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Different boarding schools for different children of

On one of the Internet - forums survey was conducted: what associations are caused in you by the word “boarding school“? Practically all respondents admitted that especially negative.

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of Options: “defective“, “mentally retarded“, “lonely“, “sad“, “unfortunate“, “unfortunate“, etc. Only one girl was beaten out from a general series by statements:“ ingenious“, “gifted“, “special“. In the course of discussion it became clear that she studied in a specialized mathematical boarding school.


It is obvious that the most part of answers was associated with boarding schools for children - orphans, children with intellectual deviations and children with serious problems with health: hearing-impaired, visually impaired, sick cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

But opinion it is wrong. In boarding schools also quite healthy, financially secure, clever and talented school students study. Why there, but not at usual school? Matter in special form of education which distinguishes boarding schools - the child will see off here not only days, but also nights. Similar to a five-day week in kindergarten: parents bring the son or the daughter into school on Monday, and take away in the evening on Friday. It is possible to remain there and for the weekend. The reasons for such schedule of study - different. And types of boarding schools a little.

For rich and busy

One of them - private schools - boards. They very much remind the “closed“ boarding schools which existed in Soviet period. For mere mortals access was closed there, the contingent of pupils was made by children of the diplomats and other experts working abroad. Not in all countries at Embassy of the USSR there were schools, and was forbidden to go to local educational institutions for ideological reasons. Here parents also left children of school age in Russia. In the absence of careful grandmothers and grandfathers, children got to a special boarding school.

If are allowed by means, in modern schools - boards can be defined any child. There are enough busy fathers and mothers, days without a break earning money, today. Parents just physically have neither time, nor forces to pay to the child due attention. And in private board the child under supervision, grows, is engaged in good, almost house conditions. Children whose parents live in other city or the country too often study at schools - boards.

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of Special innovations in the schedule. In the afternoon - lessons. After a lunch - rest, walks, excursions, visit of circles, sports sections. Additional classes and profile training - foreign languages, a legal or business cycle, mathematical and natural-science specialization etc.

are possible

How there to get?

needs to sign the contract with school and to pay stay in board. In some private institutions pass subject test. Especially it is widespread among the studying senior classes: the school undertakes obligations for entering a higher education institution. Therefore children whose knowledge base will allow to prepare quickly them in the declared institute are selected. But if the pupil of the tenth class is still at odds with the multiplication table, then even the most ingenious preparation “will fall short“ it one year prior to the level of an ekonomfak or a mekhmat of MSU.

For especially talented

“Ingenious“, “gifted“, “special“ - you remember the epithets mentioned in the beginning? For such children boarding schools with special conditions of training are created. However, since 1988 many of them were renamed in specialized uchebno - scientific centers (SUNTs). In each class of a similar boarding school studies on several prize-winners of the Russian educational Olympic Games, most of graduates arrive on “difficult“ faculties of the supervising higher education institutions. The most known institution of the physicist - a mathematical and chemical profile - A. N. Kolmogorov`s School at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

to be talented, especially gifted it is possible not only in mathematics, physics and so forth. Sports and choreographic schools treat the same group of boarding schools.

the Schedule of occupations differs in

from usual - here special programs. Lessons do not come to an end, say, exactly in an hour, and can proceed with breaks in an afternoon. And at schools of the Olympic reserve before large competitions children train almost whole day. To parents children leave for vacation. All rest of the time is spent within the walls of a boarding school.

In boarding schools “for clever men and clear heads“ take pupils from all country: not only Moscow is rich with talents. For example, the same School of A. N. Kolmogorov accepts in the tenth and eleventh classes of young citizens of Russia, out of independence of the place of their accommodation.

Formally any specialized boarding school gives to

the general secondary education. In practice, often all efforts are aimed at the development of children in a profile. It is no secret that most of graduates of sports boarding schools are weak in mathematics, literature. Teachers advise to give to specialized boarding schools only of those children whose future will be precisely connected with the concrete direction. Units manage to enter after ballet school to the usual university. If for any reasons: the illness, loss of physical shape, etc. ballet career did not develop, the young talent leaves in “anywhere“. It is very difficult to adapt to usual life, from here - a set of the broken destinies.

