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Pigmentary spots of

Pregnancy, so desired and long-awaited, unfortunately, sometimes leaves behind very unpleasant “traces“ in the form of pigmentary spots. After natural changes (darkening of nipples and the white line of a stomach) dark stains on a face can appear. Often it happens aged after 30 years and also if before pregnancy there were hormonal violations (diabetes, diseases of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands), diseases of a liver and other internals. The women who are not conceiving of life without the southern sun or a sunbed are also included into risk group.

Emergence of pigmentary spots is connected by

with the fact that during pregnancy work of adrenal glands is activated and development increases it is yellow - the brown pigment close on a structure to melanin known for all. Besides, increase of level of estrogen (female sex hormones) promotes the strengthened synthesis of the melanin. The pigment gets into cells of skin, and they become more dark. To foresee as pigmentary spots after the delivery will behave, it is very difficult - various options are possible. Can happen so that spots will remain forever and only slightly will decrease in sizes. However it is not excluded that they will completely disappear from a surface of skin and you will only remember what was. Unfortunately, the last option meets not so often as it would be desirable. Especially as and in safe return to a former type of a situation will require months or years. For this reason the modern cosmetology offers the widest scale of the bleaching means - from the simplest to incredibly difficult.

What will be offered in a drugstore?


For correction of pigmentary spots and giving to skin of equal color use the depigmenting and peeling means.

of Depigmentation (bleaching) it can be reached in the different ways: suppression of synthesis of melanin or the decolouring action. The bleaching means may contain various active ingredients. One of effective and at the same time safe components - arbutin. It contains in a bearberry, cowberry and some other plants - the only vegetable component applied to bleaching.

Recently in the cosmetic market there are bleaching means containing koyevy acid. As well as arbutin, it is effective and safe. Other widespread component - salts of ascorbic acid (for example, askorbilfosfat magnesium). It is impossible to forget at all that any component can cause (to apply allergic reactions therefore before application it is necessary to carry out the sensitivity test cream on an elbow bend or for an ear, in several hours to estimate a skin condition: whether there was no itch, burning, permanent reddening).


In the recent past widely applied hydrochinone. Really, it is one of the most effective bleaching components. However, because it is soaked up in blood, its use is not recommended to pregnant women and the feeding women while the feeding mothers can use other above-mentioned bleaching components. The same can be told also about the preparations containing mercury. Fortunately, it is not so simple to find them on a counter now.

Peeling promotes removal horny (old, dead) the pigmented scales and to emergence on a surface of young, healthy and light cells of skin. Peelings of various origin are applied to peeling. Most now chemical peelings on a basis an alpha - hydroxyacids were widely adopted (fruit or AHA - acids). Various concentration of acids allow to regulate intensity of peeling. Weaker concentration (1 - 4%) are suitable for house application, stronger are used in professional cosmetics. The preparations based on azelainovy acid give good effect.

application of mechanical peelings (srubs) which delete a blanket of cages by means of abrasive particles Is possible

- it can be various salts or srubs on the basis of clay. However their action weaker, at the same time mechanical friction can cause irritation. Application of the fermental peelings containing special proteins (enzymes) destroying communications between the superficial pigmented cells of skin also promotes peeling and clarification of tone of skin. For peelings such enzymes as protease, trypsin, papainase (from papaya juice), bromeline (from pineapple juice), the enzymes which are contained in seaweed are often used.

All transferred peeling funds can also be applied during breastfeeding.

is recommended to apply the bleaching and peeling means in a complex To achievement of the maximum effect, approaching a problem from the different parties. Besides, also visit to the therapist, the endocrinologist is obligatory. Without having found the reason, it is possible to fight infinitely long and unsuccessfully against consequences.

