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Patience, only patience! It would be desirable to tell

about a problem with which we faced the daughter and which we successfully resolved, to be exact to tell - worried.

In maternity hospital Lizonka had no problem with a chair. The problem appeared in a week, houses - Lisa ceased to go to a toilet on - big, in other words, to crap. In literature I read that the newborn has to crap several times a day. It was impossible to us.

Somewhere I read

about an exhaust tubule. Bought. Tried - very much helped, Lisa prokakatsya well. And it began to proceed day by day. Plus, probably, GAZ cars because in the late afternoon and at daybreak Lizik began to roll out uneasily legs increased, tried to break wind, but nothing was impossible. I, having collected all the nerves in a fist, rose, got to a gas-layer and slightly irritated an anus. Then our pediatrician advised us to use the usual Q-tip which is plentifully moistened with oil instead of gas-layers (I used the pasteurized vegetable). This option seemed to me more convenient.

How many literature I re-read during this time how many I looked for solutions on the Internet how many I tried to change own food how many any preparations restoring intestinal microflora we tried (Lineks, Laktobakterin, Hilak - Forte) - all uselessly! As a result I came to the unique result - it should be waited and endured. Everything will rise on the places as it happened at us exactly in 4,5 months. Everything is good in its season. Do not panic if your child does not crap, just wait when time comes, help it to release intestines and to propukatsya by means of massage and gas-layers or a Q-tip. I read statements that the child can get used to go thus to a toilet - nothing similar, Lizik now without problems goes to a toilet on - big itself, without someone`s help.


about it because when looked for any information on the matter on the Internet, it was insignificant a little, and such problem really exists at many newborns.

of Health all and patience!