How there to get?

to Pass entrance tests. In sports boarding schools of children usually gather from among pupils of high schools which are engaged in sections.

not only good physical data, but also experience in a concrete sport Are necessary for

. The highest step - schools of the Olympic reserve, at them train professional athletes. It is necessary to fight for the right to become the pupil of such institution. Especially, if the choice fell on a mass sport - soccer, hockey, gymnastics, volleyball or basketball. Accept only those who really will be able to rise to the level of the youthful national team above.

to arrive on office of choreographic art of the Moscow state academy of choreography, it is necessary to pass a creative competition. In SSUZ at MGAH accept from ten-year age. In the future there is an opportunity to get secondary vocational and higher profile education.

the boarding schools which are Pro-thinned out in school objects carry out by

entrance examinations during summer vacation that nonresident entrants managed to arrive. At A. N. Kolmogorov`s School there is an opportunity to check the knowledge - non-residents can pass trial correspondence examinations. For this purpose it is enough to download from the task Internet, to solve them and to send to the address. Results of examination are hung out on the website of school. Opposite to each surname the number of the gained points is specified. However, the correspondence round has no validity: to become the pupil of School, it is necessary to pass internal tests.

For future military

the Ultimate goal of one more special group of boarding schools - preparation of elite of Armed Forces of the country. Boarding schools of a military profile treat them: cadet cases, Suvorov and Nakhimov Naval Schools etc. Children live and study here on full state providing. In the future, without examinations go to the universities of a military orientation. However, at all not the fact that upon termination of cases, schools, to their pupils only one road - in army opens. It is possible to become, for example, the student of faculty of journalism or law of military institute.

training Duration - 2 years (after the ninth class), 3 (after the eighth) or 7 years. The most young Suvorov Military School students are graduates 4 - x classes of comprehensive schools. The age of entrants should not exceed 11 years.

Suvorov Military School students and nakhimovets receive general education and initial military preparation (sometimes by the nature of troops). Surely learn a foreign language according to the profound program.

But in boarding schools of a military profile strict selection according to physical and intellectual data. So, for example, to get the admission to entrance examinations in the First Military school of FPS of Russia, the certificate GPA for the 9th class has to be not lower than 4.

How there to get?

to Get acquainted with Regulations of Admission. They are uniform for all educational institutions of this type. It is also necessary to provide the reference from school on progress, or the certificate about nine years` education. To pass medical commission, professional psychological testing and test on physical training.

Then are followed by general education examinations: mathematics, Russian and foreign languages.


Children of the military who served not less than 20 years in the ranks of VS on condition of successful examination, are enlisted out of the competition.

of Orphans is enlisted without examinations, after medical commission and psychological testing.


to Whom suits a boarding school?

K. I. Razumov, expert in children`s and teenage psychology:

“How your family circumstances developed, you do not hurry to send the child to a boarding school. At least - it is necessary to test it at the good psychologist. Or to consult with teachers.

Children perceive an excommunication from parents differently. Someone adapts practically at once, gets new friends, actively participates in school life.

Others live with feeling that relatives betrayed them, left to the mercy of fate. And, such reaction meets more often at children rather talented. Many of them are very vulnerable.

Good option - to send to

the child for a start for the summer to camp or country boarding school. Let will try to do without parents.

I do not make the decision on the transfer to a boarding school independently at all! Even if you are sure that new form of education opens great opportunities before the child. Explain him the position. Also grant an option to the school student“.

the Notebook of the parent

answers with

questions the head a press - services of Department of Education of Moscow A. V. Gavrilov.

As parents have to arrive if the teacher hints at a reward for a good mark in a quarter, half-year? What to do if administration of educational institution it is regular, once a month, demands from parents to grant rather large sums for needs of school?

Parents can provide to the school financial aid. But in - the first - in a non-cash form, and in - the second, only on a voluntary basis. The Board of trustees or fund where money is transferred is for this purpose created. If there are any violations, it is possible to address to Department of Education. In extortion cases from certain teachers or schools, the parent has the right to address to law enforcement bodies. whether

the administration of school Has the right to demand protection fee at once for several months, for example, for half a year?

If it is provided by

in the contract - that yes. When rendering services of PSF the tripartite contract which is signed by administration of school, parental committee and security company is formed. Among paragraphs of this contract is also such as “a form and terms of payment“. If in it it is said that payment is carried out once in two (three, four etc.) month, the school has the right to demand observance of these conditions. If parents do not agree with such schedule, they have the right to demand revision of the contract especially as it consists every year. In some cases can give to some families an opportunity to pay by the month.