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The Myth hides nothing myths of indigo color

and nothing shows - it deforms; its tactics - not the truth and not lie, but a deviation.

... The main principle of the myth - transformation of history into the nature. Thus it is clear, why in the opinion of the consumer of the myth its intension, an address frontage of concept can remain obvious and at the same time seem disinterested...

our world will be saved at all not by(with) beauty as the classic believed, - it, it appears, children - mutants will rescue.“ Children of AIDS “, “ children Sveta “, “ teflon children “, “ children of the new millennium“ - generally, Indigo Children. And if this last term does not speak to you about anything, then you just by miracle still did not get in the field of an attraction of one of the most colourful (in literal and figurative sense of this word) myths of the present. Indigo myth.

It is dark - blue history

to the Myth, seemingly, indeed can “turn history into the nature“ - dates and territorial bindings of the mythologized events become the first victims of such “naturalization“ usually. In a case with the Indigo myth business, of course, for the present did not reach the starting formulation like “davny - long ago - in - some - a kingdom - the state“, however temporary and geographical boundaries of a tie of the main plot are already a little indistinct.

So, is said now that “unusual“ children (whom will call Indigo subsequently) for the first time were born not in 70 - x, not in 80 - x (and according to some information - in 60 - x, and even in 50 - x) years of the last century. Also it is not absolutely clear where it occurred: whether in the USA, whether it is universal.

“Singularity“ future Indigo - children first quite kept within a framework of the medical diagnosis “a syndrome of the minimum brain dysfunctions“, after transformed to the diagnosis “a syndrome of deficiency of attention - hyperactivities“ (in abbreviated form - SDVG). As appears from the name of a syndrome, violations of attention (deficiency), impulsiveness and sharply hyperactivity - i.e. such features of behavior are peculiar to children with this diagnosis that they do not promote development of the school program and forming of ideal relationship with parents at all. Children with SDVG quite often experienced serious difficulties in socialization - and therefore the circle of the people involved in a problem situation was limited to parents, teachers, psychologists and doctors in the beginning. So was until the diagnosis of SDVG was a relative rarity, and did not apply Ritalinum to that treatment - psychotropic drug which role in Indigo mythology, seemingly, is obviously underestimated today.

Mass diagnostics

of SDVG (in the USA, mainly) and so mass appointment to children with this syndrome of Ritalinum - a psychostimulator with a set of side effects - was naturally led to growth protest a nastroyeniya among parents and to search of alternative solutions of a problem. That is - alternative views of SDVG problem. The aforesaid views did not keep themselves waiting long: in the middle of 80 - x the last century adherents of various occult and esoteric doctrines were actively connected to discussion of a phenomenon of “unusual children“. And “yellow“ mass media, certainly.

the term “Indigo children“ Popular today is obliged to

by the appearance of the clairvoyant by the name of Nancey Ann Tepp - ago she for the first time reported quarter of the century about what “aura“ of inattentive, unhandy and hyperactive kids has characteristic darkly - blue color. And soon the book of Americans Li Carroll and Jen Touber, cult for consumers of the Indigo myth, - “Children the Indigo“ was issued after that. This best-seller which so far sustained not one reprinting and translated to many languages, actually, was also “kernel“ of that huge “snowball“ which represents the Indigo myth today. For success the book had (and is) all: charismatic authors (one of whom keeps in a continuous communication with an extraterrestrial being by the name of Krayon); a plot in the spirit of popular philosophy of “the New Era“ and very susceptible audience. The audience which is promptly growing and actively joining in fascinating process of a formation of myths.

