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Not miracle of

I dreamed to Nurse it till Vanya`s birth. Looked at the increasing forms and imagined how it will occur. Did not concern me that I am a poluiskusstvennitsa. Mother fed me about two months, my younger sister did not get also monthly norm. I was a widely-read girl and knew that then fed on hours, and now - on demand, and problems will not be.

Life after maternity hospital fell upon me with all the nightmares and surprises. It turned out that I know nothing about how to raise children. Recently found in the notebook where I usually wrote down questions to doctors: “To put on a stomach. On whose? On my or its?“ Now it is ridiculous, and then was not. After arrival of the pediatrician I called the familiar doctor and received opposite opinion. The third to me was advised by mother, the fourth was stated by the skilled girlfriend by phone.

On the third week of this hassle to us the doctor - neonatolog came from maternity hospital which I invited home for money. Having seen Vanya, she threw up the hands: “My God, what thin!“ It was strongly extended, but it absolutely had no infantile attributes - perevyazochka, ruddy cheeks. Rushed further: “The dystrophic person, you will starve him!“ “Thin whom you can bring up“. We weighed the coiling child in a diaper on a steelyard, and it showed some insignificant grams of an increase. Really, in three weeks after the delivery I practically returned to the initial weight.

the Main argument of a neonatolog was that I have low-fat milk. And therefore the child does not gorge on, sleeps badly and constantly demands a breast. When milk came, I with regret thought that everything is senseless. All the same it is low-fat. Milk, bad, disgusting, tasteless at me. I could not constrain tears. My baby was called the puny creature, and I am guilty of it.

I began to give

on the advice of a neonatolog to Vanya twice a day dokorm - acidified milk formula. We still then did not know that our allergy - atopic dermatitis will begin with it. And rash which appeared on a little body advised me to smear with “Bepanten“.

to make milk fatter, I began to eat in large quantities a roll with oil and with cheese, to drink kefir, tea with milk, than only aggravated already begun failure in immune system. In a week I had several extra kilos and the liver ached. Vanya was terribly hurt by a stomach, it calmed down only at a breast, said to me that I will overfeed him and that it has an allergy to my milk. Never I will forget offensive words of the mother-in-law:“ Remember, you will nurse only in case of a miracle“. She did not feed. Also both my mother, and the husband considered.

Now I precisely know that I will not repeat all these mistakes with the second child. Then I thought again only to the middle of the second month. The girlfriend gave me phone of the consultant for breastfeeding. And this girl very quietly and in detail explained to me what should not be done.

In - the first, tea with milk is first of all... a diuretic, and in our case only promotes strengthening of an allergy. In - the second, milk of mother cannot be low-fat. It will be such what is necessary for her child. It is also self-regulating system mother - the child. Even if it blue and transparent by sight, no walnuts are necessary. In - the third, any teas and sweet water - milks to the child both food, and water.

At own risk under looks of disapproval of the family I declared that I cease to give to the child mix. I shifted it to myself. The first week we lay, practically without leaving. Even the food to me was brought on a tray. And it must be said what it was done by my skeptically adjusted mother-in-law to whom I am infinately grateful.

I Remember

, the consultant for feeding told me as she baked pancakes with the child at a breast. We did not reach such feats. After a bathtub I put to it a breast, and in general put a breast, he should have opened a mouth only. Milk flew the river. I drank a lot of water and Laktavit tea, tried to eat or drink something hot before feeding. Spock writes that it as if dilutes milk.

For the second month Vanya added kilogram, same occurred both in the third, and in the fourth, and in the fifth months. On my low-fat “defective“ milk my child grew to 8 - mi months. From - for the immune system broken by an early dokorm I could not enter to it any feeding up - it reacted to everything rash. But it is already other history.


Ya about one year and three months. The lactation had to be pressed “Parlodel“. I came to work, and to me it was heavy physically also to feed, keeping at the same time to a strict diet though he ate milk already only at night. My milk was our immune board. Vanya was practically not ill and perfectly developed. If not dermatitis which began with such idiotic mistake, it would be absolutely healthy. Of course, it has a hereditary predisposition to an allergy, but it could be shown later, and not in such form.

A he slept near me somewhere till one and a half years. I shifted it in a bed without problems. Gradually. At first the bed stood nearby, then, is closer by two years, it was transferred. And he sleeps very well in the bed. So all this nonsense about the fact that the child gets used to a parental bed. How still to feed at night?

should not be afraid and trust stereotypes. This is your child, and you bring up him. It is necessary to trust in the nature. Nobody not in forces to change its laws.