of jumps: the first - to win against fear (for example, to jump off from some height to you on hands), the second - at which the child is just trained to jump. To train the kid in jumps, jump off from a step, and then, having put the child on the same step, get up to him the person, take by hands, suggest to sit down and jump slightly to you towards. When the kid begins to jump absolutely surely, hold him by one hand, and then allow to jump independently. Later children learn to jump on the place on two and one leg.

to the kid who Well learned to go and run interestingly it is also very useful for p to master other types of walking: the movement by an added step, walking on tiptoe and heels, walking on an external surface of foot. All these exercises are good prevention of flat-footedness. Children with pleasure imitate various animals, and too it is good to use it for training of various movements, balance and coordination of speech and motor skills (ability to move and speak at the same time). Here example of some similar exercises:

the Following useful occupation on walk - a lasagna. Teach the kid to get through the tumbled-down tree, a small bench, to get at first on an inclined plane, and later on a vertical short flight of stairs. At the same time try not to hold, and just to secure it. Training the child in a perelezaniye, at first show to the child as it becomes. (For this purpose you should get, but not to step over an obstacle.) And then suggest to make it to the child, whenever possible only prompting, but not helping him. As soon as the child learned to get through an obstacle, repeat this exercise as often as possible during walk.

Well and, of course, the child is more senior than

, the it is more important to include in walk role-playing outdoor games, occupations on various shells (horizontal bars, short flights of stairs). Ball games, occupations by different types of sport. Various games with throwing and pushing of a ball can be begun at the age of 1,5 - 2. Teach the child to throw a ball from - for the heads, from a breast, the right and left hand, to catch it. At first just pass a ball, gradually increasing distance between you and the child.

of the Kid at the age of 2 - 2,5 years can learn to ski. In the beginning it is better to learn to cross the child on skis without sticks that legs were parallel. Then it is possible to study walking by the sliding step, to suggest to move down from a small hill. Ski sticks are not recommended to be given to children as at the same time the most part of loading is necessary on even weak hands.

In general the child 2,5 years are more senior than

it is possible to train in almost any kind of sport. But occupations make sense only when bring joy and to you and the child. By the way, children from whom demand due result (not important: to get a leg on a ball or to resist on skis), those who are praised even for tiny good luck are engaged, as a rule, less successfully, than. You remember: it is difficult for child to operate the body. Your main task - to help it to learn it. That for you a trifle, for the kid - the whole event. Therefore it is very important that your child trusted you.

Of course, walk not the only place for sports occupations. It is good that also houses the kid had an opportunity to practice. But it is a separate subject and we will surely continue it next time.