As them to distinguish


the Modern Person Indigo is not the child / adult with deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity at all, and the individual (whether the mutant, whether the being of higher spiritual organization who is materialized in our world) having “space“ knowledge and given so “space“ authority. Coming to the planet “waves“ (from here - Indigo`s division on generations - “alphas“, “beta“ etc.) they form new (out of any doubts - much more perfect in the physical and spiritual plan) human race. In the last Indigo`s people are subdivided into some kind of “professional“ clans - Humanists, Conceptualists, Artists, Teachers, the Extreme etc. Each Indigo purposefully carries out the, to one to him the known “space“ task, in the sum the general Indigo - mission can be briefly designated by words of a former hit of an era of wars and proletarian revolutions (“The whole world of violence we will destroy to the basis, and then we ours, we will build the new world...“ ). The cumulative number of representatives of race of Indigo of all generations (mainly - all - children) in the world is estimated now in millions - and continues to grow intensively. According to “experts“, today nearly 90% of newborns are Indigo`s children.

the Main difficulty which people of race of Indigo on the way meet, certainly, is misunderstanding and the counteraction caused by that from “profane persons“ - in the childhood it is usually parents and teachers; in process of a growing of Indigo are forced to battle (it for rescue - that mankind) against all other adults taking the dominating positions in social structure of our world. From here the main message of the myth - careful, valid, “partner“ and even in some way the “student`s“ attitude towards Indigo`s children. Except for the last moment, the myth, in general, does not offer the consumers anything new - but on that it and the myth to give new sounding to common truths.

it is easy to p to Distinguish the person Indigo from the carrier of inotsvetny aura today, in general, - clairvoyance gift for this purpose is not required. The mass of the materials devoted to Indigo - a subject, contains the set of easily defined characteristics of the personality confirming belonging to “new race“. Another thing is that the aforesaid characterologic criteria “are very democratic“ and almost also universal now as horoscopes in glossy magazines. The standard set of such criteria surely allows “to write down in Indigo“ not only every tenth adult and every second minor contemporary, but also mass of the people living long before the birth of this myth - Velimira Khlebnikova, for example, Vincent Van Gogh or, say, Franz Kafka.

It is much more difficult for p to distinguish the person Indigo on more objective - the criteria which are giving in to tool measurement. By the way, about such criteria of Indigo - mythologists tell much less willingly - but nevertheless speak. If to trust numerous publications in the “yellow“ press, the considerable part of material distinctive features of Indigo gravitates to the field of genetics - let`s try to get acquainted with these lines closer.

Genes of indigo color and press of color of vanilla

Quote: “... The loaded word was stated also by geneticists who also faced Indigo`s representatives - generations. And so: human DNA contains 64 codons (unit of genetic information ciphered in molecule DNA) from which only 20 are constantly included, the others are inert and do not work. At Indigo`s children 35 and more codons are included!“

Comment: the Genetic code of the person is really presented by 64 codons - sequences from three nucleinic acids. These codons not “are ciphered in molecule DNA“ - they, actually, are some kind of code. At the same time one and all codons are involved in process of proteinaceous synthesis - i.e. “work“. “Inert“ codons which “do not work“, modern genetics are not known. But it is absolutely precisely known what the official researches comparing representation of various codons in “Indigo“ genomes and “not - Indigo“ people, still was not carried out. So “the loaded word“ for geneticists in this case someone “stated“ another.

Quote: “... And DNA of such child was on four DNA - a shoot more, than at the ordinary person...“

Comment: the Term “DNA - a Shoot“ is meanwhile unfamiliar to experts in the field of genetics and genomics. Its origin is also unknown - it is only possible to assume that it is a fruit of cooperation of the journalist with a computer translation program: at connection of the English nerd - the zoological dictionary often found term process can be translated as “shoot“. So the given fact about “four shoots“ completely remains on conscience of “the toiler of a feather“. Well or on conscience of a translation program.

Quote: “... Surprisingly, but some children of Indigo do not even contain a genetic code of the parents. It phenomena of universal scale. And they violate those rules which we had still...“

Comment: the fact that some children do not contain a genetic code of parents is not so surprising Here - it sometimes happens in the world where reproduktolog use donor ova and spermatozoa, as well as services of substitute mothers; there is still an adoption / adoption... Surprisingly the fact that these phenomena, according to the author, increased in “the universal scale“. And the fact that there are they only to Indigo`s children. This - really a riddle (if not to take a working hypothesis into consideration that the quoted statement represents a complete nonsense).

