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Big birthday, or All about mice!

Already the third time we celebrate “Big Birthday“! Began with the third anniversary, then there was a fourth anniversary, now - the fifth anniversary.

Surely I make the scenario. I try to pick up a set of various competitions which can be united one “idea“. That we go to “Tutitamiya“ (such magic country), and there it is necessary to help different living creatures to make something (to get, creep, transfer and so forth). This year (according to mothers) the competition on the best mouse was the peep: it is necessary to transfer a mouth on all fours croutons from the general bowl to the mink... You would see these four mice...

Still small remarks. The help of mummies is required surely: to photograph, to bring / carry away something, to prepare space for game (a den, mouse minks, to spread out something and so forth) . Yes even sometimes mummies have no time to drink tea. But children are happy!

the Food is necessary to

not nourishing, but beautiful! Go off various tartlets, brochettes, small cutlets etc. with a bang. And if also to make a table “as at princesses“... I take a small children`s little table, I cover it with a white skaterka (also the bed-sheet can fit), I collect on corners of a fold and I pin bows (packing), and still candles (it is possible on each plateau individual), beautiful plateaus - glasses - napkins... The delight of young princesses is provided!

I still. It is very good to stock up with different small presents: the simplest albums, stickers, hairpins, balls small, are small for asphalt and so forth. And it is not obligatory to give it for each competition, it is enough to distribute of something as tickets (we had muzzles of mice), and then to everyone who gathered their n - oye quantity (so all!) some prize is given.

as a result, the scenario is enough for a couple of hours (including food and tea), and then children already disperse and can play some time. Here already and mummies can sit down, eat, drink at last!

Good option of the termination. All draw / glue / paint the wall newspaper for the birthday man: it is good to prepare circles / small squares / stripe from color paper for applications in advance.

Now scenario. Idea:“ In total about mice“. Each girl - the Mouse.

to prove what they are Mice, it is necessary to carry away on all fours a mouth croutons in the... (sacks, plates, minks).

of the Riddle. Come on a visit to an old mouse (to dress up a doll - a mouse on a hand in a scarf and a raincoat). Meet gnomes - questions. Guess their riddles.

Give to

a mouse under music. Who the last will give, to that a prize. The adult has to look (including, switching off music) that all in turn won.

to Guess

on taste blindly:

So far children play

  • in a drawing room, all paper mice hide in the nursery adults. Idea: mice - little rascals ran up on the room. To find on the room of the hidden paper mice.

    Competition: “Mouse, mouse, popishch!“ it is necessary to guess who peeps.

    Should be shown to

    how mice are able to jump. Let`s clamp balls between knees and we jump from the end in the end of the room.

    Tender chain. Ahead the toy mouse sits. All take seat the friend behind a druzhka and do what was made by him. At the end of a chain mother sits, does something and pronounces it aloud (it is awfully confused wrote). Options:

    • pat on the back;
    • stroke
    • on a leg;
    • scratch a back;
    • whisper
    • on an ear “shu - shu - shu“
    • nestle more strong;
    • stroke
    • on an ear;
    • stroke
    • on the
      handle and so forth