House means...

the Problem of excess pigmentation is old

as the world. The woman always wanted to be beautiful, and the first, as always, plants came to the rescue: herbs, vegetables, fruit and berries. Undoubted advantages of the natural bleaching means is availability - both on prevalence, and at the price (sometimes it is enough to come into the wood or a kitchen garden). Very often resort to folk remedies, including their harmless. Nevertheless the natural cosmetics should use skillfully, otherwise it is possible to provoke the unpleasant phenomena (pigmentation strengthening, burns and other).

can recommend to

For clarification of skin such recipes.

Cosmetics: your choice

Most often in the first year after the delivery at mother is not enough for

time for full-fledged personal care. However the minimum procedures can be carried out also in house conditions - quickly and conveniently. Producers of cosmetics offer the widest range of means on care of skin including for hyperpegmentation treatment. The most suitable option - acquisition of the special bleaching line of one producer (means for washing, tonic, cream, masks). At desire you can combine and different cosmetic lines - the majority of modern brands it allows.


For full care of skin to you needs a milk or gel for washing. It is desirable that the bleaching effect began already at this stage. Therefore pay attention to structure: in the clearing means extracts of vegetables and fruit, the bleaching herbs (a glycyrrhiza, a shlemnik, an aloe, a bearberry, a birch), berries will be useful. Possibly and presence of such organic acids, as dairy, glycoleft, lemon. After washing tonic is surely applied on skin, and then - cream. All above-mentioned vegetable components, ascorbic, azelainovy and other acids can be its part of these means. Bleaching creams should be applied in the evening. That action was more intensive, it is possible to use the concentrated structures - serums. It is recommended to put sun-protection means in the afternoon.

, and especially for pigmented, regular procedures of deep clarification are necessary for

For any skin. For the solution of this problem chemical peelings on a basis an alpha - hydroxyacids are most effective. Among masks it is always possible to pick up production on the taste: it can be masks of both a creamy, and gel or pastelike consistence. Presence at a mask of white clay (kaolin) and dirt, fruit acids, plant extracts will be useful. Except bleaching, masks render the clearing, moistening, nutritious, rejuvenating action.

will be helped by professionals




can refer laser polishing and photorejuvenation (atraumatic impact of a light bunch on a skin surface) To the newest techniques of fight against pigmentation. High efficiency of these procedures demands more attentive preliminary survey, the accounting of contraindications. Carrying out a photo - and laser impact on skin at pregnancy, the sharp and aggravated chronic diseases, diabetes, oncological diseases is not recommended.

Having addressed the skilled cosmetologist, you receive not only full care of skin, but also valuable recommendations (including selection of suitable means for home care). Perhaps, to you will advise to address other experts for inspection - you should not scorn this opinion. The professional bleaching cosmetic programs will allow to fight more effectively against hyperpegmentation as in them concentration of the bleaching substances are higher and components in itself are more effective.

Clarification of pigmentary spots, alignment of tone of skin perhaps after the first procedure. However the course from 7 - 10 procedures is necessary for fixing of effect. Application of techniques of hardware cosmetology, a mesotherapy - introduction to skin of various substances is possible (such technologies can be traditional and more modern - bezygolny).

Other option - carrying out in the conditions of salon of a course of the peeling procedures, that is a chemical peeling. On depth of influence distinguish superficial, median and deep peelings. What will be required to you, - the cosmetologist after conversation and survey will solve.

the Peeling allows not only to clarify

, but also to rejuvenate skin: to make it more smooth, gentle, to eliminate small wrinkles, to activate growth of young and healthy cells of epidermis. Consider that superficial peelings do not demand changes in your everyday life, and when carrying out median and deep time for rehabilitation is required. As a rule, a course of a peeling is recommended to conduct in autumn - the winter period when the sun is less active. But anyway you will need creams with high degree of protection against the sun.

application and more effective (respectively, and more aggressive) peelings - on the basis of phenol or trikhloruksusny acid Is possible

. Toxicity of these products is rather high therefore such procedures are not suitable for the feeding women, and also for those who have problems with a liver and kidneys.

Preventive measures