Quote: “... Sometimes Indigo was ranked as autists... and even a sick Down syndrome - when they went to “internal emigration“ and refused to contact to people and the world trying to suppress their identity...“

Comment: the qualified specialist can Take for the patient with a Down syndrome only the patient with a Down syndrome - or the person very similar to such patient externally. External signs of this syndrome (but not features of mentality, “internal emigration“ and color of aura) serve as a starting point for a laboratory exception or confirmation of a Down syndrome. The author who was not knowing these details, that without wishing, struck a blow to the image of Indigo - within the myth representatives of race of saviors of the world should not be associated with the chromosomal pathology which is seriously affecting intelligence.

Quote: “... If to trust scientists, then the new type of people on 2 chromosomes has more (44+2)...“

Comment: At genetically normal person regardless of color of aura all cages, except sexual, usually contain 46 chromosomes (44 so-called autosomes + 2 chromosomes of sexual). Usually speak about it at school lessons of biology - though, of course, over time this knowledge at many is erased. What, however, does not prevent some of them to argue on quantity of chromosomes at “a new type of people“ with references to certain “scientists“.

Quote: “... It turned out that such child is not capable to get sick at all! Scientists already declare that such organism gets an absolute immunity to all diseases...“

Comment: the Subject of “absolute immunity to all diseases“ at Indigo`s children in the “vanilla“ press is exaggerated quite often - and generally does not need special comments. Especially, if to remember that 90% of present babies have to have such immunity (such percent of “indigovost“ of newborns is given today by “experts“). It becomes a little offensive for scientists to whom with ease myth makers refer, sounding the next rubbish. Still offensively for consumers of all this information - i.e. for us. Apparently, some Indigo - myth makers have very low opinion on our mental abilities. If only the problem is not covered in their own mental abilities.

Quote: “... There are assumptions that new people will have no immune system, and instead of it endocrine will work...“

Comment: To be fair should noticing that in the above-stated quote is not specified whose it assumptions. From a context it is possible to understand that they also belong to “certain scientists“, but can quite carry a copyright and the author. It is expedient to stop on the latest version - because such “assumptions“ cannot visit the scientist who is in senses.

This “blamestorming session“ uncharged knowledge of the imagination of myth makers can be continued by

further - only, it appears, in it there is no special need. Sane it is already clear to the person that objective arguments of existence of race of Indigo, most likely, meanwhile are not available now - because with the torsion and other fields which measurement is allegedly capable to distinguish “authentically“ the person Indigo from the ordinary person the situation is even worse, than with the criteria described above genetic and biological. However, the such myth of Indigo perfectly does without arguments - meanwhile. In the future (it is quite possible - not so remote) they by all means will be necessary for it - myths are not eternal by the nature; as well as to all live, to them it is peculiar to die. Will sometime fall into oblivion and the beautiful myth of Indigo - “And only the sky, - as it is sung, - will beckon you a blue wave of his wing“...

Several words in conclusion

the Fine judge and the deep expert on “anatomy“ and “physiology“ of the myth Rolan Bart said that tactics of the present myth is not the truth and not lie - and only some deviation. Indigo`s myth - it is unconditional, the myth real. Tinting reality in amazing it is dark - blue color, he does not deceive us in the main thing - the new generation of people really has to save our world. The same as it was rescued by tens of previous generations - the destiny of the world “is not staked“ periodically; it, perhaps, “costs“ on that constantly. “Calls and threats“ of modern times are usually answered by new generation of people - and the fact that attitude of that seriously (up to confrontation) differs from attitude of generation previous, quite naturally.

Indigo`s Myth can help us, to parents, to adjust mutual understanding with ours, is valid a little differently perceiving the world, children - and for this purpose, by the way, is not obligatory in this myth “trust“ strong enough just rather at all to think of an immemorial problem of “fathers and children“ in an own family. It is necessary to find in itself determination at last “to pull out“ this problem from cellars of the mind loaded by daily cares. To place it on that place which it is worthy. And to start its decision - with all wisdom, tolerance and love on which we, representatives “not - Indigo - races“, are capable.